A/N I found that I couldn't say goodbye to Eiiot, after all. So here he is, in his own story.

Disclaimer: The only part of Castle that I own is the TV on which I watch the show.

Hi. I'm Eliot. My whole name is Eliot Beckett-Castle. Remember me? Mom's last name is Beckett and Dad's last name is Castle. I get to have both of them. I was born last month. I used to live in a womb, which sounds like a room. It was kind of a room but it was really small. Now I live in a place called a loft. I'm glad because it is a lot roomier. Get it? That's a joke, I love to make up jokes! There's a lot more to do here, too. Anyway the loft has a lot of rooms. I have my own that is upstairs but I still stay in Mom's and Dad's downstairs with them until I'm a little older. Oh, and here's another funny thing. The street we live on is called Broome. Womb Room Broome, which is something called a rhyme. Like nursery rhymes, which I have a book of.

Speaking of books, my dad writes mysteries. My mom is a police detective. Dad's books are about Mom but she says they're not. Dad says Mom is his muse. I don't know what that is except yesterday he took me to a place called a museum and I thought it would be like Mom, but it didn't remind me of her at all. There was a huge dead animal right inside the door. It was the animal's bones. It looks like it wouldn't fit in our living room and we have a really huge living room. Dad said it was T Rex. Mom drinks T sometimes, but it is something called herbal T so I'm not sure if it is made from that animal. I hope not. She likes coffee better.

Can I tell you about my clothes? When I was living in the womb I didn't have any. I was naked all the time. Now I'm naked in my bath or when I get my diaper changed. Mostly I wear something called onesies, I think because they're one piece, not a lot of pieces like most people's clothes. I will have more pieces when I'm older. Mom showed me in my closet, lots of things. She says I'll grow into them. I like onesies. They have lots of colors and they're soft and stretchy. They have things on them too like puppies and bears and balls but my favorites are ones that have words. The best is one that says TALK TO ME. I like it because I talk all the time, but no one can hear me yet. I have to learn how to make the talk come out of my head through my mouth. Right now I talk inside my head which is why I am writing this story, so you can know what I'm talking about. Yesterday I got a new onesie that says I SPEAK GEEK. Mom laughed so hard when Dad gave it to her for me. I don't know what it means, yet but I'll tell you when I find out. It must be cool because they love it.

Here is my family, besides Mom and Dad. I have Gram, who is an actress. She lives around the corner from us so I get to see her all the time. She is Dad's Mom which I had a hard time figuring out at first. Dad used to be a baby like me and Gram is his Mom. I have Granddad who is a lawyer. He lives in New York City, like us, but farther away, so I don't see him as much as Gram. He is Mom's Dad. Mom used to be a baby, too. Also I have a sister Alexis who goes to college and lives in a dorm. She comes over for dinner sometimes and plays with me which is nice but I'd like someone more my own size. Well smaller. I want to be the boss. But I don't want to have a brother or sister right away. When I'm bigger. I want to have Mom and Dad all to myself for a while.

I'm going to tell you a secret, which is Dad is a lot like a kid. That's one reason I don't need a brother or sister yet. And Mom says not now, Castle, thank you very much. So I don't have to worry. Dad tells me about the adventures we will have and I believe him. He says we might get into scrapes. That sounds like fun except the other day Mom said she got a scrape on her knee and it really hurt. Now you can see why I get mixed up. Is a scrape good or bad? I like to hang out with Dad, who is very funny. Plus he is a boy like me. He is a man, but he is a boy. Mom say he's her big boy and I'm her little boy. Don't get me wrong because I love to hang out with Mom, too, but I was with her all the time when I was living in the womb. Now I get to spend some time just with Dad. But you know what? Mom feeds me and I love that. Just Mom and me. And sometimes she sings to me then and sometimes she tells me a story and sometimes she's quiet. And even though I know she can yell and be tough with bad guys, when I am with her she is so soft. She sounds soft and she feels soft. If anyone who is reading this remembers being a baby with a Mom then you might know what I am talking about.

Now I have been talking so much that I'm tired and need to take a nap. I would like to have a snack, too. Mom says I am a great nurser which is another thing I don't get because nurses were in the hospital when I was born. I am not a nurse. I am Eliot, a baby boy.

Next time I'll tell you about what I have been doing, now that you know about my family and where we live.