Chapter 1: Honourable Discharge

(A/N: RWBY is an amazing show and I actually always wanted to write a fic about it, and I wanted to make a crossover with Naruto at first, but I thought that it's time I step out of my comfort zone and apply some actual ingenuity on my part. OC main characters are employed and that's usually a turn off for most readers, but I can assure you that I have planned out a great majority of the story in terms of character development and plot. Most of the story will be original, but there will also be some parts where the canon timeline coincides with my own plot.

Hope you enjoy this pilot chapter.)

Castle South, Vale

The full moon hung high in the night sky over the rocky wastelands that made up the outskirts of the kingdom of Vale. Its silvery-white light bathed the kingdom in its rays, but then seemed to act as a spectator as a pair of shadows moved swiftly and silently across the rocky lands. As they came to the end of the rocky lands, they stopped behind one of many nearby dead trees and peeked out from behind it. Two pairs of brown eyes looked down the cliff edge, temporarily eying the massive river which ran through the canyon. From the cliff edge, a massive bridge of thick and sturdy stone stretched across to reach an incline of black stone that served to act as a path into the massive structure they intended to infiltrate.

Upon taking in the fact that no one was around, the two figures quickly channeled a small bit of their aura into their legs, enhancing their physical prowess and racing across the stone bridge. They traversed the lengthy structure in no more than a few minutes, and took just as much time to climb the steep incline where Castle South rested. They stopped a few metres away from the entrance and ducked behind another dead tree to survey the castle.

Castle South was a rather intimidating piece of architecture, its form looking slightly more intimidating than how it had been described to the pair of huntsmen due to the outline made by the moonlight. It was composed of dark brown stone, but said stones now appeared black due to the lack of illumination. The towering architectural marvel was mainly made up of the stereotypical box-like appearance, but also contained a numerous set of towers, all of varying sizes. There were a few that were at least 30 metres high, and those were merely the shorter ones as the middle-sized ones measured up to 35 metres, but the tallest one easily dwarfed its kin by standing at an enormous height of 50 metres. Surrounding the towers of Castle South were four massive walls that were approximately 12 metres high, and almost seemed to scrape the sky just like the towers, from their perspective. The walls were equipped with ramparts where the outlined figures of a few Creatures of Grimm were located.

The Grimm were shown to be some form of primate, similar to a baboon, but were completely black and had sharp, white spines protruding from their elbows and knees. Sprouting out from their backs, between their shoulder blades, were a pair of black and white feathered wings that were quite similar to that of the avian Grimm known as the Nevermore. Their white, mask-like faces bore terrifying snarls, their crimson eyes piercing through the darkness as they surveyed the lands surrounding the castle.

"Distract and kill." The shorter figure muttered to his partner. The taller one nodded in response before reaching over his shoulders. His fingers tightened around the hilts of the dual swords he had sheathed. He slowly drew them, making sure that the friction between the blades and their sheaths was as miniscule as possible so that the enhanced senses of the Grimm above wouldn't hear it. Once he drew the swords, he then nodded to the young man beside him.

He nodded right back to his partner and he stepped out from behind the dead tree, but still remained hidden in the shadows. He then positioned his body to prepare for his task, his muscles tense, looking like a long distance runner waiting for the gun to fire before he could take off. His brown eyes flickered to the side and watched as his sword wielding partner crossed the blades and then held them up to the moonlight. The reflection of the light against the shining blades flashed a few times, thus catching the attention of the primate Grimm above. Their red eyes narrowed as they ran over to see what it was that caused this unknown phenomenon. Their powerful night vision easily pierced through the darkness and their eyes widened as they caught sight of the human, but before they could manage a scream to alert their brethren, a flicker of golden aura appeared in their peripheral vision.

Two swift jabs to their respective throats made sure their acts to make their shock vocal would die. They clutched their damaged throats, choking and fighting desperately to somehow draw breath, but it was no avail as their respective larynges had been crushed from the force of the blows. Their shock died within their brains as the sharp tips of steel, clawed gauntlets dug through their skulls. They were slammed against each other, their heads colliding with terrifying force, enough such that their skulls cracked. Blood flowed freely and stained their white, mask-like faces with crimson.

Raising his right gauntlet, the moonlight reflected off the black material and caught the attention of his partner below. Once he got the signal of reply in the form of a few flashes, he picked up the dead bodies of the baboon-like Grimm and hurled them over one at a time. The impacts the dead bodies made with the earth below were literally non-existent as the sword wielding male below caught them and then dragged them over to the darkest shadows he could find, allowing them to dissipate into a black miasma in seclusion.

Once the bodies were securely hidden, he quickly sheathed his twin swords and began to scale the wall, using the spaces in the old and weathered stones to aid him in securing a firm grip in his ascent. Upon reaching the top, he was gripped by his hand by his partner and helped over the ramparts. He dusted his hands to get rid of any pieces of dust and small stone before allowing his brown eyes to scan through the area. The other Grimm guards were too far away to have taken notice of them, but they didn't want their mission to be compromised in anyway. As a result, both he and his partner then hopped onto the roof of the nearest tower.

Without missing a beat, the two huntsmen had hopped across to the other towers and stuck to the shadows, just like they had been taught. The two pairs of baboon Grimm were still looking out into the distance, one pair looking to the south and the other to the north. Once they climbed a bit higher, they pushed off high into the air and descended upon their targets.

Drawing his two short swords, the young huntsman spun them in his hands so that the blades faced downwards before tearing through their cervical vertebrae and their throats. Gravity worked in tandem with the double assassination technique, aiding in bringing the bodies of the Grimm down to the ground alongside their killer.

Meanwhile, the gauntlet clad huntsman had easily landed behind them before allowing his powerful fingers to wrap themselves tightly around the necks of his targets. With a simple squeeze and sharp flick of the wrist, the heads now hung limply as their necks snapped. Due to the sound of necks snapping, the western Grimm guards had immediately taken off to see what had occurred, but they were effectively and quickly brought down as the two hunters had utilized their great speed to run along the length of the walls to mount a pincer attack. Their crimson eyes widened when both hunters had rushed them at great speeds.

One's face was caved inwards from the force that was packed behind a powerful right punch, its eyes slightly popping out of its skull as a result. The other had its head soaring through the air like a comet as a tail of blood trailed behind it as a silver sword sliced through its neck. Turning to each other, the pair of male hunters nodded in approval of their respective killing methods.

They then paused as the gauntlet wearer's Scroll softly vibrated in his pocket. Withdrawing the Scroll, he tapped the small icon on the holographic screen as it materialized before him.

"We just finished taking out the guardian Grimm." He stated before the caller could even speak.

"Alright. Be careful, Byron. You and Kiran have been on numerous missions, but this woman is not to be underestimated for even a moment. You go in, take her out and come back home. Understood?"

"Yes, general." They replied before the holder of the Scroll, now identified as Byron, returned the device to his pocket. Byron turned to his partner, Kiran, and they retained their looks of stoicism before they returned to scaling the towers. Without missing a beat, they went from one tower to the next, climbing higher and higher into the air until they reached the conical top of the tallest tower. The sword wielding hunter crawled along the steep incline of the roof as if he were an insect, his ability to adhere to the surface seeming almost inhuman. He then gripped the edge of the roof and leaned over so that he could peek in through the one of the four windows, the one that faced to the south.

The room was relatively large, exactly what one would expect from the master bedroom of the owner of a massive structure like Castle East. The lavender, silk curtains billowed in the breeze. A large wardrobe closet rested to his immediate left, and beside it was a small table with a round mirror resting atop it. The mirror was surrounded by various amounts of cosmetic products; lipstick, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow. You name it, it was probably there on that table. A large queen sized bed was held aloft by its wooden frame, and the huntsman's eyes narrowed as he caught sight of the noticeable bulge underneath the covers. Its form rose up and down, showing the sleeping figure was breathing.

