Chapter 2

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Naruto stared at the seven people standing before him and raised an eyebrow in confusion at their outfits.

The first person was a man with a bulky physique that reminded Naruto of the Yondaime Raikage Ay's own muscular body. He was wearing what appeared to be a blue spandex suit with a red "S" symbol with a yellow background on his chest. A pair of red briefs and a gold colored belt, red boots and finally a long red cape that went down to the back of his knees. He had slicked back black hair and black eyes.

The next man is wearing a dark grey costume with the symbol of a bat on his chest, black trunks, and gloves with fins on the outer side, boots and a black cape with a unique pattern at the end of it. He is also wearing a black cowl with bat ears. He also wears a yellow belt to finish of his costume.

Beside him is a tall bearded man with tan skin, short blonde hair, aqua blue eyes, and a strong build. He is wearing an orange scale-mail tunic and dark green leggings. At his waist is a gold belt clasped together with a stylized "A". To finish of his outfit he has a pair of golden gauntlets on his wrists with a pair of dark green greaves.

Next to him is a man with blonde hair, blue eyes, a blonde mustache and beard. His clothes are mainly all green of different shades. He wears a dark green shirt with a hood underneath, a long light green vest, black pants and green boots. He is carrying a quiver full of arrows on his back while holding his bow at the ready with an arrow already notched. He also has long green gloves, a black mask, and green belt with a gold 'G' on it.

Next to him is the only female of the group. She has long raven-black hair and blue eyes and a curvaceous frame with a sizeable bust with a muscular yet slim build. She is wearing a strapless red bustier held up by a brace of gold resembling two W's. She has a large golden belt, and blue briefs with five white stars on them. She is wearing a pair of red boots with a white stripe at the top on the front of them. She has a pair of sliver bracers around her wrists, red star earrings, a golden diadem with a red star on her forehead, a golden lasso which is hanging from her belt.

Standing next to her is a man full-body suit that is all red, but has two small yellow lightning bolts across the waists and wrists.

The last person of the group really catches Naruto's attention since he is the most unique looking out of the group. The person is a tall, green-skinned humanoid. His head is completely bald and his face is oddly proportioned, with heavy brows, thick lips and red eyes. His costume is primarily black with red accents, a large red belt, and red x-shaped straps across. To finish of his costume he is wearing a long blue cape fastened by gold clips.

As Naruto finishes taking in the strange outfits of the people in front of him he clears his throt and smiles "Hello my name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze" he says with a wave. The group before him just stares at him as he continues "Now I have a few questions that I would like to ask if that is alright?" he says.

The man with the 'S' on his chest raises an eyebrow before nodding. Naruto smiles see this "Okay now first where the hell am I? Who are you people and do you fight for justice or do you just want to watch the world burn? Finally what is with the strange outfits? Is it some kind of kinky group sex because if it is I really think that the male to female ratio is way off but hey who am I to be the judge of your sexual preferences" he says with a smile at the end.

The group of people just stands there listening to the now named 'Naruto' ask his first two questions but when he asks the last one it results in a variety of reactions. The man with the 'S' on his chest along with the men in orange and green along with the woman all are wide eyed with their jaws hanging open. The man who resembles a bat has a tick mark on his forehead and his eye is twitching dangerously, the green-skinned man raises and eyebrow in confusion.

The man in the red full-body suit stands their frozen for a minute before bursting out in laughter snapping the rest of the group out of their shocked states "Oh god this kid is hilarious!" he yells laughing his ass off causing the rest of the group to just shake their heads before the woman smacks him upside the back of his head making him stop.

The man in blue coughs into his fist before looking at Naruto "Well Naruto to answer your questions you are currently in a park in the middle of Gotham City. My name is Superman and this is Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, The Flash or just Flash for short, and finally Martian Manhunter. We fight for justice, and this 'Strange Outfits' are our Super Hero costumes and not part of some kinky group sex thing" he says gesturing to each person as he names them and getting a snicker from the now named Flash at the end.

Naruto nods his head and smiles "So you fight for justice? That's good to hear otherwise I would have had to kick you asses before dragging you off to whatever you have in the way of law enforcement" he says. Naruto then cracks his neck reliving a bit of tension that built up when he hit the ground "So before I get into my whole origin back story thing and why I am here is there a place we can go that is more private and comfortable since this will be a pretty long story?" he asks.

