"Cooper has changed over the summer," comes Gwen's voice.

Kevin is incredulous; he turns to look at her with an inquisitive stare that some might perceive as a questioning glare.

Gwen notices this and points in Cooper's direction. Kevin would not have recognized Cooper if Gwen had not said anything.

Cooper is no longer a short, somewhat stocky nerdy looking kid with longish unkempt blonde hair.

He is now very masculine. He has experienced a growth spurt. He is tall with a chiseled face and totally ripped body. His hair is the same though.

Kevin has to admit that Cooper is pretty damn fit and is a total upgrade. Kevin and Gwen are not the only ones who notice though.

Upgraded Cooper is surrounded by dozens of girls, who are so obviously flirting with him that it is sickening. He has to be a total numbskull not to realize that.

Cooper seems to revel in the attention, but at the same time, he seems uncomfortable. It seems that this awareness of his new appearance is pretty recent.

If it were not, he would be lapping up the interest displayed by the crowd of girls, who are batting their eyelashes and trying to push each other out of the way to get to him.

Gwen has been eyeing him for quite some time and it is unnerving Kevin. 'Does Gwen have a thing for Cooper now?' Kevin wonders. He cannot blame her though.

Cooper notices the two of them and wriggles out of the hoard that seems keen on squishing him. He walks over to the pair. His eyes do not leave Gwen's face.

'Is he still crushing on her?' Kevin ponders. Kevin does not know how to feel about this.

Cooper reaches them. They greet each other. "I have come here to claim Tennyson as mine," says the man who resembles a model.

Kevin's and Gwen's eyes widen in surprise. "What are you enslaving people now?" Kevins spits. "No one's coming with you."

"Enslaving?" Cooper asks. He realizes that he phrased his previous sentence very awkwardly. He begins to laugh.

"No, I was wondering if Tennyson would want to accompany me on a date."

Kevin jaw drops. He looks over at Gwen, who is standing there frozen. Cooper's words have surprised her. She appears slightly uncomfortable but also very flattered.

Kevin notices that Gwen has not yet gathered her thoughts so he starts to answer, "I don't think Gwen -"

"Gwen?" Cooper laughs again. "No, no, no. I understand where you got that impression, but I was wondering about Ben."

Kevin's facial features surge with shock and contort with anger. He absorbs the metal from the lamp post adjacent to him and lunges at Cooper with his fists raised, ready to present Cooper with a knuckle sandwich.

"No way in hell!" Kevin howls. "Ben's mine!"