'A luxury she will not have for much longer.' Kiran thought. He caught the eyes of his partner who was peeking through the northern window. With a nod to each other, they swung inside the bedroom and landed on their feet without a sound. Slowly and quietly, they made their way over the bed. The gauntlet wearing huntsman raised his hand, displaying three fingers.

He counted down to two. Their muscles tensed as they prepared to strike, and upon reaching one, they committed the act. With a powerful downward punch accompanied by a pair of sword slashes, a resounding crash echoed throughout the room. The bed was completely reduced to a cloud of feathers and splinters of wood. However, their eyes widened when they surveyed their handiwork. Their target was gone, vanished as if she wasn't even there.

"Oh?" A rather seductive sounding female voice, the voice of their target, appeared behind them. "I did expect the kingdom to send assassins after me, but I came very well prepared." They swiftly turned around and they directed their glares of annoyance at the woman.

As shown by her level of preparedness, the level which allowed her to avoid her certain death via assassination, she was not clad in any form of sleepwear whatsoever. She was clad in quite a revealing outfit which was composed of a red halter, baring her midriff, detached sleeves that extended well past her hands, and her shoulders were exposed with thick, wide, circular adornments right under them. The rest of the outfit included a long ankle-length skirt, slitted on both sides up to the waistline, and adorned with small tassels. Resting atop her head was a rather eye-catching hat that appeared to be modeled after a priest's cap, save for the curved extensions on the left and right.

Adorning her feet were a pair of crimson high-heeled shoes that appeared as if they were made entirely of the precious metal. On top of her dress was a small, white cloak which was held together at her throat and wrapped around by a hard collar. She donned small, round earrings and detached blue sleeves which covered the bottom half of her arm which were frilled at her wrist. She had extremely pale skin, but was without a doubt, very attractive. She had long, red hair that stretched all the way to the middle of her back, as if it were a waterfall of blood. Her thin eyebrows were currently raised in amusement, amusement that was reflected greatly within her coal black eyes. The red haired woman clutched a wooden staff in her hands, obviously her choice of weapon.

Both of the assassins then raised their hands to their ears and activated the earpiece within them.

"General, the target was prepared for us." The shorter one informed his commanding officer.

"What are your orders?" The sword wielding member of the pair asked.

"It was an expected outcome for her to be prepared." The deep voice replied. "Your orders are still the same. Take her down. Strike to kill, just like you've been taught."

"Yes sir." They replied.

They turned back to the woman who had held the moniker of Phoenix of the South. The reasoning for title was revealed as a glyph appeared above her staff and a small orb of red fire illuminated the room, enough to give the woman a view of her attackers. However, her amusement was thrown off slightly as she took in the appearances of her assailants.

The first of her attackers, Byron, was a young man who stood at a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. His skin was a light brown, a few shades lighter than the mahogany colour of his eyes. He was well built and his muscles were rather large for a boy his age, causing the fabric of the dark coloured t-shirt he wore to be strained slightly. Emblazoned on the front of the t-shirt was the image of a shield in white with the frontal view of the head of a black bull displayed on the face of the shield. Worn over his t-shirt was a black, long-sleeved jacket. He also had on a pair of dark blue pants that bordered on being black. On his hands and feet were his weapons. Gauntlets made entirely of steel were equipped with sharp claws at the fingertips, stretching all the way up to the young man's forearms. On his feet were a pair of steel boots which were coloured brown and silver, with the silver areas being decorated with intricate designs that had been painted a shade of blue that almost seemed to glow in the light.

The second assassin-huntsman, Kiran, was also a young man, but he was noticeably taller than his brother, standing at a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. His skin was a darker shade of brown, and was darker than the mahogany brown of his own eyes. Though, he was revealed to be suffering from problems with his sight due to the fact that he wore a pair of black framed glasses. Like his older brother, he was also well built, but was thinner and seemed to be built for speed and agility. He wore a black, long sleeved shirt and dark coloured pants. He wore black and silver armoured boots on his feet, but they were rather plain as they were not at all decorated like his partner's own footwear. He wore a black and silver chestplate made of steel and had only one piece of shoulder plating which had been placed on his left shoulder. The shoulder armour displayed the same crest as his older brother's, which was the shield of white with the image of a black bull's head as seen from a frontal view. A pair of brown straps were worn over his upper body, making an X-shaped over the chest armour. Attached to said straps were the sheaths for the pair of swords he was currently gripping which were also in an X-shaped position.

"I very well knew that the four kingdoms train children to become huntesmen and huntresses, and I knew that they eventually send their warriors out to take me down...but to send children off to be assassins?!" She growled with fury, her aura flaring like a miniature wildfire. "To be assassins that they think can stand up to the likes of me?! This is insulting!"

"I'm nineteen." Byron informed his opponent.

"Seventeen." The sword wielder stated.

"Like I said, you are mere children." She hissed, her eyes burning with rage. "I am one of the greatest huntresses the world of Remnant has ever seen!"

"You're a relic, Singra." Byron stated. "You and your sisters may be master huntresses, making your mark with your powers, but we were trained with the intent of taking down people like you. We've killed Creatures of Grimm and humans alike...you are just another person to add to the list."

"You may hold the moniker of Phoenix of the South, but the difference between you and a phoenix are that phoenixes are capable of rebirth. You are not. You are still mortal. You and your sisters, the four of you have your days numbered, and today..." Kiran pointed one of his swords at her. "...your number just reached zero."

"We'll see about that, children." Singra spat before she raised her staff and slammed it down. The base of the wooden object touched the ground, a pulse of fiery red aura rocketing out from the point of impact. The two brothers quickly ran to the windows and swung themselves back onto the rooftop before leaping high into the air. Their reaction time was impressive as not a moment later did tongues of raging red flame race out from the windows. The explosive force of the fire blast was enough to blow up the entirety of the top of the tower they had infiltrated.

Looking down, the boys saw the burning stones that once made the top of the tower arching through the air like miniature comets, some flying so far that they cleared the castle's walls and fell into the massive river at the bottom of the canyon. Their vision then focused on Singra as she was standing atop the cracked and scorched remains of her bedroom floor. Her black eyes met their brown ones as she raised her staff and a red glyph formed at the top of her staff once more. A powerful burst of red flame was sent towards them, but Kiran quickly sheathed his blades and grabbed his brother by the ankle. With a grunt of effort, the younger brother swung his sibling by performing a front flip.

Golden energy outlined Byron's form as he was flung down towards the oncoming tongue of fire. He stretched out his gauntlet covered fists, and with his aura covering his body, he had punched through the fires without a single burn. Singra's eyes widened and she leaped backwards as Byron reared back his right fist and unleashed a devastating punch that would have crushed her body and killed her. The already weakened stability of the tower's floor was then made non-existent as Byron's punch created a powerful shockwave upon contact. A massive crater formed as the floor shook, caving in on itself, before the remainder of the room completely fell apart.

Byron quickly dug his clawed gauntlets and his armoured boots against the sides of the tower as he fell down. He looked below to see Singra had unleashed a burst of fire from the bottom of her feet and used it as a method of propulsion. She vanished from view and the older huntsman's eyes narrowed before he pushed off of the wall, using the remaining fragments of the flights of stairs, before they crumbled, as footholds to leap from one wall to another. Orange sparks flew from the friction his metallic weapons made with the stone walls, tearing lengthy scars in the stone with his descent. However, in mid-flight from jumping from one end of the wall to another so that a piece of falling stone wouldn't crush his head, he was suddenly snatched out of the air by a construct of silver aura in the shape of a massive arm. It wrapped its clawed fingers around him while a second arm was now tearing a massive trench in the vertical structure as they descended.

