Chapter 6

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Naruto was sitting on the roof of one of the many skyscrapers in Metropolis. He was in his Sage costume while munching on some beef jerky he packed. Underneath his eyes were dark bags indicating his lack of sleep. As he took another bite of his snack he growled lowly and mentally cursed Superman…and reporters.

For nearly 6 HOURS! Superman kept him from leaving knowingly or unknowingly as the press questioned him on all sorts of things. The questions ranged from his superhero name, where he was from to which he just said another dimension consisting of what could be classified as meta humans and left it at that. Then they questioned him on his relationship with Superman.

By this time he was really getting tired of answering questions and jumped on the opportunity to leave. He had simply told them to ask Superman and promptly made his escaped. After his escape he slipped into his civilian clothes and rented a hotel room to finally get some sleep. However even then he wasn't able to rest as once again he had nightmares about the Fourth Shinobi War again and only ended up getting around 3 hours of sleep.

As he finished off the last of his beef jerky he sensed someone behind him and looked to see Powergirl just landing "Hello Powergirl" he greeted with a smile.

Powergirl smiles slightly as she lands "Hello Sage I was wondering if you wanted a tour of the city?" she says.

Naruto raises an eyebrow hearing this "Do you mean like accompanying you on patrol or as civilians?" he asks.

Powergirl chuckles "I was thinking as civilians but if you want we could do it while on patrol" she answers back.

Naruto thinks for a minute before giving deciding "Going as civilians sounds good as it would be nice to relax while you show me around" he says with a smile.

Powergirl nods hearing this "Okay meet me at the park just across the street in a few minutes" she sasy before flying off to change her clothes. Naruto stands up and dusts himself off before going to change out of his costume.

*5 minutes later at the park*

Naruto was standing in the middle of the park wearing an orange short sleeve shirt, blue shorts and a pair of black sneakers waiting for Powergirl to arrive when he hears someone call his name. He looks towards the direction the voice came from and is nearly blown back by a nose bleed.

There Powergirl or in this case Karen was walking up to him wearing a form fitting white shirt short sleeve shirt that strained against her large bust, a pair of blue shorts that hugged her curvy hips and made them look even better. To finish the outfit she wore a simple pair of white sneakers.

Karen walked up to Naruto with a smile "Well Naruto you ready for the tour?" she asked snapping him out of his stupor.

Naruto snaps out his stupor upon hearing Karen's voice "Of course lead the way" he says with a smile as the two set off.

For the next few hours Karen shows Naruto around Metropolis pointing out various places like the Dailey Planet which was the lead newspaper and news station in the city and other significant places. The two eventually got hungry and Karen lead him to one of the many restaurants in the city.

As the two walk up to the restaurant Naruto notices it serves Asian cuisine which he found to be the closet thing to what everyone ate in the Elemental nations. The two walk inside and sit at a table with Naruto ordering some Ramen and dango, and to his surprise Karen ordering the same thing.

As the waiter walks away Naruto looks at Karen "You like Ramen?" he asks genuinely surprised that she would like since most women don't do it's high carbs.

Karen chuckles "Yeah it is one of my favorite foods. A close friend of mine used to eat it all the time to the point that he would have it for nearly every lunch and dinner. After a while I got curious about how it tasted since he would call it the "Food of the Gods" and tried it finding out that it was really good" she explains with a small smile.

Naruto chuckles hearing this "Sounds like someone I would get along with perfectly. Maybe someday you can introduce him to me?" he says.

Karen's eyes sadden hearing this "I would but sadly he died a five years ago" she says somberly.

Naruto's eyes widen before he looks down "I'm sorry to hear that" he says feeling bad for bringing up painful memories. The waiter arrives with their and the two eat making small talk and leave the restaurant after finishing their meals.

They make their way back to the park where they met up finding it empty and sit on the bench. Naruto leans back with his hands behind his head "Hey Karen can I ask you something?" he says getting a nod from her before continuing "When Superman introduced you and Supergirl to me I got a sense of your energies. However for some reason both you and Supergirl have the exact same signature are you sisters or something?" he asks shocking her.

Karen's eyes widen hearing this and worries that someone might have heard him but using her super hearing she can tell that no one is within ear shot of the two. Karen sighs sadly before speaking "That is probably because the two of us are technically the same person" she says confusing him.

Karen sees his confusing and sighs before looking at the orange tinted sky as the sun begins setting "I am actually another version of Supergirl from another dimension. Five years ago in my dimension Darkseid waged war on Earth that resulted in countless lives lost including just about every hero. The war raged on to the point that the only heros left alive were Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, myself, and my friend Helena. However in the final battle Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman were all killed and my friend and I wound up in this dimension. After finding out there was a version of me in this world I changed my name from Kara Zor-El to Karen Starr and for the last five years have been going by that name" she says sadly remembering all those you lost their lives in her dimension.