Superman looks to the others in the group "Do you think we should take him to the watchtower?" he asks surprising the others that he would consider bringing essentially an unknown element to their base.

Batman narrow his eyes "Absolutely not we know nothing about him and for all we know he could be a spy or a villain" he says not trusting the blonde haired teen who just appeared out of nowehere.

Wonderwoman nods "I agree with Batman it is too risky to bring him to the watchtower. However what about Mt. Justice since we don't use that base anymore? I feel we can trust him with at least that since I don't sense any darkness in him, quite the opposite actually" she says shocking the others.

Superman's eyes widen hearing this "What do you mean there has to be at least some darkness within him, everyone has darkness within them" he asks in disbelief.

Wonder Woman shakes her head "I mean that I sense absolutely no darkness within him. However I do sense an incredibly pure and calming light along with a incredible natural feeling as if he is blessed by the gods and goddesses themselves" she says trying to explain the incredibly purity she is sensing from Naruto.

Superman nods his head "Alright we will go with your judegement Wonder Woman and bring him to Mt. Justice" he says getting nods from the other minus Batman who still doesn't trust Naruto.

Naruot becomes a little annoyed that they are talking like he isn't standing right in front of them so he clears his throat "Um I'm still standing right here you know?" he says getting their attention.

Superman chuckles "Sorry about that, we have decided to bring you to one of our old bases that we don't use anymore so that you can tell us more about yourself" he says.

Naruto smiles before nodding "Sound good now if you'll excuse me I am going to pass out now sine I haven't slept in around three days" he says before passing out and falling face first on the ground.

The group sweat drops at this before Flash chuckles "I like him already" he says causing the sweat drop on the back of the rest of the group's head to grow larger "So who is going to carry him?" he asks before everyone turns to look at him causing him to sigh and walk over to Naruto before picking him up and carrying piggyback.

As Flash walks back over to the group Naruto mumbles in his sleep "Ramen-chan why do you keep running away all I wanna do is taste you" he says before he begins drooling on Flash's shoulder causing the group to snicker before hey all head towards the nearest Zeta Tube.

*Mt. Justice a few hours later*

Superman and the rest of the group along with one new person are standing near a still sleeping Naruto "So what are everyone's thoughts on Naruto from what we have learned about him so far?" he asks.

Wonder Woman decides to go first "From what I have sense he is an incredibly pure person, he has no darkness whatsoever in his heart which is something I have never seen before. I also believe him to be a warrior of some kind since even though he seemed relaxed when we first met him he never dropped his guard until he passed out" she says summarizing what she thinks of Naruto.

Martian Manhunter decides to voice his opinon "I agree with Diana in regards to him being a warrior of some kind. When I looked into his eyes I saw much sadness and loss even though he hid it well. I feel that he must have recently lost someone or possibly a great deal of people that were close to him" he says getting nods from the others.

Superman nods his head "I get that same feeling J'onn it's almost as if he has lost everything. From just looking into his eyes I can tell that he is hurting deep inside but hiding his turee feelings behind an emotional mask" he says lowering his head.

Off to the side is a woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, slender yet toned build. She is wearing a black one-piece bustier-leotard combination, gray stockings with seams up the front and back; black heavy calf-length boots; black finger-less gloves that go past her elbows and up to her biceps, a blue jacket and a black choker, "That is something that is incredibly unhealthy for him" she says.

Flash turns to look at the woman "What do you mean Dinah?" he asks.

The now named Dinah also known as Black Canary shakes her head "If he keeps bottling his emotions away like that instead of confronting and dealing with them it will either eat away at him from the inside until he goes insane, or he will eventually breakdown completely and take his own life. It's a very common case for people who go through an incredibly traumatic experience and don't seek help overcoming it" she says sadly. The group's eyes widen in realization before they look at the sleeping form of Naruto wondering how someone so young could be reduced to such a state.

Batman just stand there listening to the group give their input on Naruto and can't help but see a lot of himself in Naruto. Both he and Naruto have suffered a very traumatic event, his being the loss of his parents as a child, and Naruto's being something equally if not more traumatic. However how they handled themselves after said event is different. Batman began training himself in martial arts and various other forms of combat to take his mind off his parent's death which lead to him becoming Batman and the man he is today.