"Took you long enough." Byron muttered.

"I could just drop you. Older brother or not, I will drop you if you continue to sass me." Kiran replied. Byron rolled his eyes at his younger sibling, but then kept quiet as Kiran utilized his aura arms to help slow their descent to ground zero. Once they saw the floor beneath their feet, Kiran deactivated his aura and the clawed arms that held his brother and was anchoring its user to the wall, dissipated in a flash of silver.

They quickly flipped their bodies before their feet touched the surface of the tower's inner surface area. Their legs bent and their muscles tensed as they skidded along its length before adjusting their bodies so that they were now running along the length of the completely vertical structure. They then pushed off with enough force to crack the stone beneath them. Gravity claimed the two as they fell, descending like rockets. The two teenagers would have easily been damaged by making impact with the burning stones that lay beneath them, but with quick reaction time and agility, they had pushed a bit of their aura into their legs so that upon touching the still burning pieces of stone, they would be airborne once more. The brothers arched through the air before landing on the ground, going into a roll so that they wouldn't injure their legs, before using their momentum to climb back to their feet.

The ground shuddered from the resounding crash that accompanied the remainder of the once magnificent bedroom falling down to their level.

"Nailed it." They said with matching smirks, bumping their fists together. However, the moment of elation was quickly sent into oblivion. They scowled when they felt the large aura signature of their target. Hovering in the air by her small jets of fire, the witch-like woman applauded her opponents.

"Impressive, surviving a fall from that height." The brothers did not acknowledge her compliment.

"So the reports were right concerning her level of control over fire." Byron looked at the crimson haired woman. "Your times as a huntress of the kingdom of Vale years ago earned you a reputation for killing a number of Grimm, and humans when you began your little experiments with the Grimm and the kingdom found out about them. Trying to mutate them to do your bidding, infusing their DNA with that of already existing animals...you are no huntress. You are a nothing but a witch."

"And you are dead." She snarled as her eyes suddenly took on a crimson shine. She snapped her fingers and the sound seemed to echo throughout the great hall of Castle South. Suddenly, what appeared to be a swarm of shadows entered the castle through its numerous windows. Flapping their ebony coloured wings, the winged primate Grimm released their baboon-like screeches, beating their chests as they took their positions beside their master. She smiled as she walked over to one of them and stroked its head lovingly. "Aren't they lovely? I took a series of baboons and decided to fuse them with the DNA of a Nevermore. I made them to obey my every command. With their enhanced physical capabilities being used in conjunction with their ability to fly, they are the ultimate predators. I call them Nikkos."

"We killed the eight you had positioned atop the walls before we aimed to kill you." The brothers spoke simultaneously. Singra's coal eyes burned with fury.


"Your ultimate predators are easily capable of being felled." Kiran stated as he raised his swords. "And we can just easily take down all of those pets."

Singra growled, her eyes literally holding flames within them as she directed her enraged gaze at the boys. "Kill them! Rip them apart!" The Nikkos all directed their burning red eyes at the two boys before unleashing their battle cries. Their powerful winged flapped and they tore through the air within Castle South's main hall.

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The brothers shifted into their battle stances as the flock of Nikkos descended upon their prey. Time seemed to slow down as the boys closed their eyes and took deep breaths. Their minds became clear and adrenalin flooding their bodies as they prepared to fight. Their eyes then snapped open and bursts of gold and silver aura, respectively, rocketed out of their bodies. They pushed off from their positions on the ground and cracked the stone, a trail of dust marking their paths.

Kiran moved a bit faster than his older brother before unleashing a strong frontal stab with his sword. A Nikkos's brain was sliced cleanly in two before Kiran spun on his heels and the Nikkos, still being attached to his sword, was flung through the air and the corpse slammed into another one of its brethren. He then ducked slightly, placing his body at a slightly upward angle so that Byron, who was behind him, could use him as a vault. He raised his leg high into the air and the armoured boots slammed themselves down between the wings of the incoming Nikkos, snapping its spine and sending it to the ground with enough force to crack it. As he landed atop the corpse, he bent his knees and then pushed himself forward. His clawed gauntlets wrapped themselves tightly around the necks of two Nikkos that were currently en route to tear his face off. Byron snapped their necks easily before spinning around rapidly and throwing them away at a devastating speed. The bodies made impact with their fellow Creatures of Grimm, sending them flying through the air and slamming into the walls of Castle South with enough force to crack the solid stone.

A Nikkos roared, beating its chest before diving at Byron. However, the golden aura holder hopped into the air as the Creature of Grimm had aimed to strike at a lower angle with the hopes of taking out its prey's legs. Upon performing the act of avoiding the attack, Byron watched as the red eyed monster could only release a small cry as Kiran had run forward and dropped down, utilizing his momentum to skid on his knees and stab his sword up into the air so that the Nikkos's own momentum would allow its body to become cleanly sliced in two. Blood and gore decorated the floor as both halves of Singra's man-made Grimm fell to the ground.

Kiran then pushed himself up to his feet and attacked with a strong upward slash to decapitate one of his opponent's. The glasses wearing huntsman's brown eyes shone with malicious glee as he took in the sound of his sword slicing through the flesh with uninhibited accuracy. He stabbed one through its heart before spinning on his toes to build up momentum and swung the dead body like it was the head of a sledgehammer, crashing it down on two other Nikkos. Their impact shattered the stone floor and then Kiran lashed out with his second blade stabbing it through a Nikkos's left wing before utilizing a strong frontal kick that broke the creature's ribs, the bone impaling the creature's lungs which would ensure it would have a painful death.

The taller hunter then went into a backhand spring as a horde of the Nikkos charged towards him.

"Buzzsaw!" Kiran shouted as he went into a backflip to make himself airborne. He stretched out his legs as Byron caught his words.

"On it!" Byron replied as he choke slammed one of the Nikkos and smashed its head into a disgusting mess of bone, blood and brain matter with a strong stomp. He then rushed through the small horde that stood in his way, his body merely being registered as a golden streak as he utilized his semblance of hyper speed combat to deliver a storm of blows that reduced them to piles of flesh and broken bones. He hopped into the air and grabbed onto his brother by the ankles. With a cry of effort, he rotated his body like a top before throwing his younger brother through the air like a frisbee. With his swords in hand, the rapidly rotating seventeen year old was like a black and silver buzzsaw. Blood, limbs, flesh and gore flew through the air and dirtied the castle. Crimson decorated the once dark coloured stone of Castle South before Kiran came to a stop at the end of the main hall and he stabbed sword through the solid stone with ease, showcasing the sharpness of his blades in conjunction with his own strength as he easily wrenched the blade free and dropped back to ground zero with the intent of continuing the battle.

A Nikkos cried out in rage at seeing its fellow Creatures of Grimm fall to the power of a mere human. It flapped its Nevermore wings and slashed its claws at his head, but Kiran ducked under wild charge and stabbed it in the belly before jumping and kicking another in the chest. Pushing off of the one he had kicked, he went into a backflip and lashed out with a strong kick to the face, breaking the jaw of the Nikkos that tried to bite him in the air. Stabbing in the face, he used the now falling Creature of Grimm as a way to push himself back into the air and then went into a front flip to slam a powerful axe kick to a Nikkos he was currently hovering over. He fell after the creature and stabbed it through its spine and neck with his twin swords.

His ears twitched as he heard the flapping of wings. He rose back to his feet and shifted his body, twisting as the winged primate flew past him. He then sliced the creature in half at the waist with one of his blades before kicking the upper half of its body towards his brother as the shorter hunter reached out and caught it by the head.

