I gasped in frustration as Tepes put some spells on me. It was the middle of the night when I suddenly woke up and started puking blood. Felid offered to call Yuu but Tepes told him with a deathly glare: "If you drag an innocent human like him now, what do you think will happen?"

I know that even if she were very… dynamic? Unreadable? Evil-like? Whatever, she still cares for others. Especially innocent people. Another rope of spell words came across my abdomen and pulled me down. It suddenly felt as if water enveloped me. Hot, boiling water that is still above fire. I choked on my own saliva and coughed out more blood.

I could see Tepes' worried face as she opened her spell book. There were already around 5 or 6 spell books that she used, but almost none of them succeeded in curing me. When morning came, she finally extracted the poison from my body, using one of the most biological-like method: osmosis.

The side-effects, though, didn't fade away. I still felt nauseous. I lay in my bed with my hand on my forehead. I closed my eyes and it felt like it was burning. After a while, I somehow managed to fall asleep, like what Tepes told me to do.

"Mika? Are you okay?"

I opened my eyes, but there was no one there. Was it just my imagination? Then I realized that my arm was covering my eyes. It felt numb, and it also felt as if ants were biting it all at the same time. With awkward stiffness, I moved my arm away and I saw Yuu sitting on the bed next to me. I blinked in disbelief. "Are you okay?" he repeated.

I didn't respond for a while. "Well, you were retching… So I kinda thought…"

"Uhh… yeah, well…"

"You still got a light fever so you just lay there and rest." I nodded and covered my eyes with my arm again. The silence between us lasted for a few seconds, which felt like an eternity for me, so I asked, "How's college?"

"It's… fine, I guess. Exam results are out and you're in the top 3 again."

"How about your friends? Are you guys having study sessions together?"

"No, you're not gonna be there to help us anyway, so what's the point?"

"So you're NOT studying together?" I felt a chuckle coming. "So your grades are bad, huh?"

"Wh-wha… No it's not! It's just… less than last time…" he mumbled. "You never were good at studying."

"But that doesn't mean I'm an idiot!" I got up and looked at him, a teasing smirk on my face. "Oh, really?"

"Really!" he said, frustrated. I laughed and he pouted. Damn he looked cute. "Hey, isn't that my jacket?" I said after I noticed his clothing. It was one of my disappeared jackets that I had in my closet. "Nnn… No?" he said unconvincingly.

"You're lying."

"No I'm not!"

"I bet you miss me?"

"No I… well, yeah! Obviously!" He put on the hoodie of my jacket but failed to cover his immensely red blush. I pulled him to my chest and kissed him. "Thanks for missing me."

"I-is that even a reason to say thank you for?"

"No. It's an invalid reason."

"… Idiot…" he said and averted his gaze. "I heard that."

"I know," he said and I know he meant for it to be heard. We stayed like that for a long while, until an idea hit me. "Hey."


"Wanna sleep with me?" Yuu quickly got up, his face full of questions. "Wh-what do you mean?"

"It's boring here, sleeping alone. So, how about you stay here for tonight? Pleeeeease?" I gave him my best puppy eye and he sat there, dumbfounded. "You're not gonna do anything?"

"Do anything what? Other than sleeping? Hmm… Maybe I'll hug you?"

"No, I mean… You know..?"

"Uhh… No, I don't." I really, really don't get what he meant. He was silent, his expression unreadable. That was rare, since his expression is never unreadable. "Please?" I pushed him for an answer. He slowly nodded and I hugged him. His response made me happy.

At least tonight I won't be alone.

He was right there when I woke up in the middle of the night. I ran to the bathroom and puked. The chains made a lot of noise, I thought that Yuu would wake up. But he didn't. He had never been a deep sleeper. Especially at night. Whenever I came back as quiet as I could from Tepes' house, back then, he'd always get out of his room to greet me, no matter how sleepy he was.

Or maybe this was a dream? I cleaned up and ran back to the bed, finding Yuu still lying there, his chest was gently rising and falling. I climbed back into the bed and hugged him from behind. His warmth comforted me and I fell asleep again.