Naruto however appears to be bottling all his sadness up instead of dealing with it. Batman narrows his eyes at this for like Dinah said it is extremely unhealthy. He realizes that if Naruto doesn't deal with his emotions it will either kill him or drive him insane to the point he could be just as broken and evil as the Joker if not more so.

Batman is broken out of his thoughts when he realizes everyone is looking at him for his input on Naruto "I agree with Black Canary's assessment of him, however I withhold my judgment until I hear his story" he says.

Superman nods his head "Very well now we just have to wait until he awakens to ask him ourselves" he says getting nods from just about everyone.

Batman shakes his head "That won't be necessary isn't that right Naruto?" he says causing the groups eyes to widen when they see Naruto sitting up.

Naruto stretches and pops could be heard as his joints loosen before he turns to look at the group "How long have you known I was awake" he asks.

Batman just stares at him "Since the moment you woke up when we arrived here" he says shocking the group that Naruto had been awake that whole time.

Naruto chuckles "Impressive observation skills, just out of curiosity who was it that carried me while I was passed out?" he asks

Flash raises his hand "That would be me the fastest man on Earth" he says proudly.

Naruto's shoulders and his head droop hearing this "Why is that everytime I pass out I am always carried by a man? Is it too much to ask to be carried by a beautiful woman just once? Too make matters worse this time I was carried by a man who is wearing a costume that makes him look like a giant walking used tampon" he says sadly.

The group just raises an eyebrow hearing this until Naruto says the part about Flash's costume making him look like a giant walking used tampon causing them all to break out in laughter except for Batman who is chuckling quietly, and Flash who drops to his hands and knees with a huge cloud of depression hanging above his head.

After everyone stops laughing and Flash recovers from his bout of depression Naruto clears his throat "Now you're all probably wondering how I appeared above that park in Gotham right?" he asks getting nods from everyone. Naruto then sighs "Well to understand how I appeared above Gotham you must first learn about my life from my birth to the point I appeared above Gotham" he says. Naruto then cracks his neck getting one more point of tension released "However it is a very long story that will take a long time to tell so how about I just show all of you my memories" he suggests.

The group looks between each other and nods "Very well" he says before sitting on the ground with his legs crossed and gesturing for everyone to join him which they do "Now everyone hold hands and we will enter my mindscape" he says gaining confused looks.

Naruto looks at them more specifically Dinah who is sitting right next to him "Well c'mon don't be shy I won't bite…unless you want me to" he says with sly smirk causing some of the group to chuckle while Dinah blushes slightly and gives Naruto a slight glare before taking his hand. After the entire group is linked up Naurot takes a deep breath "Okay now everyone just relax and close you eyes" he says before they do so and enter his mindscape.

*Naruto's Mindscape*

The group opens their eyes to see themselves standing in ankle-deep water in what appears to be a decaying sewer causing them to raise their eyebrows in confusion until they hear someone clear their throat and turn to see Naruto standing behind them.

Naruto looks around his mindscape for a quick second and sighs "I thought I changed this?" he says before snapping his fingers and the scenery changes to a Library with shelves upon shelves of books and a series of doors off to the side.

Naruto takes a looks around and nods his head "That's better" he says before turning to the "Now follow me and I will lead you to where my memories are located" he says before leading the group to a door labeled "Memories". Naruto opens the door and leads them inside to what appears to be a movie theater compete with seats and a large screen to views the memories.

Naruto gestures to the seats "Alright take a seat and the show will begin" he says as the group takes their seats.

As Flash takes his seats he looks around "Will there be any snacks while we watch your memories?" he asks causing the others to just sigh.

Naruto's eyebrow twitches hearing this "No there will not be any snacks, and even if there were you are inside my mind so anything you eat wouldn't affect you outside of it" he says causing Flash to chuckle sheepishly. Naruto then sighs "Now without further ado I will show you my memories, however certain memories will be left out as I will not show you me being intimate with any of the girls I loved back in my world" he says with authority showing that there is no room for debate on that topic.

Superman nods his head "We understand Naruto as we ourselves would want to keep such moments private if we were in your position" he says getting nods from the others.

