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A young boy with bright orange hair, brown eyes, and is wearing a yellow rain coat, was walking with his mother on their way home from his karate practice.

The mother has long, light brown hair, light brown eyes, and wears a sweet smile on her face; she is wearing a pink shirt, pink sweater, and a long blue skirt. Within her right hand is a blue umbrella, while in her left hand is her son's much smaller hand.

As they were walking by the river bank, the boy stopped and looked toward the river. He saw a girl standing there. Before anyone knew what happened, the boy started running towards her, realizing she was going to jump.

"No, Ichigo, stop!" The mother cried out, and started to go after him knowing something was wrong.

The mother knew she was right the moment she died.

"Ichigo, wake the heck UP!"

To be continued…

I'm sorry; the first few chapters are short. Don't worry, they will get longer! ^-^