Sometime after that I woke up, again, around after midnight. I was half asleep when I realized that my hands have stripped Yuu off of his upper clothing, and was keeping him in place at the same time. I fumbled around clumsily in the bed to find his clothing. Just as I was buttoning his pajamas, he woke up. He looked at his half-buttoned clothes and he stared at me sleepily wide-eyed.

"You said you weren't gonna do anything to me!"

"Your clothes fell off!" I defended myself. "Liar! You're undressing me!"

"Why the hell would I do that?!"

"Well, why the hell have you been kissing me all this time?!" I wanted to retaliate, but no answer came. His eyes welled up in tears. "So you were just gonna do it because you know it's gonna be my first time just like why you kissed me because you know that it's my first kiss, right?!"

"I…" I still had no answer to that. Honestly, I didn't know why I even kissed him in the first place, knowing that it was his first kiss. Wait, did he say first time? "Wait, you mean that you think that I'm gonna… Do you? As in, do do?" I asked in disbelief. He nodded and my face went red. "B-but were both guys!"

"Yeah, I know."

"How can you be so cool about it, Yuu-chan?!"

"Well, for starters…" he took a deep breath, and continued, "I read yaoi. So it wouldn't be surprising for me to know how to do it between guys."

"Why the hell do you even read yaoi?" He went silent. "Okay, maybe you were curious, but why did you tell me?" I asked. I saw him clench his jaws and then he shouted, "So I like you! Is that a problem?!"

"Why would liking me be a problem? I like you too," I said in reflex. Hey, it was all true. 0% lie. Then, I remembered the context of our conversation. "Wait… So you mean… You swing that way?" We were both silent for a long time until he said, "Yeah, so what about it?" in a very small whisper.

I thought about it for a minute. Nothing's wrong with it, really. I'm not disgusted by him, but rather I'm actually kinda happy that he told me, that he came out to me. And it doesn't really bother me that he likes me. It made me think of my life up until now.

Since elementary school, girls have been squealing at me, trying to get my attention. I was good at most of everything. Many confessed to me and I rejected all of them, mostly because I don't want to trouble the orphanage by me dating and forgetting my turns to do chores. When we moved away in college, I paid no mind to girls that tries to get my attention, because I didn't want Yuu to feel left alone.

But really, was that what I truly thought? I never did intend to date any of them, ever. They never did piqued my interest. "I'm not really disgusted," I tried to sort my mind to put in the right words, "and I don't really mind you liking me, heck I won't mind even if we go out on a date together, and I guess our days would continue just like always, even if we were dating because we live under the same roof anyway…"

"So you accept me?"

"I always have and I still will in the future," I said and he looked at me in a new way, a way that I couldn't define. Truthfully, I'm still confused with my current feelings, but I have this feeling that as long as I can stay with him, I'll be happy…


Yuu cried and said, "I'm happy that you accept me… I was scared that you wouldn't…. even look at me anymore…." I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer, patting his back to calm him down, like how we used to. When he cried.

We both slept and it felt… different. As if something inside me had been washed by gentle rain and now I can be at ease. "Boo you're boring," Asuramaru said in a monotone. He stood near the door. "Well, since your problem is somehow resolved, it'll get boring afterwards, so I'll get going."

"Where are you gonna go? Hell?"

"Hmm… Maybe. I'll think about it. Well, have fun," he said and threw something to me. I looked at it and blushed. It was a lubricant. "Don't make your Yuu-chan hurt by yourself." He disappeared. Why in the world did he even appear in the first place?

"So that was Asuramaru?"

"Eh?! Uh, Yeah…" That surprised me. I thought that he was asleep… "And?"

"And what?"

"What did he give you? A lubricant?" Yuu asked, taking the said thing away from my hand. "Hmm…" he said. He put it into a drawer near the bed and said, "Let's just go to sleep. It's been a sleepless night…"

"Sure," I said and pulled the covers over us both. We cuddled and we slept together.


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