Poem: Ray of Light DaMoyre


Pairings: 3+4
Special thanks to Cecilia for encouraging this and to everyone who has replied in the past few days and fed the muses with wonderful comments! *glomps*
Notes: This is a little companion poem to Silent Surrender, which was supposed to be Quatre's POV. Now we get Trowa's. ^_~

Ray of Light by DaMoyre


Ray of light, shinning bright
Glimmer high on black skies
To the darkness of my life,
You've come to cast some hope

Peaceful sounds, morning song,
With your clear voice fill my ears
We've presenced the birth
Of goodness, faith, and love

Ray of hope, I know you'll come.

Ray of light, trust and truth
In the horrors of the war,
I'll protect your life, your glow
You'll guide our lives to peace.

Golden child, pure and kind,
You will play tomorrow's song
I never knew you would mean so much,
But now the wounds will heal.

Ray of sun, I feel your warmth.

I see you now, brave and strong
As you fight this battle too,
The wind has set its course
To sweep the war away...

And now, at the dawn's break,
You touch my life and cast fears away,
We could have started long ago,
If I had only known...

Ray of love, you fill my heart.

In the end, by your light
We will make the new days bright
And the phantoms of the past,
Will fade in bitter dark.

Ray of light you're here at last...


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