His gauntlet's claws dug through the bone-like substance that covered its face before he swung it down on the Nikkos he had just grounded with an axe kick to the head. The ground ruptured from the force of the attack, reducing the body and a half into a pool of crimson and ebony. The older assassin rushed forward in a blue of motion and punched one of the Nikkos in the chest. It coughed up a bit of blood as the strong attack dug into its belly before Byron jumped and delivered a flying knee to its face. The cartilage in its nose was driven upwards, stabbing into its brain and killing it before dropping to the ground as dead as a doornail.

Byron grabbed the following Nikkos's arm and hooked it from underneath before lashing out a strong kick to the elbow joint. The arm broke with a terrific snap that echoed throughout the castle's main hall before he held out the beast and allowed the broken limb to be slashed off by the claws of one of its fellow Nikkos. He paid them no attention as they tried to attack him, only to be killed from above as Kiran fell down, his blades spearing through their necks like a hot knife through butter.

Byron then held up his new weapon that was the Nikkos's dismembered arm before he took a strong step forward and the ground cratered beneath his feet before he swung the limb in an upward arc, nailing the incoming Nikkos in the chin with enough force to snap its head upwards. He swung the limb down like a hammer and smashed the head of the Nikkos into the pulp. His arm moved as quick as lightning, grabbing one Nikkos by its outstretched arm as he ducked under its swipe before swinging it down into the ground face first. He grabbed the Creature of Grimm by its wings before stamping his foot down between its shoulder blades. He then pulled harshly and the feathery appendages were painfully and bloodily pulled free from their user, a scream of pain eliciting from the beast as a result. The cry came to an end when he kicked it away, sending it into the wall of the castle, its impact cracking the hard stone. With the wings still in his grip, he threw them into the faces of two that flew towards him to distract them just as his silver aura using brother appeared overhead and slashed their faces, blood spewing from their forms as a result as they fell to the ground.

Kiran wrenched his blade free from the Nikkos that was thrown at him before rearing his body back. His grip on his blades tightened as he then took a strong step forward. His arms flew forward as he threw both his blades like they were javelins. Rocketing through the air at tremendous speeds, moving as straight as arrows, the blades speared through the bodies of a number of Nikkos before they were snatched out of the air as Kiran applied aura to his legs and raced after his blades, following their path of carnage.

"Earthquake!" Byron suddenly called out. Kiran nodded and he raised his blades high over his head, moving in tandem with his brother as the nineteen year old held his arms up. Byron's gold aura outlined his arms, Kiran's silver aura doing the same as they utilized it to augment their strength. With a powerful roar of effort, Byron slammed his clenched fists down at the same time Kiran swung his blades. A pulse of pure force and aura erupted forth from the point of contact. The ground shuddered and quaked as the ground caved inwards from the two hunters' attacks, a pair of massive craters forming in the floor as the shockwaves they caused raced outwards and slammed into a numerous amount of the Nikkos, sending them flying through the air and through the walls. Bones broke and the lives of Singra's Creatures of Grimm were reduced by three-quarters. Out of four hundred synthetic Creatures of Grimm, three hundred had been killed in a matter of minutes.

The red clad huntress was practically livid as her body shook with restrained fury.

"You...You...You insolent pieces of filth!" Singra roared as fires ignited around her staff. "How dare you kill my precious Nikkos! I have worked for years to develop a creature that could take both the DNA of a regular animal's and that of the Grimm's, and I succeeded! They are my pride and joy, my greatest achievements as a stride forward in science, but you ruined it all!"

The brothers remained silent as they observed the remainder of the Nikkos surrounding them, as well as their original target.

"This has gone on long enough! It is time you burn!" She then sent out a powerful rush of aura infused fires that scorched the earth, burning it black. The massive horde of Nikkos, the remaining quarter, roared with primal fury as their eyes shone with malicious intent. Their Nevermore wings flapped powerfully as they all arched through the air before descending towards their prey like the avian Grimm that had been ingrained into their DNA. They came at them from all remaining sides as the brother's stood next to each other.

"Kiri." Byron addressed his brother by his nickname and the taller huntsman-assassin nodded as his brown eyes suddenly gained a ferocious look within them, like one a predator would give its prey.

"I know, Ron." His silver aura burst to life before it suddenly lengthened and increased in size around his arms. Kiran raised his arms and the aura followed suit as they morphed to become his semblance. The two massive, spectral-looking arms were much larger than before, and the claws their hands were equipped with were far more menacing. Following Kiran's telepathic motions, one arm had fifty Nikkos trapped within its clawed hand, while another spectral limb swept the remaining fifty in its tight grip. Having grabbed all the remaining hundred Nikkos, Kiran maneuvered the massive arms of silver aura so that they were then positioned in front of the oncoming flames. The clawed hands then released the one hundred hybrid Creatures of Grimm, but they had no time to mount an escape as they found themselves being pushed forwards in the form of a pair of palm strikes.

The energy-made limbs pushed them into the fires and their roars of agony echoed throughout the castle as the wave of flame burned their bodies. Their black fur was burned off to reveal the flesh beneath as they were then burned alive. A fiery explosion then occurred as the Nikkos all fell to the ground and Kiran's aura collided with the aura infused flames of the mistress of Castle South. The entire castle shook and smoke filtered out through the spaces in its once strong structure along with the black miasma that was the substance formed by dying Creatures of Grimm.

"Your forces are reduced to nothing, Singra." Byron stated. "Are you prepared to die?" The pair of huntsmen raised their eyebrows in confusion as the red haired huntress suddenly gained a wild look in her eyes, a wide grin spreading across her face.

"I am always prepared, boys. The real question is..." The ground beneath their feet started to rumbled. "...are you?" The ground burst apart and Byron and Kiran were sent flying back, but managed to right themselves in midair to land on their feet. They skidded backwards before coming to a stop thanks to the magic of friction. They raised their heads and their eyes widened as the dust settled to reveal one final monstrosity of a man-made Grimm that the fire using huntress had created.

Singra cackled like the witch of a woman that she was. "The truth is that I buried this one deep underneath my castle due to it still being in its incubation tube. It had only required a bit more time for it to be completed and so I had these Nikkos..." She gestured to the burned and dissipating corpses around her. "...stall you in order to allow it to finish incubating. Isn't that right, my baby?" She asked with a voice that a mother would speak to her child with.

The brown eyes of the pair of hunters widened slightly as they looked upon the atrocity they were faced against. The voluptuous huntress was shown to be standing atop the head of a massive beast with the body of a gorilla, but had the claws, fangs and mask-like face of an Ursa Major. Green fluid stained its pure white fur, which was akin to that of freshly fallen snow, and dripped to the ground as it finished crawling out the hole it had dug in order to get to the surface. The black, bone-like mask that covered its face was so dark that the crimson marking that adorned it made a stark contrast along with its fiery red eyes. It towered over the boys, standing at a height that was at least twice that of an Ursa.

"This is the Nikkos Major!" Singra declared proudly. "My true pride and joy! Now, go!" The genetic engineer of a huntress cackled as her steed charged forth, and the boys jumped to either side, avoiding the slashes of the beast. Its claws tore trenches in the floor as it missed, but its speed kept it continuing forwards, smashing through the entrance to Cast South. A smoke cloud resulted from the resounding crash as the massive door, made of thick wood and reinforced steel, was literally reduced to smithereens.

