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Here lies everything...

Dr. Horrible stood up from the lifeless body of Penny, journalists shouting out his name and asking him question after question.

The world I wanted at my feet. My victory's complete, so hail to the king...

He leaned down, picked up the woman he loved, and proceeded to carry her to a stretcher.

So, your world's benign. So, you think justice has a voice and we all have a choice. Well, now your world is mine..

Laying Penny down on the white sheet, he began to feel Billy slip away from him and Dr. Horrible take his place.

And, I am fine!

The papers now described him as heartless and cruel. No one dared to stand up to him whenever he committed a crime in the once protected city. Not after his defeat of his nemesis, Captain Hammer. Dr. Horrible, now a member of the E.L.E., had everything he ever wanted.

Now, the nightmare's real! Now, Dr. Horrible is here to make you quake with fear! To make the whole world kneel!

And, I won't feel a thing...