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Tepes eyed me suspiciously. "What?" I asked, blushing at the knowing look she gave me. "No~thing… Just that…" she somehow looked as if she teleported to my side, and she whispered, "So, how was last night?"

"Well, yeah, your handcuffs kinda turned my wrist red…"

"Yeah… and do you feel any different?" she was smiling, but I felt some kind of sadness behind that smile. I shook my head. "Except for that weird refreshed feeling, nothing much, why?"

"Hmm…" she said and suddenly, she dragged me out of the dining room. Yuu was at school and Felid was grinning like crazy at some doll in his hand. Wait… is that..?

My thoughts were interrupted as I was thrown onto my bed. Her hands moved quicker than I thought, and in no time, she put a binding spell on me, and I was stripped off of my clothing, leaving my boxers on. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU-?!"

She pried my mouth open with her hands and she inspected my mouth. Only then did I realize that she was wearing gloves. I swear, I didn't feel her gloved hands on my own when she dragged me here… The binding spell prevented me from thrashing around.

She backed away and touched me all over, searching for something. "Hmm… that's strange…" she said, pulling her gloves off. "What is?"

"You're still half-vampire…"

"… And?"

"After doing that to Yuu, you should be either a vampire or a human…" I looked at her, surprised. "What does that mean?!"

"Well," she said, grinning, "… it just means you're special, I guess?"

"Huh…" She got up and said, "Well, I should get to the bottom of this…" and closed the door, waving airily. I froze, staring at the door for a while. Then, I tried getting up.

… The binding spell's still on me. I couldn't move at all. "Oi! Tepes! OOOOOOI!" No one came. I stayed in the same position for what felt like eternity. About an hour later, Felid came in and said, "Aaaww, pity you~" He sat next to me and poked my cheek.

"You know, I've always wondered how you manage to make your cheeks looks so thin yet the texture so soft and chubby-like," he pinched me and played with my cheeks while smiling in an undefined way. "Shtooooph!" I said as he squeezed my face with his hands.

I heard the door open and something hit the floor. Felid's body blocked my view. He turned around to look and suddenly thrust his fingers into my mouth, stifling my voice. "Hey, there!" he said, while his fingers fumbled around in my mouth.

"Mmph! Hnmng!" I tried to speak but instead, a weird voice escaped my mouth when he stroked my tongue. My body made no resistance because of the spell. Then, I saw a pair of thighs on either side of my head. A pair of hands massaged my chest and I saw him.


I tried to fight off the spell, but it was of no use. Suddenly, Asuramaru put a blindfold on me and I couldn't do anything. Suddenly, I heard something hit something, in Felid's direction, and the weight on my side (Felid) disappeared, as well as the weight above me.

"Mika, what're you doing?!"

Shiiiiiiiiiiit. It was Yuu. What did he think of what just happened? Was it him who punched Felid? Or did he swing his bag on him? Or did he kick him…? I wondered. He lifted my limp head and tried to take off the blindfold. I must admit, the blindfold did feel a bit… sticky.

It wouldn't come off, just by pulling it. Was that magic too? I was leaning on Yuu, and I felt his fingers fumble about at the back of my head. He was trying to open the blindfolds, I guessed. "Hey, Mika…" he said and his fingers stopped.

"What were you doing with them?"

"I don't know. They just came in when I was in this state…"


I didn't say anything because I didn't even know I was naked. "I… don't know…"


"Well…" I told him about that morning's incident, which made me explain about me being a half-vampire now. "But I don't intend on drinking anyone's blood, okay?" I added when I felt him tense up behind me. He relaxed and I felt his head in the crook of my neck.

"Well, I guess… If it's you, maybe it's okay if you drank a drop or two of my blood…" he muttered and it was my turn to tense up. His arms wrapped me, and he whispered in an unusual tone which made me shiver if I could, "I'll let you drink my blood if you want, but I'll allow only you, okay?"

His lips caught mine while it was unguarded, and he slipped his tongue into mine, easily getting dominance and explored the inside of my mouth. He pulled away and laid me there, breathing heavily. I never knew he was such a good kisser. A soft moan escaped my lips as he stroked my tongue with his, and I felt him grin.

He sat on my chest, and trailed his fingers along my chest. The fabric on his legs made some kind of statistic friction on me and it felt awkwardly rough. But it felt good, in a way. Then, I felt my blindfold open and Yuu lifted it. He had a winning smile and pulled my head to capture me in his embrace.

"If you need anything, just let me know, okay?" he said and I leaned into his embrace. Suddenly the door opened and Tepes walked in casually. "Hey Mika, I forgot to unbind you."

You're too late, Tepes! I've been bound by your spell for almost 5 hours!

She grinned and flicked my forehead, making my hands fly upwards onto the spot where she flicked me. Oh, hey! I can move! Yuu glanced at Tepes and they both shared a grin of victory. I couldn't understand the silent conversation between them, and they finished up with Tepes saying, "Oh, by the way, Yuichiro is actually the descendant of some vampire who was usually confused as the fallen angel. So he's basically a part-vampire too. Not half though, but part."

She laughed at my surprised expression. "You don't need to be THAT surprised!" she said and left the room. "So… You were… All this time…?!"

"Well, I was the one who asked her to turn you into a vampire too," he said with a shrug. "H-how about… What about Asuramaru?!"

"He was also part of the plan, Felid requested." I was speechless. So what about that pain, that experience, that… THAT?! I felt some kind of anger build up inside me, and Yuu said, "Are you mad at me?" He put on his puppy-eyed expression, adding all the cuteness with him tilting his head slightly to one side, and used a very cute voice.

I thought, 'Was this why he got disowned?' He must've seen the question somehow, because he said, "Nah, my real parents died ages ago, and they were my foster parents." He smiled and licked my neck, the part where my blood vessel would be, and he asked, "May I…?"

I knew what he meant, and my anger suddenly vanish, making my whole body limp into his embrace. "…Fine."

If I describe the feeling, saying that it was incredible would be a total understatement. When he sank his teeth that I never knew were so fang-like into my neck, I didn't feel any pain. I felt like I was in heaven, tasting it for the first time. My eyes watered from the feeling, my arms clawed on his back, to prevent myself from doing anything else, but feel.

He pulled out his fangs and licked the place where he bit me. The feeling was intensified because the wound made that part of me more sensitive than ever. I shuddered. He slightly nibbled on the nape of my neck. "Do you want mine, too?"

"E-eh…?" I asked, my breath getting heavier by each breath we made. "My blood, I mean," he chuckled. I expected him to giggle. He showed a part of his neck, opening his shirt and pushed my lips where I'm supposed to bite when I drink blood. Supposedly.

I shook my head, "No, I said it didn't I? I don't intend to drink anyone's blood…"

"You'll love mine," he whispered into my ear, his lips brushed it. "I-I don't wanna hurt you!"

"I drank your blood," he said and gave me a pouty face when I pushed him away. "It didn't hurt, did it…?" I shook my head. "I'll feel what you felt, Mika…"

"I'll feel guilty…"

"If it were only me who drank your blood, it wouldn't be fair for you if you didn't drink mine… And I would hate you if you didn't drink it!" I groaned, but leaned in anyways. For a split second, I saw him shoot me a winning smile.

My fangs sunk into him and the heavenly feeling intensified a few hundred times more. My head felt light, and I pulled away. He laid me down. "Now we're officially half-vampires…" he giggled and pulled the covers over us both. He placed himself above me and laid his head on my chest.

He stroked my cheeks gently and my eyes got heavier by the second. Eventually I drifted off to sleep, with the last thing I remember was him saying good-night.


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