Naruto's eyes widen hearing this not expecting to find out she had been in a war and having lost so many friends. In a way it was almost exactly like his situation except for how they ended up in this dimension. Naruto sighs "You know we are a lot alike it seems. I fought in a war before I ended up in this dimension too. The short version of it is that a madman with a God-complex wanted to basically rule the world by using the moon to cast a massive illusion in that would put everyone into an eternal dream. The forces of my world allied together and fought against him and his army but he proved too strong and killed everyone in my world. I was the only survivor in the end after I beat him and after some really complex events ended up here…I am the last of my kind" he says sadly the last part really hitting home in realization.

Karen's eyes widen and begin to tear up hearing this. Like Superman had said this version of Naruto had suffered more than her version. While her version lost a loved one in his home world from what he and told her everyone else was alive and fine as far as he knew. Of course her version also ended up losing the other girls that were a part of their relationship but even with that it didn't come close to what the version of him sitting next to her had gone through.

Karen then surprises Naruto by embracing him in a hug and after a moment to get over the shock he returns the hug. For the next few minutes the two just sit their holding each other in unknowingly comforting the other. They eventually release each other and smile each smile at the other "Thanks for that Karen I really needed it" Naruto says.

Karen giggles slightly hearing this "No problem Naruto I kind of needed it as well" she says since the hug made her feel safe and helped ease the pain that still lingered in her heart from everything that happened in her dimension. The two laugh a little before they continue sitting there making small talk until the sun finally sets and the two bid each other farewell before making their way to their respective homes with Karen's being her apartment and Naruto's his hotel room.

*Timeskip 8 months later, Roughly 6 or 7 months before start of Canon*

Naruto was currently out back of his house training. It had been a little over a year and a half since his arrival in this dimension. He had spent about a month in Metropolis helping out Superman, Supergirl, and Powergirl. During that time he had also spent time with Karen a lot when they were busy patrolling or fighting a super villain and in that time they had grown close to each other. They weren't a couple but were still closer than friends.

After he returned home from Metropolis he had ended up helping out in various cities when the resident hero of said city needed help or someone to cover for them when they needed a break. In the last 8 months he had also spent a lot of time with Poison Ivy or as he often called her Pam/Pamela or even Ivy-chan. It took some time but she had stated to open up to him and the two had grown close. Their relationship was a lot like his relationship with Karen as they were closer than friends but not yet a couple. He had even told her about his past which shocked her at everything he had gone through as she wondered how he was even sane still.

He had continued helping her like he promised and the two-with Naruto wearing a disguise acting as her lawyer-had brought more awareness to the environmental protection. The two of them brought to light multiple companies that were either illegally dumping or destroying the environment. He had also helped her establish multiple nature preserves that protected various endangered plants and animals. One such nature preserve was nearly half of the ENTIRE rainforest in South America a major victory for the two.

Naruto had also spent a lot of time trying to find the reason behind Pamela not being able get pregnant. It was slow going and there were many tests, however he had a feeling that he was almost there in regards to the solution to the problem.

He had also met some of the other big name villains both male in female. He met the Joker and Harley Quinn one time when helping Batman. Then there was the time he had a run in with Talia al Ghul and her father Ra's al Ghul while helping Batman with a case. He met the icy villainess Killer Frost when he helped Batman out with the big breakout at Arkham around six months ago after Joker apparently got his hands on a nuclear bomb however that was a tale for another time. Then there was the time he had a run in with the fiery Volcana when he helped Superman another time.

Diana had also kept up her visits to him and over time the two begin to see a each other as mother and son which was something he really liked as he never really had a mother figure before. Other members of the Justice League like Flash, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, and Black Canary would also stop by from time to time when they were busy.

Over time he had come to see various members of the justice league as his family. Batman and Superman were like fathers to him, Wonder Woman was like a mother, Black Canary or Dinah was like a big sister and Green Arrow or Ollie was like a big brother to him. Martian Manhunter or J'onn was like an uncle to him and he along with Dinah would often provide therapy to help cope with the aftereffects of the Fourth Shinobi War. He would still have nightmares about it sometimes but nowhere near as often as before.

As Naruto finishes thinking about the last eight months and finishes working on a new jutsu he wipes his forehead of sweat. He walks over and picks up a water bottle he had ready and takes a sip before looking up and spotting what looks like a comet crashing to Earth. The projectile sails above his house before crashing into the ground a few hundred feet from it.

Naruto quickly puts on his costume and rushes to the scene of the crash only to find what appears to be an escape pod of some kind where the "Comet" crashed. He begins making his way cautiously towards the pod when a hatch opens and someone flies out before hovering above the pod causing his eyes to widen at said person's appearance.

It was clearly a young woman likely around the age of 15. She had long red hair, green eyes, and Golden-Orange colored skin. That alone caused his jaw to hang open as orange was his favorite color since it was a combination of red and yellow just like he was due to his parents. She was wearing a black with silver trim suit and had what looked like some kind of hand cuffs on that covered her entire hands and went up to her mid-forearm.

Naruto caustiously walsk forward catching the girls attention "Hello can you understand me? Are you alright?" he asks only to jump back as the girl slams her covered firsts into the spot he once stood. The girl looks at him and says something that sounds like gibberish before flying at him and swing her hands once again.

Naruto jumps back again as the girls hands once more crash into the ground forming a large crater. He looks at the crater and blanches thinking "Holy shit that was almost as strong as when Tsunade-chan punched the ground when me and Pervy Sage first found her" as he shivers slightly.