The Nikkos Major turned around and roared, generating a shockwave that sent both human combatants skidding backwards before they had to run out of the way of the fire blast Singra sent after them. Singra then took aim at Kiran, a tongue of red fire rocketing through the air with the intent to burn him to ashes. The blaze of silver that encompassed Kiran was quick to summon forth the pair of massive aura arms. Following their user's commands, they performed a dual palm strike and a powerful explosion rocked the castle as the two auras collided. A large, smoldering crater was generated as a result, but the black smoke cloud was punched through as the Nikkos Major thundered across the stone floor. The beast roared as it reared back its arms to slam them down on Kiran's much smaller form, but his aura arms lashed out and grabbed the beast by its wrists.

The force traversed the length of the semblance that were his aura arms, and through Kiran's own body, bringing him down on bended knee as the ground cratered slightly beneath his feet. A blur of gold and black then rushed past the silver aura user, and Byron then hopped into the air and delivered a powerful uppercut to the chin of the hybrid monstrosity before following up with a strong right hook right between the eyes that had it stumbling backwards. The beast dropped down onto all-fours and roared loudly again as it shook its head to rid it of the dizziness it felt.

"The target is getting away!" Kiran told his brother as he saw the red haired woman make her escape by launching jets of crimson flame from her feet. He snarled in annoyance before his aura arms shot forth and grabbed the charging gorilla-Ursa hybrid by its shoulders when it charged towards them. Kiran gritted his teeth, sweating slightly as his feet began to drag when the beast continued to push forward.

"All targets must be eliminated!" Byron glared at the Nikkos Major.

"The mission holds priority! I've fought Ursa Majors, Alpha Beowolves and Deathstalkers, I can handle this!"

"If you remember correctly, most of those kills were done with us fighting together, little brother."

"Well, big brother..." Kiran replied snarkily. "...some of those kills were also done just by ourselves, neither of us having any support whatsoever. We both got good enough to handle ourselves against opponents of these sizes. Some fucked up hybrid is not going to change the fact that I can do this!"

"Don't be a brat about this!"

"Listen to me!" Kiran snapped as he glared down at his older brother. "I'm your younger brother, not a child! Trust me, I can do this!"

(Insert Music: RWBY- Red Like Roses Part 2)

Byron bit his lip as he watched the retreating back of Singra and then back to his hunting partner. He rushed towards the Nikkos Major and then used its protruding snout as a method to vault over its head before delivering a strong axe kick that sent its massive body down to the ground with enough force to crater the earth beneath its gargantuan form.

"I'm not leaving you, little brother." He stated as he landed on the beast's head.

"You are disgustingly sappy when my life is threatened." Kiran rolled his eyes before the Nikkos Major pushed his brother off as it opened it mouth to unleash another bestial roar. Byron landed firmly on his feet and both brothers watched as their monstrous opponent rose back up and charged. It thundered across the castle floor and then aimed a slash with its massive claws.

Kiran quickly moved forward, ducking under the swipe as massive scars that were as a deep as trenches were left at his former position. He then held his swords and delivered a storm of slashes to the chest that packed enough aura behind them to draw blood and tear through the heavily muscled beast's form. He delivered a horizontal slash with his right blade followed by a downward vertical one with his left. He ducked and rolled to the side as the Nikkos Major snapped its jaws at him before spinning around and stabbing the monster through its bone-like mask. He forcefully pulled the blade free as the Nikkos Major slashed at him with its claws.

With his smaller form he was able to avoid the attacks that followed after him before Byron rushed forth and reared back his arm. The powerful right jab made impact with the oncoming claws of the white furred hybrid and a massive shockwave raced out from the point of impact. The force traversed to the ground beneath them, and the ground then shuddered as a crater expanded beneath their feet. However, the Nikkos Major's larger form gave it much more reach and it pushed Byron backwards, sending him flying through the air. However, the shorter huntsman was grabbed by his ankles by Kiran's aura arms before he was swung around in a wide circle. Byron was flung back and the gauntlet wearing huntsman slammed said gauntlets against the beast's throat. Its dense body prevented its throat from being crushed, but it was still enough to prevent it from roaring from the pain it was feeling at that moment. Byron then landed on the creature's arms as it raised them to its neck to try and help itself to breathe again, but its head snapped upwards as the older Gopaul brother rotated his body and crashed a strong kick to the underside of the creature's jaw. He then leaped and struck with a golden aura encased roundhouse that sent it skidding backwards.

Kiran took that as his chance to vault himself into the air with his aura arms and delivered a strong pair of downward vertical slashes that dug through the dense muscle before following up with a cross-shaped slash to the chest. His aura arms reared back before flying forth with tremendous speed, punching it in the exact same spot. A shockwave raced out from the point of impact and the Nikkos Major flew backwards, smashing through a support pillar of the castle before it rolled along the ground. The Nikkos Major dug its claws into the ground and released a very Ursa Major-like roar while pounding its chest like the ape half of its DNA. It raised its arms high into the air and aimed to deliver a devastating hammer blow as Kiran and Byron both moved towards it, but Kiran's aura arms reacted and he tucked them in before delivering palm strikes to the inside area of the beast's arms, diverting the strikes and left it wide open as he threw his swords forward and impaled it in chest. Byron then took off and delivered a strong pair of kicks to both bases of the swords, sending the blades deeper into the beast's flesh. It roared in agony as Byron backflipped away just as his bespectacled brother's aura arms then grabbed the swords by their hilts and quickly and roughly pulled them downwards, tearing through muscle and cartilage so that massive lines of red were left behind as they came to a stop at the white furred monster's pubic bone. He pulled the blades free and caught them deftly in his hands, observing his pained attacker.

The cuts were numerous and stained the red eyed monster with so much blood that it was almost impossible to tell if its original fur colour was white or red. The slashes were shallow however, so despite the number of lines of crimson that now decorated the beast's white fur, it did not bleed heavily. Its muscular form was built for durability, strength and endurance. The gorilla-Ursa Major hybrid roared and the shockwave ripped apart the stone floor as it slammed into both teenagers' bodies, but they went with the momentum to go into a backflip when the Nikkos Major jumped into the air and slammed down on their former positions.

The ground cratered beneath its massive form before spying Kiran's still airborne form. The Nikkos Major swung its hand-like paw in the form of a powerful backhand. The wind was driven from the bespectacled hunter's lungs as the knuckles of his opponent dug into his body. He coughed a glob of blood and he flew through the air, smashing through a stone bust of Singra and a support pillar before coming to a stop as he left an imprint in the wall of Castle South. Byron, on the other hand, had been struck with a strong downward strike, the creature's strong arms driving him into the ground and left him laying in a hand print-shaped crater. Another devastating slam followed after and the crater deepened.

Byron's eyes snapped open and his aura flared brightly as the Nikkos Major moved to deliver a third strike. He raised his arms and the claws of his gauntlets dug into the creatures knuckles, drawing blood. However, despite the pain, the Nikkos Major still tried to go through with its attack. Its red eyes burned with primal rage as Byron's shaking arms were slowly being pushed down.

"KIRI!" The brown eyed hunter called out to his brother.

"I KNOW RON!" Kiran grunted in pain before his brown eyes widened when he saw the Nikkos Major about to crush his older brother. "SHIT!" His aura sprung forth from his body like a flare and his two massive aura arms flew through the air, their fingers tucked in tightly before the twin punches slammed against the face and ribcage area of the Nikkos Major. This then allowed Byron to drop his arms and then climb to his feet.

The Nikkos Major roared, its burning red eyes glaring at the one that dared to attack it. Kiran raised his swords and gave a 'come hither' motion to the man-made Creature of Grimm. It then began charging towards him like a rampaging rhino, but Kiran quickly rushed forth and slid on the ground to get beneath the large, white furred Grimm. Using his aura arms to grab the creature by its neck and torso, he utilized its momentum to hurl the massive beast overhead. Earth met sky for the Nikkos Major before it slammed into the wall that the sword using hunter had slammed into not long ago.

