Long ago, there was a tale passed down. This tale spoke of a secluded island far to the south; this island was no ordinary island, no. This island was home to many legendary items, for starters. To begin with, there is the Mystic Water. This holy water is said to be strong enough to purify any and all illness. It is also stated to believe that this water can multiply the power of those who drink it exponentially, it is for that reason many have tried to search for this island, but their searches came up empty.

There is yet another item that makes this island the eye of many. The Eternal Sword, a blade crafted by the Celestial Spirit Origin, wielded by an ancient hero of a war over 500 years ago. This blade is rumored to have the power to grant the wielders wishes, but only if they possess the right to wield the blade.

Soon, people ceased hunting down this island. Why would they, even with all these valuable rarity. Because this island was the home of creatures long thought vanished. This island was the home…of dragons.



"Guh! You bastard…!" Natsu struggled within the grip of a shadowed figure, injured and exhausted, there wasn't much he could do about his situation. The city was in flames and ruins, dragons roaring violently in the distant.

"Ha ha! Look at how far your little heroics got in the end! You thought you'd be able to 'save' everyone? There's nothing that can stop destiny, you know!"

"I don't give a damn about your destiny…I'll make sure you won't get away with this, even if it's the last thing I do!" Natsu roared out angrily, flames protruding from his mouth. He unleashed a point blank roar, but it seemed to have no effect.

"You still don't understand what you're dealing with. THAT, Natsu Dragneel, was the very last thing you'll ever do. You and your friends can't change the fate of this island, or the people on it. It's a shame you realized that too late. Goodbye, Natsu Dragneel. This will mark the end of humans, and the era of dragons will begin!"

Lucy limped forward as quickly as she could, holding her arm while giving a pained expression. "N-NO! NATSU!"