Hey Thesteralqueen147 here, I'm going to add a lot of HP references and many others.

Now I'm going to let you re-

Percy: "Wait so you're going to start the story before the incident of after?"

Me: "Just read you'll find out yourself."

Third person POV:

"Come on they're really close by if we stay any longer we would be monster chow," the raven haired teen whispered as he shook his companions awake but failed.

"Okay I believe you I can sense them near by about a half a mile away but with us they'll be on us in a matter of minutes," a back haired teen with brown eyes spoke waking up.

"Good now help me wake up the others Nico," the first boy commanded as he tried to wake up the two blonde boys with no luck.

"Hey Percy why don't you try to drench them or something it will wake them up you know," Nico suggested.

"Good idea where's that water bottle I brought with me?" Percy asked making a deal of finding the bottle of water effectively waking up the blonde teen.

"What's the big deal," he asked, "it's like 5 in the morning."

"It's actually 8 in the morning Jason," Nico corrected, "and help us wake up those three we'll appreciate it very much."

"Um.. There's only two others," Jason said.

"Oh right... um...," Percy stammered, "I asked her to go to find out about the monster camp about half a mile from here."

"Why?!" Nico and Jason yelled waking up the other two.

"Well she can disguise her demigod sent and we can't because if we step within a five yard radius then we would have been monster chow!" Percy snapped back.

"Well stop the shouting and start packing a red haired and blue eyed girl commanded as she pulled of her hood, "they're trying to surround us."

As the teens hurried to pack up their makeshift camp a monster roared in the distance.

"Great they found us," black haired girl snapped, " Rose, Scorpius how long would the barriers last?"

"To be honest I really don't know Thalia," The red haired girl answered and then the protection dome cracked and broke as a minacore ran through it.

And suddenly the monsters moved in completely surrounding the demigods. Percy and Nico pulled out their swords. Thalia had her bow and arrows while Jason flipped a coin that changed into a sword when he caught it. The other blonde boy and red haired girl pulled out a wand each and a small dagger from their boots (A/N: Any pair of boots you can think of but not snow boots). They stood still sizing up their opponents when a bright flash blinded them.

When their eyes adjusted to the darkness of the room they were in they knew instantly that they weren't on Earth anymore.

"Where in Hades are we?" Percy asked, "Rose any ideas where we are?"

"Why are you asking her?" the grey eyed blonde asked.

"Because Scorpius I... Actually you're right why don't you ask Scorpius?" Rose asked' "He is a legacy of a child of Athena."

Percy was about to answerer but stopped when he felt a presence behind him.

"Who are you and where are we?" Percy questioned.

But before the stranger answered Percy's question he snapped his fingers and Rose and Scorpius disappeared.

"Hey give us back our friends!" Thalia screamed.

"Calm down daughter of Zeus," the said, "I am Lord Chaos, creator of the universe, and you're in my domain in space."

After a brief discussion he gave each of the demigods a name. Percy is Caspian, Jason is Omega, Thalia is Theta, Nico is Void.

"Wait what about-" Nico began.

"Those two?" Chaos asked, "they joined me along time ago so I just sent them to their rooms to change."

They followed Chaos in tho a room that looked like the throne room in Olympus but the thrones were different each had a crazy design on them.

"Please take one of the empty thrones and they would change to represent your personalities," Chaos instructed as he sat down.

As soon as the four sat down black portals appeared and ten cloaked figures stepped out (one from each) and sat down at their respective thrones

Percy: "You're going to leave them cliffhanging like that?!"

Me: "Uh Duh."