The exam week somehow passed harmlessly. Although, sometimes, in the middle of the exam, I'd sometimes let out a pained gasp. Even after all this time, the burning sensation didn't cease, not for one bit. I also started avoiding Yuu, because sometimes, I feel like I wanna pull him over to me and just be with him, all cuddly and stuff.

That was a crazy thought.

It sounds as if I'm gay or something.

"Hmm? Are you sure? You seem 100% gay to me, though…" Asuramaru said somewhere within my head. "Shut up…" I mumbled as I walked from the grocery store with all the groceries Yuu asked for. He had work so I was the one in charge of buying stuff.

I laid all the groceries on the table and sorted them out, putting them where they belong. I wonder… Where do I belong in Yuu's mind..? I began to wonder mindlessly and I put some veggies into the fridge. After I was done with the sorting and stuff, I quickly got out, locked the door behind me and put the key in the mailbox, which is the place Yuu would always remind me to put the keys in.

I walked quickly over to Tepes' house and got into my room and put on the shackles that's supposed to hold me back from doing anything unnecessary. By 'unnecessary', I mean going outside and suddenly kidnaps someone for a one night stand. Tepes warned me after that night I told her about Asuramaru, burning some childhood tree I saw in dreamland (I'm not supposed to believe in such things but, look, here I am, talking about it…) and she chuckled delightfully.

"Seems like your –ehm- sex control –ehm- is gonna go wild…"

"How do you know? I hardly ever see you doing anything to anyone in this world, literally."

"Hush, Felid. Why else did I put him in shackles?"


"Well, once someone's 'attachment' is burnt by a demon, something will lose control inside of you. Well, seeing that you're a normal teen turning adult, I expect your sexual desires may go out of control. I once saw one of my friend suddenly kiss a woman in the middle of the street. The good thing was, that he was good-looking and the woman was single. And, as a bonus from heaven, her friend, also single and waaay hotter came into the picture and eventually, it was a-"

"I don't need to hear the details," I said and held both of my hands up, surrendering. "Ehm… As I was saying, after they did that a few times, he calmed down and look at him now. The two girls are always seen on either of his arms and he'd always be grinning like he had won the whole world and was spending it with his two wives."

"As expected of Crowley…" Felid chuckled. Tepes glared at him. I pondered over it and without thinking, I said, "I guess I have to hold back and these shackles should help my self-restraint…"

I sighed. I wonder how this Crowley guy did it. Even if most girls from almost everywhere I go to somehow end up asking me out, I'm not really sure if I just suddenly come up to them and started kissing them I'd be 'safe' from others…..

… Or maybe I will? I shook my head. Even if I could do that, it would definitely break my own, humane heart. Hey, where are the human rights in my forcing my kiss to someone who might not want a kiss at all? I took out a book Yuu gave me some time ago to just kill time, until Tepes says it's alright for me to go back to Yuu and my place. Until she finds Asuramaru.

I kinda guessed that Asuramaru is living with me in one body, but I'm a little bit afraid that if I were to go back to Yuu's side, I'd lose my control, and, like what she said, "Go wild". I don't want him to get hurt and get scarred for the rest of his life just because of me…

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Come in," I said, putting my train of thoughts into a stop. "MIKA!" Yuu said angrily and ran up to me, stomping on his way. "WHY DID YOU PUT THE GARLIC AND ONIONS IN THE FRIDGE?! THAT'S TOTALLY INSANE! DO YOU WANT THESE GOOD FOOD TURNING INTO SOMETHING THAT COULD KILL YOU IN A MATTER OF DAYS?!"

"Whoa, whoa, sorry, slow down, Yuu-chan, sorry!"


"I said I was sorry…"

"EXPLAIN YOURSEL-" I kissed him without thinking, putting my lips onto his soft, drier ones. His face became red and he started to stutter, trying to scold me. He'd become almost used to my sudden kisses. I licked my lips and pulled him over to me and kissed him deeply, gently caressing his tongue with mine. That made him shiver and he pushed me away.

I felt some kind of loss every time he did that. He quickly ran to a place in the room where I couldn't reach him no matter what. I scratched the back of my head. "I said I'm sorry, okay?"

He gulped a little and nodded. My nose picked up a weird scent. "Hey, Yuu-chan, do you smell that?"

"S-s-s-smell w-w-what..?"

"I… don't know for sure, but it's a weird scent…" And it seems to be coming from you, Yuu-chan.

"M-m-m-m-m-must be your imagination! Now I'm gonna go back… so, bye!" He ran for the door and was gone within seconds. I only stared at the half-open door and sighed again. Asuramaru came into view and closed the door. "That was really bad. Really bad." He walked towards me and sat between my legs, forcing them to separate.

"Yeah, but what can I do about it? I can't hold myself back from kissing him…"

"And you don't seem to like anyone else other than him, in a romantic way, I mean."

"Yeah…" I nodded, ignoring the demon in between my legs who was snuggling on my chest. He only let out an unimpressed look and made some kind of pout. "You're boring, you know?" he said after a few minutes of silence. "Well sorry for being boring…"

"You know, I think I'd prefer to go with that Felid guy rather than just staying with you and your boredom. You seem to rule the Boring Kingdom."

"Okay," I said, still ignoring everything he said. He turned and looked at me in disbelief. "You sure?"

"Suit yourself! I don't really care what you're gonna do, since it won't harm Yuu-chan in anyway at all…"

"Yippieeee!" He jumped suddenly, hitting my chin with his head in the process. I only groaned, since I think I bit my tongue there, and looked at him in hate. "Well, well, if you don't really care, then, ciao!" he said and then disappeared. Getting rid of him was… easy? No, it's easier than child's play, how did I not notice this way before?

I facepalmed myself and finally notice a thermos on the table near my bed. Must be Yuu's thermos… Did he bring it for me..? Without any hesitation, I drank the whole thing in one gulp. Yuu suddenly came to my room, slamming the door open in the process, his face was red. "Th-th-that thermos!"

I looked at my hand, the one holding the thermos. "Yeah, is it yours? Sorry that I drank it. I felt kinda thirsty…." I then realized that I was still thirsty. "Wait, Yuu-chan… Is this thing yours…?"

"No, but it was something the boyfriend of a friend that I had in the part-time job asked me to give her…."

"Oh… Sorry…" I gave him the thermos. "Uh… Mika… Are you… feeling okay…?"

"Yeah, just a bit thirsty. Why?" He sighed in response. I looked at him questioningly. "That's… good, I guess…" I tilted my head a little in confusion and decided to just let it slide. Which was a wrong step for me.

I was just killing time, reading some book Tepes gave to me. Somewhere in a chapter about health and those stuff, it said that 'Vampires and humans have different kinds of bodies. When a vampire uses human medicine, the effects will take longer than a human, although there are also individual differences…'

I only laughed at that time, but now… I kinda get what it feels.

Because I realized too late that the drink was drugged.