I'm Darth Vader. I am with some of the most important dark lords. I was looking for my son for a few months. I was worried about him. I do not feel his power. As if missing among millions of stars. I'm angry because of this. If he gets hurt I swear to murder in cold blood and I will not regret this is mine and will rule at my side as a pupil and son.

I can not afford a moment of weakness. I am powerful, as well as the patient. But I hate the wait is tedious. He wants to be as soon as Emperor. He wants to restore peace and justice. Padme did not understand. I hate her. She betrayed me, and yet it all kind of my fault.

- Lord Vader! We have a message. Skywalker is on the planet Mybs.

- Well! Prepare my spaceship.- I said to them

-Yes my Lord.- he said and walked in the opposite direction corridor.

We're located on the bridge. My strong force fills me. I feel defeated. But I hate my kostriumu. I hate the Emperor's all his fault. I hate him. With these thoughts with a loud breath and step I got to my ship.

- Request permission.-The admiral said.

And after a while I was a super space. I saw a star she so much reminded me of my son. It was downright beautiful blue color. Because long flight finally got to uklładu Mybs planet. It was a planet rather cold and unkind to his officers. She was covered in ice. But I noticed a great ice-covered fortress. We could not go but I took out my lightsaber and cut the metal door. I kicked quite powerfully hinges and my faithful crew went inside.I saw darkness but by the power turned on the light.

- Admiral, take your people and go the other way. I myself will go straight. I have a feeling that I will have something of interest there.-I said to them and I set out in my own way. I moved very loud. What I saw surprised me very much. I saw my beloved rebels.

- Well, welcome to Princess Leia and Captain Solo. What are we doing here? -

I talked to her to them with curiosity.

- Oh, what are you doing here?- She screamed at mnie.- will not let you hurt our Luke. It is important to us.- He finished courageously.

- We'll see, we'll see. This case interests me too. What happened to your beloved Skywalker? He disappeared? - I said to them threateningly.

- Admiral! Please arrest them .- I said to him with a note of authority.