Naruto nods his head "Thank you for understanding, now please hold all questions to the end of the my memories especially in regards to what you will see pertaining to myself and the women I loved" he says getting nods form the others before he starts his memories begin appearing on the screen.

As the group watches they are at first fascinated by the world that Naruto is from until they begin seeing Naruto's early childhood. The isolation, and loneliness they see him go through, they smile however when they see him make two friends in Anko Mitarashi and Hinata Hyuuga.

The group continues to watch Naruto's life as he goes through school, fails his last exam, is tricked by a teacher into stealing something very valuable and dangerous, revealed to contain a great beast within him.

They watch him as he goes through his early career as a ninja libereating a village from a tyrant, entering an exam to reach the next rank in his career. They watch as he faces many trials including fighting a man that reeks of pure evil, facing off against one of the strongest of his classmates while in a weakened state and winning albeit in a unconventional way, being ditched by his teacher who decides to train one of his other teammates the whole month before the finals which causes them to scowl at how his teacher essential abandoned him.

The group watches as Naruto meets a man that is without a doubt the biggest pervert any of them have ever seen causing the woman of the group to scowl. They watch as the man called Jiraiya begins teaching Naruto how to summon Toads to help him fight by throwing him off a cliff which causes the scowl at such a dangerous teaching method.

They watch Naruto summon a huge toad to save himself, and later meet up with Anko and Hianta and confess his feelings for them which Anko and Hinata return and tell him they are fine with sharing him which shocks the group. They watch Naruto fight in the finals of the exam and later fight a giant One-Tailed Tanuki made of sand.

(AN: Going to skip the rest of Naruto's life since you all already know how things went. I will basically sum up the Justice Leagues reaction to his life in the next paragraph)

As the group continues to watch Naruto's life they experience a multitude of emotions, shock, joy, happiness, disbelief, anger, rage, sorrow, heartbreak, and a whirlwind of other emotions. When they watch Naruto summon the Shinigami and beg her to kill him at the end of the war it leaves them speechless as they all have tears running down their cheeks. Even Batman who is usually the most stoic of the group can't help but shed tears at what Naruto has experienced.

The group watches as the Shinigami pulls Naruto's soul out of his body and he dies with a smile on his face before the screen goes black leaving them speechless.

Flash is the first to find his voice "Wait how are you here if the Shinigami killed you?" he asks confused as to how Naruto could be alive standing when they clearly saw him die.

Naruto smiles sadly "I am not sure if I am allowed to say as to the reason why I am here let alone alive" he responds confusing the group before a golden scroll appears in the air above him. Naruto grabs the scroll and opens it and after reading it he smiles before rolling it back up and it disappears "Well it looks like I am allowed to show all of you how I am alive when you clearly saw me die" he says before the screen turns back on.

The league watches in shock as Naruto meets with Kami, Yami, and the Shinigami, and how the three deities give Naruto a second chance at life to make up for how bad his life was before he vanishes appearing above the park in Gotham where they met him and the screen goes dark again.

Naruto turns to the group "So that is my life, I grew up alone and hated by most of my home for something out of my control. I met two women who would become my light and prevent me from succumbing to the darkness around me. I fought many battles and ended up falling in love with 3 other women and planned on marrying all five of them only for them and every other person that lived in my world to die in a war started by just one man. I summoned the goddess of death herself to kill me and end my pain after finding out I had become immortal. The after it all I met Kami-sama, and Yami-sama themselves and they along with Shinigami-sama gave me a second chance at life" he says solemnly.

Wonder Woman just sits there shocked by everything she has just seen and that Naruto had not only met but also been given a second chance at life by the three great goddesses themselves. However she also realized that he had suffered so much for someone so young "How can you still smile with everything that has happened to you?" she asks finally finding her voice and getting Naruto's attention. Wonder Woman continues "Not even the Gods or Goddesses themselves have faced such hardship and tragedy" she says.

Naruto smiles sadly "It is because even though I have lost everything I will eventually be reunited with my loved ones when I die, that is how I can keep smiling. No matter how bad things may get I will be able to meet them again someday so until then I will live my life to the fullest not only for myself but also for everyone else that died which hopefull includes falling in love again with another wonderful woman…or women" he says causing the groups eyes to widen.