The wall bore a spiderweb of cracks before Byron rushed forward, the ground cratering beneath his feet as he left a streak of dust and golden aura in his wake. He jumped into the air and delivered a strong straight kick that slammed into the Nikkos Major's belly. Its red eyes widened in pain and blood rushed out from its mouth due to the internal damage registering with its body. The Nikkos Major plowed straight through the stone as if it were made of paper. A small dust cloud formed as the hybrid rolled along the floor and skidded, digging its claws into the ground to act as a way to climb back to its feet.

Now standing in the main courtyard of Castle South, the Nikkos Major pounded its chest in rage before slamming its fists down on the ground. Its Ursa Major roar rocking the ground as it directed its piercing red eyes back at its human opponents.

Kiran turned and spat out a bit of blood from the internal damage he was experiencing. His brown eyes blazed with cold fury, stalking towards his roaring adversary. He watched as the Nikkos Major switched from its quadrupedal stance to stand on its hind legs. It dug its claws into the stone of the courtyard of Castle South. Wrenching free two large handfuls of stone, the Nikkos Major flung its two earthen projectiles at the black haired boy. In a flash of gold, Byron had already smashed through one stone with a strong kick before using the former boulder as way to push off towards the second projectile and turn it into rubble as well.

The Nikkos Major growled, its red eyes narrowing as its blade wielding opponent stalked towards it. The moon and stars were spectators to the scene as Kiran then shifted his grip on the swords, holding them horizontally and in a reverse grip, and then jammed them together at their respective bases. The sounds of mechanics shifting echoed through the air as the two swords were now joined at the base. The grips lengthened significantly and Kiran spun his newly formed dual-tipped spear with expert handling before bending his legs.

(Insert Music: RWBY- Die)

"You die tonight, monster." He growled. The Nikkos Major roared in defiance before rushing forward just as Kiran pushed off, the ground cracking beneath his feet from the force. He then utilized his aura arms to punch the beast in the face, delivering a swift right hook followed by an equally powerful left hook that sent it stumbling backwards. The brown skinned huntsman-assassin hopped into the air before rearing back his arm. The muscles in his arms tensed visibly through his shirt and his mahogany coloured orbs gained a determined look in them.

"EAT STEEL!" He roared and threw his dual-tipped spear with devastating speed, visible streams of air resistance trailing around it from the tip that was aimed at the Nikkos Major.

The circular symbol on its forehead acted like a bullseye as the spear impaled his opponent's skull. Blood flowed in copious amounts, enough to fall over the white furred Grimm's eyes to make it appear as if it were crying tears of blood.

"Let's end this." Byron told his sibling. The ground was ripped apart as Byron's rapidly moving form raced towards the Nikkos Major. The white furred hybrid slammed its paw down on the area where Byron was, but the shorter assassin flipped out of the way before delivering a barrage of powerful kicks to the elbow and ribs.

The beast's eyes widened as the joint suddenly snapped, the radius and ulna bones protruding disgustingly from its fur and dripping blood and bone marrow onto the ground. It then began to breathe heavily as its ribs snapped. It aimed to stamp the puny human with its foot, but Byron vanished in a blur of motion and a series of strong punches slammed against the Grimm's knees and the remainder of its ribs. At least ten of the strikes made impact before the Grimm could even register the pain it was feeling as its knees twisted very far in directions they weren't supposed to be twisted at. The collateral ligaments were torn like tissue paper as a shockwave echoed across the battlefield alongside the snap of bone. The Grimm was brought to the ground, trying in vain to hold up its body weight with a broken arm and one good arm.

It roared in pain and anger, making a desperate attempt at survival by slamming its good arm down on the ground. Due to balancing on its broken arm, it ended up falling to the ground just as a rush of pure force tore apart the earth from its desperation blow. Said blow formed a trench that threatened to swallow up both huntsmen.

However, the brown skinned teenagers had already taken to the skies as they jumped before performing a series of front flips as they fell towards their grounded opponent. With practiced synchronicity, they simultaneous delivered two very strong axe kicks, both armoured heels impacting with the tip of Kiran's other spearhead and driving the weapon straight through the Grimm's skull. It ripped through bone, flesh and brain matter before exiting through the creature's lower jaw.

The red eyes of the Nikkos Major then lost their glow as it released a final moan before falling over onto its side. The two boys fell to the ground and panted heavily as they overlooked the dead hybrid. It was far harder to kill than any Nevermore or Ursa Major they had come across, but it was dead now and they would never have to face another one like it again.

"Mission's not over." Kiran reminded his partner. He walked over and picked up his spear from underneath the corpse of the hybrid. "We still need to kill the target."

"I can catch up to her." Byron assured his younger brother. "It's only been ten minutes, I can catch up to her easily."

Kiran smirked before twirling his spear and gripped it tightly beneath the hilts that had remained from his swords upon their transformation into the pole arm. He bent it away from his body, the hilts retracting into the pole arm itself so that the spear could fold together evenly. The length of the pole arm shrunk slightly before its end bended at a slight angle. An arc of black metal formed between the angle created by the bend and the rest of the linear weapon before what looked like a trigger flipped into existence. The blades then retracted inwards and were shifted via the internal mechanics before the holes shrunk to become the barrels of the newly formed long-range weapon he held in his hands. In a moment of mild humour, a tiny crosshair popped up between the two barrels with a small 'ding' as if an oven of cookies had just finished baking. Kiran then cocked the long range, customized M16 Springfield shotgun and smirked.

"Just give me the signal."

Unknown Location, Outskirts, Vale

Singra was reduced to running in her high heeled shoes. It annoyed her greatly that despite her large amounts of aura, she couldn't use it for very long to generate fires to grant her the ability to fly.

"It's a shame I have to get rid of Castle South." She muttered to herself as she glanced back at the coal coloured stronghold. "All of my work and achievements...lost due to the appearance of two little boys. The only thing I can find solace in is that I have already shared my research with my sisters. Though, I will probably have to stay with one of them until I can build a new castle. Nessa was always kind to me, so I guess I'll head for her stronghold in the east. "

With that objective she continued to run, but her ebony eyes widened as she felt an aura signature behind her. She ducked underneath a strong blow aimed to the back of her head that would have sent her flying through the air. Years of experience had her capable of climbing back on her feet as she recovered from the gust of wind that followed after her. She raised her head and her swept aside strands of her blood coloured hair, only for her eyes to widen when she found herself facing the annoying midget of a nineteen year old.

"How?!" She exclaimed with utter shock. "The Nikkos Major should have killed you! You should be dead!"

"Your hybrid was tough, I'll admit...but my brother and I have dealt with hordes of the Creatures of Grimm. One extremely strong hybrid would make no difference." He replied coldly. He raised his arms and immediately took off from his position to dodge the tongue of red fire directed at him. He then reappeared in Singra's face, only for her to raise her staff and block his strong blow. The force traveled through her body and cratered the ground beneath her feet before she pushed him back and then swung her staff high over her head. With a cry of effort she swung it down and a massive burst of red fire raced out from the rotating glyph that formed at the tip of the staff.

The streak of flame tore the earth asunder and split boulders and tress that were in its path before ending as an impressive explosion that left behind a massive crater. The light of the fiery explosion died down to reveal that the earth was literally red hot as a scorching trench, outlined by crimson embers, was all that was left of the land she had destroyed.

"Too slow." Byron muttered as he then slammed down on the staff, having dodged the powerful attack by jumping high into the air. The force of his landing accompanied by the weight of his armoured body was enough to push the staff deep into the dirt. Singra tried in vain for no more than a second to try and move her weapon as she quickly had to let it go when Byron's ebony gauntlet of steel was about to force her face to become a bloody pulp. She went into a back hand spring to avoid the follow up hook shot before spinning on her hands to deliver a whirlwind of kicks that Byron was forced to block.