Naruot looks back at the girl as she says something else he can't understand "I can't understand you, but I can tell you trying to get those off let me help you" he says raising his hands in a non-threatening manner to show her he means no harm. The girl notices this and seems to get his meaning as she doesn't attack again.

Naruto slowly walks over to her and pulls out a lock pick before trying to unlock the handcuffs. After a minute or so of working on it he manages to unlock them causing them to fall to the gorund and freeing the girls hands. He looks at the girl with a smile on his face "There all done I bet that feels better. Now what is you name?" he says.

The girl looks at him for a moment before saying something that sounds like gibberish causing him to raise an eyebrow. He is about to say something when the girl suddenly leans in and kisses him right on the lips surprising him and freezing him in place. The girl continues to kiss him for nearly a minute and he could swear at one point she even slipped her tongue into his mouth before she pulls away.

The girl then looks at Naruto who is still in shock and smiles "I thank you for your assistance in freeing me" she says in English.

Naruto snaps out of his shock hearing her talk "Um don't mention it, what is your name by the way?" he asks.

The girl continue to smile at him "My name is Koriand'r…Or in English Starfire" she says introducing herself.

Naruto nods before smiling "Well it is nice to meet you Koriand'r…can I call you Kori for short? My name is Naruto" he asks getting a nod from her. He then looks back to the escape pod before looking at her "Kori how did you arrive here on Earth?" he asks.

Kori looks sad for a moment "It all began when my home planet Tamaran was attacked by the Gordanians…" she begins. Kori tells Naruto about the attack on her people and how her people fought back for many years. She goes on to tell him how she is a part of the royal family of Tamaran and how her sister gave her to the enemy in exchange for peace. Kori explains how she spent years as a slave and was forced to do slave labor, was experimented on, and tortured. She then explains how she was recently able to fight her captors and manage to make it to an escape pod which lead to where she is now.

As Naruto listened to Kori's story he got madder and madder with everything he heard especially the part about how her own SISTER sold her into slavery just for peace. Then there was the slave labor, torture, and experimentation she went through that made him even more enraged.

When Kori finished her story Naruot took a deep breath to clam himself down before looking at her with a smile "I am sorry to hear you have had such a hard life Kori. If you want you can stay with me at my house as long as you want or until you get situated here on Earth" he says kindly.

Kori looks at Naruto's eyes to determine if he is lying or hiding any deceit and finds none "Very well I shall stay with you for now and I thank you for your hospitality Acquaintance Naruto" she says happily with a smile.

Naruot raises an eyebrow at the "Aquaintance Naruto" portion of her response but shrugs it off figuring it must be a cultural thing for her people "Okay Kori let me show you to my house" he says with a smile and leads her back to his house.

When the two reach his house Naruto shows her inside and after she looks around a bit he shows her the bathroom "Here is the bathroom if you want to take a shower as I imagine you must feel pretty dirty from sitting in an escape pod for so long" hey offers.

Kori looks at the bathroom for a minute before smiling "Thank you Friend Naruto I would like to clean myself very much" she says before walking into the bathroom and closing the door.

Naruto raises an eyebrow at the sudden change from "Aquaintance to Friend" before he walks out into the living room and creates a shadow clone to go and seal up Kori's escape pod and fix the ground surrounding it before sitting down on the couch to unwind after the recent events. As he sits there he can hear the shower running indicating that Kori is bathing and decides to watch some television for a bit.

About twenty minutes later he hears the doorbell ring and gets up to answer the door. When he opens the door he sees Diana standing there "Hello Naruto how are you?" she asks.

Naruto smiles while is inwardly worried at what Diana would think if she found out about Kori "I am doing good Diana thank you for asking…" he begins only to freeze when he sees Diana's eyes widen.

He turns his head and is nearly blown back by a nose bleed as standing in the living room completely naked and dripping wet is none other than Kori "Friend Naruto I have finished my bathing" she says happily with a smile on her face before walking up behind him her impressive breasts jiggling which each step.

Naruto turns his head to look at Diana and pales when he sees the fire in her eyes and he can only say "Shit" thinking how things could get possibly worse since standing behind him is a completely naked girl and in front of him is a woman he has come to see as his mother.

Then as if the gods themselves heard his thoughts Karen in her Powergirl outfit flies down and lands next to Diana "Hey Naruto I was wondering if you…" she begins only to tail off when she spots the nude girl standing behind him.

Naruto once more curses at the horrible timing "Double Shit" he says wondering how the hell things could possibly get worse once again before mentally kicking himself for such thoughts.

Once more as if the gods heard him a large rose bud begins coming out of the ground and opens to reveal none other than Poison Ivy herself. Ivy begins walking down the rose petal towards him "Hello Naruto I wanted to know if you…" she begins before spotting not only Diana and Powergirl but also the naked form of Kori standing behind him.

Naruto begins to sweat seeing this and says "Triple Shit" as the three women in front of him stare at each other for a moment before all three turn their attention to him and glare at him causing him to gulp as he can tell that they are pissed and there will likely be hell to pay.

End Chapter 6