Naruto then chuckles "Besides if I didn't then when I do eventually die not only would Hinata-chan, Anko-chan, Samui-chan, Tsunade-chan, and Mei-chan kick my ass, but my mother would join them and then ground me and forbid me from eating Ramen for the next 500 years" he said causing the group to sweatdrop at his reasoning.

Naruto then claps his hands "Well since I have finished showing you my memories how about we leave my head" he says before snapping his fingers.

*Back outside Naruto's Mindscape*

The group opens their eyes to see that they are back from Naruto's mindscape and that only around 10 seconds have passed since they entered his mindscape. Superman looks to Naruto "So Naruto what are you going to do now?" he asks.

Naruto thinks for a minute "Well I would like to find a place to live preferably one that is a little way from all the busyness of the city, and have a good amount of nature around it. Once do that I was thinking about becoming a super hero like all of you since I want to bring peace to this world and prevent anyone else from going through what I did" he says getting nods from the group.

Batman nods "I could help with finding you a place to live, have you given any thought as to what your superhero name would be and where you would patrol?" he asks.

Naruto thinks for a minute "Well I had considered names like Kage, Hokage, Shadow, and Kitsune but they just didn't feel right. Then I thought of Maelstrom since it is the translation of my name but figured it wouldn't be very smart to use that as my super hero name so I decided on Sage." He says getting nods from the group.

Green Arrow smiles "It fits you a lot Naruto since you are able to use the elements themselves to protect people and arrest villains" he says.

Wonder woman nods "Not to mention your ability to use the natural energy of the world" she says getting another series of nods from the group.

Naruto smiles "Now as for where I would patrol I was thinking of starting in Gotham to get used to it, then maybe stopping by Metropolis, followed by maybe Los Angeles before I make my decision on where to stick too" he says.

Superman nods "Smart plan by starting in each of those places you gain experience while at the same time having one of us to back you up if things get really bad" he says seeing how well Naruto has things planned out.

Naruto smiles "That was actually my plan, then after I gain some experience maybe I could join all of you on the league" he says.

Superman smiles "You definitely have the mindset, skills, and heart to join the league but there is still one thing you don't have" he says causing Naruto to raise an eyebrow wondering what it is "You aren't 18 yet which is the legal age for you to be considered an adult" he says.

Naruto's shoulders slump "Well that stinks guess I will have to wait 2 years then" he says a little bummed he would have to wait 2 years to join the Justice League.

Superman chuckles "However you could still be an "Unofficial" member of the League" he says shocking Naruto but the rest of the group as well.

Aquaman stares at Superman in shock "Superman are you seriously considering what you just said" he says not sure if her heard right.

Superman nods his head "Yes I am, Naruto is more than qualified to be a member right now, he is more qualified than any of us to be a member of the Justice League, and the only thing preventing him from "publically" being a member is his age. So I thought why not just make him an "Unofficial" member and if the public questions him working with us we can just say that he is a joint-sidekick for the League" he says explaining why he suggested it.

Batman rubs his chin in thought "I agree with Superman if anyone is qualified to be a member it is Naruto, and his plan to explain why he is working with us if people ask is sound" he says.

The rest of the group talk amongst themselves for a minute or so before they nod their heads and agree with Superman's idea. After a short little ceremony they induct Naruto into the Justice League as an "Unoffical" Member and after congratulating him they begin leaving one by one until just Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman are left.

Superman turns to Naruto and smiles "Well I have to get back to Metropolis but I hope to see you there soon Naruto" he says with a smile before lifiting of the ground and flying towards Metropolis.

Wonder Woman walks over to Naruto and gives him a hug surprising him before he returns it. After a minute or so they release each other and Wonder Woman smiles "Naruto if you ever need anything just give me a call okay?" she says with a smile that has a hint of a motherly side to it.

Naruto smiles "Okay Wonder Woman I will" he says happy that she is willing to help him whenever he needs it after only knowing him for a short while.

Wonder Woman smiles "Naruto when we are in a private or secure area like this you can call me Diana as it's my name" she says.

Naruto smiles "Okay Diana and thank you for trusting me enough with your secret identitiy" he says to which she smiles before she to leaves.

Naruto turns to Batman "So you said you could help me find a place to live?" he says getting a nod from Batman before the two head towards the Zeta Tube.

End Chapter 2