Singra then bent her arms before pushing herself into the air. The crimson haired huntress righted herself in midair then went and performed two strong roundhouse kicks that had the young huntsman skidding backwards as they collided with his gauntlets. She then growled as she wrenched her staff free from its earthen confines.

"You are a thorn in my side, boy. You will not even get the choice of having last words." Her crimson aura flared brightly, her eyes glowing like brimstone from the pits of hell itself. The earth shuddered and quaked, caving inwards to form a crater beneath the huntress as it felt as if the force of gravity had increased a few times. Veins of fiery aura moved across the land, their user acting as it epicentre. Byron sweated as waves of heat and the force of her aura made him take a few tentative steps back.

"So you finally learned that you are outmatched." Singra smirked as she pointed her staff at him.

Byron raised his fingers to his ears, activating his earpiece. "Take the shot."

"Burn!" The Phoenix of the South roared. A fireball swirled to life that would be more than enough to reduce his body to cinders.


And that was the last sound she heard as the Fire Dust bullet ripped through the back of her skull, drilled its way into her brain and then detonated. Her head exploded into a blaze of red fire that then spread to the rest of her now head-less body. The fireball dissipated as the connection to its aura source was severed, and the staff was also set ablaze by the burning form of its user.

Walls, Castle South, Vale

From the walls of Castle South, Kiran nodded in satisfaction as he observed the burning corpse via the telescopic vision granted to him by the scope function of his glasses. The once clear lenses held a green tint, but then said tint vanished as he deactivated the scope. The crimson casing of his Fire Dust bullet clattered to the ground before he picked it up, pocketing it as he pushed himself back to his feet. He pressed his fingers against his ear.

"Mission accomplished." He informed the people on the other end of the connection. "Target Singra, Phoenix of the South, has been eliminated."

"General, send an airship to Kiri and I for pick up." Byron spoke.

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Atlesian Military HQ, Atlas, Mantle

Atlas. One of the four kingdoms, a significant part of the continent of Vytal and by far recognized as the strongest military power in the world of Remnant. Due to being a militaristic nation, the kingdom of Atlas was not only the greatest in terms of overall might, but also in technological advancements. They were currently designing android soldiers to replace humans from being sent out to their deaths on the battlefield, but as a result of this idea still being a work in progress, they still required the human element to carry out their actions.

Especially those that were extremely delicate, such as those that involved stealth, infiltration...and assassination.

"General, Team Gamma has returned to base." A young male officer said as he turned to his commanding officer.

General James Ironwood nodded to the subordinate officer. Ironwood was shown to be well dressed and clean. He wore a white overcoat, with a gray undercoat, alongside a red tie, and a white glove on his right hand. He stood at a rather towering height of 6 feet and 6 inches, and was rather strong in his appearance. His back was straight, his shoulders were broad and, despite his layered clothing, the size of his body that was made up of primarily muscle from years as a man of the battlefield, was quite impressive. His hair was black, with some areas being silver or gray in colouration, thus highlighting the fact that he was beginning to get along in age, while his eyebrows were a single, black color. He had what appeared to be a strip of silver metal or a bandage of some sort above his right eyebrow. His blue eyes focused on the screen where two small blips, one gold and one silver, appeared on the grid. The two blips were located near the image of what looked like a black rook piece, like what one would see on a chessboard.

"Good, send a message to their scrolls that I will meet them in the medical bay." Ironwood ordered. The message was immediately sent out, and he looked over to a few other operatives. "Any words from Epsilon Team?"

"No sir." A female communications officer replied. "We lost communications with them, and I assumed that it was due to the poor reception in the northern parts of Vale...but they've been dark for over ten minutes now."

"And why are you now telling me this?" Ironwood growled out, his eyes narrowing at the communications officer. The young woman gulped audibly before replying.

"I...I have no reason other than my own faulty assumptions, General Ironwood." She replied. "I apologize." Ironwood sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"The Turtle of the North is up there, and she is every bit as powerful as her sisters. Singra was reported to be the weakest of the four and yet she had enough firepower to do widespread damage." Ironwood took a deep breath to calm his nerves before turning around. "I want a report concerning Epsilon's status within he next five minutes. If they have gone dark, then we can assume the worst and we will have to sever the connection we have to their comm-links. Understood?"

"Yes, General." The woman saluted before turning back to her screen.

With that, Ironwood turned around and headed off to the medical wing. He traversed the hallways of the Atlesian Military HQ, earning salutes and nods of respect from his fellow soldiers. He then came to a stop before the large metal doors of the medical wing. He placed his hand on the scanner and let his right eye be scanned by the retinal scanner. A beep of confirmation was heard as a green light appeared on both scanning apparatuses.

As the automatic doors opened, the general raised an eyebrow to reveal the Gopaul brothers. The boys were still wrapped in bandages around their torsos and parts of their forearms, but they had already put on most of their clothes and were now slipping on their shirts. Once they completed their tasks, they reattached their armour and weapons.

Byron's gauntlets suddenly began to shrink in size as the massive black metal receded into a circular ring at their bases until it became akin to a small pair of lightly armoured gloves, while Kiran had already reverted his weapon back to its primary form as the dual swords on the way back from the airship they had taken for the return trip to headquarters.

"General Ironwood." They saluted their superior before said superior saluted back to them.

"Why do you boys always have to get out of bed so soon?" Ironwood asked. "You just came back from your mission and need to take some rest. You're men, not machines."

"On the contrary, in our Master's own words, we were to be trained to be efficient and strong. We were made to be the Master's swords, to take down all that may threaten him. We are his sword and his shield." Kiran replied.

"In addition to my brother's words, these wounds have not even remained as long as they should have due to the healing capabilities of aura." Byron said. "Though, I am curious as to why you decided to send a message saying you would meet us here, General Ironwood. Your commands are for us to always report back to you upon completing a mission in the briefing room. Those orders were given to us by you personally, General."

"After our training was completed and you drafted us for the Atlesian military you also made it clear that we were to report to you and only to you." Kiran added.

"...That is true." The general of Atlas muttered before deciding to shift topics. "So, Black Operative Byron Gopaul and Black Operative Kiran Gopaul, members of the Hunter Assassination and Strike Team Gamma, report your findings on the battle against the huntress, Phoenix of the South, Singra."

The two assassin-hunters stood up straighter as they stood at attention before the general.

"Singra revealed that our reports were correct regarding her experiments of aiming to produce a hybrid creation between those of regular animals and those of the Creatures of Grimm." Byron began. "She succeeded in producing stable subjects in the forms of hybrids she named Nikkos. They are a combination of the ape known as the baboon, but infused with DNA of the Grimm species known as the Nevermore. This resulted in the formation of a winged baboon."

"They contain enhanced physical capabilities as well as the ability to fly as they are equipped with smaller versions of the Nevermore's wings which sprout forth from their backs." Kiran informed Ironwood. "In addition, they are capable of following orders as Singra commanded them to attack us, which they did with no form of resistance or insubordination. However, they are rather slow and weak in comparison to both Ron and myself as we took down three hundred of the four hundred Nikkos in a matter of minutes."

"Impressive." Ironwood nodded in satisfaction.

"However, she did not stop there." Byron continued. "She managed to produce the Nikkos Major, a hybrid of a gorilla and an Ursa Major. It stood at a height almost twice the size and at least twice as strong as the Ursa Major itself. Its roar produced shockwaves and it was capable of breaking through solid stone with its claws. Kiri and I defeated it in battle, but at the cost of receiving the wounds we are currently present with."

