Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Merlin

I know that it has been a while since I wrote for the time series but I have been busy and for that, I am sorry. I am currently on my summer holidays and hope to be able to focus my attention on my writing. I was made to believe that I cannot write this year and it made me feel ill. All I have ever love doing is writing and I decided I do not need a qualification to write.

So, enjoy...

Time Friends
Chapter One - An Introduction

They all landed in a field.

"This doesn't look like Camelot" said Arthur, looking at the clear sky and apple trees which circled the area.

"It isn't Camelot" said Balinor.

"Then where are we?" asked Freya.

"We aren't actually going to step foot in Camelot. We are going to watch the proceedings from this room. We are going to be provided with foot, drink and facilities" said Balinor.

They all looked around the room and saw that they had tables filled with food, sofas, couches and pillows and a door which seemed to lead over to a bathroom.

"Time to get comfortable" said Arthur as he and Gwen claimed a couch, as did Merlin and Freya and Balinor and Hunith. Everyone else sat on cushions which lay across the floor.

After everyone had settled, with a plate of food in their hands, one wall suddenly had one name sprawled across it. The name : "Merlin."