Admiral named Spec arrested them enough smoothly.

- We do not give up so quickly Lord Vader- she shouted those words very nimbly up snatching.

- Bring them to my ship and watch. If you flee Admiral will be punished for it immediately. - I said with horror.

- Yes my Lord - He said, and took them. He led them from the noise in my spaceship. And I started to look around the room. It was huge. There were beautiful paintings and invisible faces. They were old furniture from which you can see the enormity of dust. I walked on, and I heard a scream.

It was my son.

I thought, and ran quickly into one of the rooms. I opened the door what I saw scared me like never in my short and miserable life. My son was lying on the operating table. He was cruelly tied to the table.

So cruelly that you see no blood pool to the site. He was scratched whole, had scars, miter. He was half naked. On the abdomen, legs have full hurts skin. He was terribly emaciated, hair was in disarray. He was terribly pale.

Slowly he began to lose its power. It's frightening what could pass my poor angel.

-Father! - He whispered to me. And I turned to the torturers confusion. One stranger spoke.

- Please do who we have here. Welcome to Lord Vader! What those we serve? Skywalker finish up for you. So as I dreamed it. One more attempt and die.

He chuckled. I am in rage turned on the lightsaber and attacked them. I felt like my blood pounding in earnest agony in his veins. First I strangled, later attacked. I did this quickly and a strictly.

I took care of every detail of my perfect killing.

As whore dared to touch what is mine? Who helped them?

And then let the power of the dark side of me mastered. I killed cruelly and without conscience. After this quietly without conscience turned off my lightsaber.I love it is quite practical. Thanks to the Dark Side calmed my desire to kill.

After this action turned to my son.I went around the table and gently unhooked and untying the belts by fixing my only from this cruel table. After the solving the called him.

- Luke? My little Jedi alive? - he stroked his beautiful but damaged his hair.

- I live but I feel that going to die and go to the next world.-he said in a whisper

-Do not you die you understand? Remember you have to be conscious doctor will be here soon. Ciiiii … - I touched his hair.

- You are safe. Calmly my small.