Dear Loyal Readers-

Thank you for taking (or sustaining) interest in the third book of my fan-fiction Robotech saga- Robotech: The Enforcers' War.

For those who might be starting in at this point, this book is actually the convergence and culminating continuation of the stories in my two previous, and also posted books- Robotech: The Ashes of Empire, and Robotech: The Smoldering Earth.

Though this book as a work of sci-fi/action/adventure stands on its own in those areas, it is also fair to say that reading the first two books will provide background on characters, their motivations, and the conflicts they bring with them into this book that was written assuming some familiarity with the previous two. Proceed as you see fit.

As I did with the foreword to Robotech: The Smoldering Earth, I'll again warn readers of the pure Robotech faith that I've taken some liberties with the accepted timeline, creating more of an overlap between the presence of the RDF, REF, and Army of The Southern Cross on The United Earth stage. There is also a more contentious relationship between the resident Terran forces which was the focus of Robotech: The Smoldering Earth, that I will not delve into at this point.

So, let's get started with what I've been building toward for two books- a true "Robotech War" involving the Earth and Zentraedi. Robotech: The Enforcers' War will be the first book of several addressing the subject. Pardon me please as in the last book for incorporating technologies and facets that may not be purely Robotech, but I hope you will find that it helps to create a fuller, richer story.

For my parting word before you begin, I'd like to quote Dr. Dealgood from that great, cult-classic, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls- dyin' time's here…."

Enjoy! And as always, constructive criticism and communication is always welcome.

Very Respectfully,