"Singra had tried to escape while we fought, but Ron caught up to her with his semblance. He placed her into position before I fired the killing shot from atop Castle South, taking her head off and burning her body." Kiran finished. "However, upon waiting for HQ to send us the retrieval airship, we found that Singra's laboratory had been stripped of all of its data. She deleted all of her files and it seemed as though all of the hybrids she created were the ones we had killed."

"I see. It is a shame that we could not learn more about Singra's experiments, but it was still reckless of you two to fight the Nikkos Major." Ironwood's eyes narrowed as his coal coloured orbs met the mahogany brown ones of his subordinates. "You could have been killed. To fight an unknown enemy is a great risk, even for the two of you take."

"Our rebuttal is that we are the two best assassins and huntsmen of our generation you have in your forces, General Ironwood." Byron stated with a matter-of-fact tone.

"Do not be so vain, Byron." Ironwood said. "You boys are teenaged soldiers, not gods."

"We are aware of our mortality, General." Kiran spoke this time. "But even you have recognized our capabilities. After all, you saw what happened when we went all out against the White Fang's battalion when we first joined the Black Ops three years ago. You had us on the front lines after we completed the assassination of..."

"Yes, I know. I made the calls for you two to perform those acts. There were no survivors in the White Fang's battalion when you both used the full power of your semblances. It was a massacre." Ironwood replied.

"That is because..."

"That is because I trained them to be the best." All eyes turned in the direction of the voice that interrupted the general. Ironwood raised an eyebrow as he looked at his old friend and former partner on the battlefront as a huntsman.

"Oz? What are you doing here in Atlas?" He asked. The headmaster of Beacon offered his friend a small glance as he kept most of his focus on the large screen.

"That's hardly a question worth asking, old friend." He chuckled. "I've come to see how my boys are doing." The gray haired man then looked back to the officer. "However, I arrived just as you all began to talk about the risk taking by fighting the Nikkos Major. James, I personally trained those boys so to question their capabilities is to question my teaching methods. You don't think I did a very good job, do you?"

The general froze, his words forming a lump in his throat as Ozpin offered him a sickeningly sweet smile. He then glanced out of the corner of his eye to see Kiran and Byron suddenly drop down on bended knee, bowing their heads to their teacher. Their eyes shifted in his direction however, and the looks they sent him were enough to let him know that should he doubt their Master's teachings...they would show him firsthand what the students of Ozpin were capable of.

"You know what I think, Oz." The general spoke, giving a forced smile that his bespectacled friend could obviously see through.

"Good." Ozpin nodded happily before turning to his proteges.

"Master, we were not expecting you to come here." Byron stated. Ozpin frowned deeply at the action of the boys bowing to him. He patted Kiran and Byron on their shoulders, but they did not offer any sort of response to the headmaster of Beacon.

"Boys, please, don't bow. Yes, I taught you to offer proper respect to people that deserve it, but..."

"I am afraid we cannot offer you the courtesy of not kneeling to you, Master." Byron interrupted. "Kiri and I cannot grant you that much disrespect." Kiran nodded in agreement with his older brother. Ozpin ran a hand through his mess of gray hair before sighing.

"Rise to your feet." They complied with the order and that made Ozpin's frown only deepen. "So I heard you faced off against Singra, the Phoenix of the South, and completed your mission in killing her. You've done well, boys."

"Thank you, Master."

"You really thought they had what it took to beat her, and you were right...as always." Ironwood chuckled. "She and her sisters were quite a team back in the day when we went to Beacon, and I'm sure they only grew more powerful as time went on...but to think Byron and Kiran were capable of taking down one of them."

Ozpin's brown eyes met the black ones of his former hunting teammate, a look of utter confidence and seriousness held within them. "I never thought they could beat her, James. I knew they could...and it's time others knew of their skill as well."

Ironwood's eyes widened at that before they narrowed. "You can't be serious."

"I am as serious as I always have been, James. I rarely ever make jokes, and this is not one of them."

"Oz, think about what you're doing. Those boys have saved more lives and taken just as many, to pull them out now-!" Ironwood was interrupted, wincing as his ears were assaulted by the deafening sound of Ozpin slamming his cane down on the ground to emphasize his statement.

"I will say this once...and only once, James." Ozpin stepped forward, his back being a bit straighter than usual as he directed a fierce gaze at his friend. "As their former teacher and their guardian, I have the right to dictate what will happen to them now, as I always have. They've been walking along the battlefront for too long, and it's time they take their leave from it. Effective immediately, Byron and Kiran Gopaul are no longer members of the Atlesian Black Ops. Understood?"

Ironwood and Ozpin held their gazes for what felt like an eternity as they tried to get the other to cave in. However, Ozpin's resilience proved to be paramount as Ironwood's gaze flickered to the side and he released a sigh of defeat.

"Alright Oz." He said. "If that's what you think is best. I'll draw up their discharge forms and send them to you by the end of the day."

"Good." Ozpin nodded stiffly before heading for the doors. "Come along, boys."

The two teenaged assassins looked to Ironwood, then to each other and then to Ozpin before finally moving after their bespectacled master. They flanked the much taller man, and Kiran turned to the head of Beacon Academy with a raised eyebrow.


"Like I told James, you boys have been on the battlefield for far too long. You were trained to become the best huntsmen you could become under my tutelage, and I promised your parents that I would do whatever it took to make sure of that, but...seven years for mere children like you to take part in actual warfare is...a mistake I made. I've let you both down in being the one to have orchestrated your joining the Atlesian Black Ops, having you stick to the shadows for so long, so it's time you stepped out into the light for a bit."

"I...don't understand." Byron stated. "Are we going somewhere?"

"Indeed, you both will be heading somewhere that I'm quite you will enjoy." The older Gopaul raised a black eyebrow in mild confusion as he took note of his teacher's sly smirk. The two brothers looked at each other in confusion before looking up at Ozpin, speaking simultaneously as they asked the same exact question.


(A/N: Now while most characters in the RWBY franchise are named after colours and based on fairy tales or famous warriors, my OCs don't exactly have such a well thought out origin behind their names, but will be somewhat more animal based in terms of the name. Gopaul is a name that stems from the East Indian name Gopal which means Cow Protector, a pretty big title since cows are sacred in Indian culture, and is also the reason behind the shield and black bull insignia on the boys' outfits.

The hybrid creatures, the Nikkos, were based off of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz, and Nikkos was actually the name of the commander of the flying monkeys, so I took his name and made it into the name of the species. The Nikkos Major was something I came up with as a sort of a boss battle kind of thing, and I think it worked out nicely.

Now Singra is the name of the Wicked Witch of the South in a spin-off novel of the Wizard of Oz called the Wicked Witch of Oz. For Singra's appearance though, look up the manhwa- Korean manga- called Witch Hunter. There are four witches called North, East, South and West, and those four witches will be the basis in terms of the appearances of all four of the Wicked Witches. Also, rather than being called Wicked Witches, they will hold semblances and titles that will be akin to those of the Shijin, the four deity guardians of earth in Chinese myth. The phoenix of the south represents fire, the turtle of the north represents water, the tiger of the west is metal, and the dragon of the east is wood. Now in the Wizard of Oz and its various media adaptations, the Wicked Witch of the South was never mentioned, nor was she given a name like how the witches of the West, East and North had, so I used that as the grounds to assume that she was the weakest of the four Wicked Witches in the story, hence why Singra was able to be defeated by Kiran and Byron.

As the story progresses, I will introduce the other three witches/huntresses, and also I will delve deeper into the backgrounds of Kiran and Byron and how they became associated with Ozpin and why he chose to suddenly take on students.

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