"Hey, Yuu-chan."


"Do you know the legend about vampires?"

"Kinda. Why?"

"Do you think they really exist?"

"No, of course not. They're mythical."

"Eh? Oh. I see…"


Class ended a few minutes ago. Yuu was taking his sweet time coming to the rendezvous point. I put on my hoodie to shield myself from the sun. Screw the sun. It was a clear day and it's almost midday. My least favorite time of the day.


Oh, finally.

"Sorry I took so long."

"Yeah you took your sweet time there. What happened?"

"Some girls asked me for a study session tomorrow… and…"

"And you said yes…" I sighed. It has always been like this. "But Mika… You're, like, the smartest guy in this whole place! Even the professors fancy you!"

"Even the professors fancy me…" I sighed again. "Do you even know what that meant?"

"Uh…" He tugged at his T-shirt nervously. "You really should start reading, Yuu-chan. What happens if some literature professor came to you and asked for me? You know how literature people are. They use difficult words and you have to search it up in the dictionary…"

"I can always ask what it meant…"

"And offend the professor? Is that what we were taught in the orphanage? To offend people?"

"Mika… I hate it when you lecture me…" he pouted and I had to stop the urge to pinch his cheeks. He hated it when his cheeks were pinched. "Maa. Maa, Mika. Yuu's still learning."

"Glen!" Yuu brightened up immediately. Glen was always defending him like a big brother. Glen patted Yuu's head and then flicked my forehead. "Hey! What's the big deal?!"

"Well, you kept bullying him, so you deserved it."

"Don't say that just because you fancy him!"

"Well, I do. So stop." He glared at me and looked at Yuu warmly. "You shouldn't let your friend bully you."

"But Glen…" Yuu looked at him confusedly. "Mika's not my friend. He's my family."

"Well, which ever works." He shrugged and turned away. "Come on, let's go back." I said and quickly walked towards the bus stop. Yuu followed. Our everyday routine: Wake up, eat, go to college, go back home, play, sleep. "Nee, Mika…"


"Can we?" He looked at me pleadingly. "Fine, okay. Just don't let them come into my room okay?"

"Yay! Thanks Mika!" He smiled the whole way back.

I opened the lock on our apartment door. We live together, even after we got out of the orphanage, and it seems that Yuu acts more cheerfully now. No idea why. My cell rang. Tepes. That pedo of a really rich woman who seems like she wants me to do her bidding than go to college and live a decent life with a decent partner and work a decent job.

But thanks to her our school fees, me, Yuu, and everyone in the orphanage, are covered. "Excuse me for a second…" I said to Yuu who was about to make dinner. "Hello?"

"Hee. Mika. Come over tonight?"

"What is it this time?"

"Just help me choose my clothes for Crowley's party." I sighed. "Okay…"

"At 8?"

"Whatever," I said and ended the call. "Who was that?"


"Oh really? She must really like you!" he said cheerfully. "What's for dinner?"

"Garlic soup, fish fillet, and fruit salad… um… Do you want cheese with the fruit salad or just mayo?"

"Any is fine," I said, smiling at him. Him in that gray apron. Him in with that spatula, thinking of what to cook. Him and his hair tie. Him and his green eyes. And his smaller figure. And his black hair. And his pink cheeks. And small lips… I wonder what he taste like…?

"Hello? Earth to Mika! MIKA!" Yuu waved his hands in front of me and I blinked back. "Dinner's ready. Take off your hoodie jacket. It'll get dirty."

"You sound like a mom."

"Really?" The shine in his eyes dimmed and for a second, he seemed sad. "You know, like the orphanage director," I added quickly. He nodded slightly. His memories must be bugging him. Being called the 'bad child', getting abandoned, and probably child abuse.

I found some scars on his body way back when we were in the orphanage. I figured he must've been abused. "Aren't we supposed to eat dinner right now?"

"Oh! Right! Yeah! Let's go." He quickly sat into his chair and looked at his food. "… Itadakimasu…"

By 8, sometimes Yuu would already be asleep. Sometimes he'd be staying up late, reluctantly doing his homework. Sometimes he'd still be playing his video game until I come back from Tepes' house. After I made sure he had brushed his teeth, I got out and into a dark shop, the usual rendezvous place for me and Tepes' chauffeur.

He came right at 8. "Hey, Mika." Felid, in his usual grandiose appearance. "You look as beautiful as ever!" he said, brushing my blond hair out of my blue eyes. "Just take me to Tepes." I brushed him off and got into the car.

"I wouldn't be so eager if I were you…" Felid sighed, for the first time ever since they first met, in exasperation. "Why is that?"

"You'll see."

Tepes' house is more of a mansion. A dark, creepy one, but constantly cleaned and taken care of. The front garden has beautiful flowers blooming and even at night, you could see that the green reached into the forest near the house. By near I meant at the very least 5 kilometers radius from the house. At the very least.

But tonight, it looked well-lit. A shiver came down my spine. It looked creepier than usual. I was led into the dining room by Felid. "Krul-sama… Mika is here."

"Very well, then. Prepare the ceremony!"

Wait, what? "What ceremony?"

"Welcome, Mika." Tepes ignored his question and walked toward him. In a blink of an eye, everything went blank, pain creeped from my abdomen, and I could feel Tepes' hands holding me from falling. The last thing I thought about was Yuu.


Yuu? Is that you?


Yuu, why do you sound so distant?


I opened my eyes and got up, but then felt dizzy and I saw fireflies dancing in my eyes and I decided to lie back down. "Mika… Are you okay?" Yuu asked, his hands were on my shoulders. "Just a bit dizzy… What happened? Why're you so worried?"

Yuu hugged me and burst into tears. "You… You were… weren't in your room this mor… ning… So I… I was worried… And then found… you on… the door… way… You… were so pale…. And cold… I thought you died!" he said in between sobs.

Despite the dizziness, I got up and hugged him back. "I'm back…"

"Are you hungry…?" he asked, not looking up. "Yeah…" Strangely, I don't. "But I think I'm gonna go take a bath first." He nodded and got up. Yuu got into the kitchen and started making something for breakfast. I got into the bathroom and stripped.

Looking in the mirror, my eyes widened, and my hand covered two dots on my neck. What… The hell… happened…?