Rogue sighed as she slowly made her way downstairs to all of the commotion. The night before everyone had exchanged their Christmas gifts and today everyone was going home to be with their family. This year even Scott was leaving, he was going to be spending Christmas in Hawaii with his brother Alex. "Hey Rogue von't you reconsider please." Kurt asked pleading with her with his huge blue eyes.

Rogue chuckled softly. "Ya know that won` work on me Kurt."

"But vhy von't you come home with me for Christmas schwester?"

Rogue sighed. Ever since Kurt found out he and Rogue were in a way brother and sister he hasn't stopped pestering her. "Ah don` want ta be a nuisance Kurt."

"But my parents vould love you. Vho wouldn't?" He added grinning.

"Kurt fer tha last tahme ah'll be fahne here."

"But you'll be all alone."

"No ah won` be all alone. Tha professor an` Mr. McCoy will be here."


Scott sighed heavily as he watched and listened to Rogue and Kurt argue. "You know maybe I shouldn't go."

"Scott you have to." Jean told him. "Alex is so excited about seeing you."

"I know I'm excited about seeing him too Jena, but Rogue is going to be alone for Christmas."

Jean sighed and glanced at the Goth and the blue elf. "She won't go home with Kurt, Ororo and Evan have offered for her to come with them, and Bobby even tried. I think she's afraid of ruining everyone's Christmas if she's there with them."

"But she won't be." Scott said sighing.


"Well?" Kitty asked Kurt as he got into the van.

Kurt shook his head. "She won't come home with the fuzzy dude." He said sadly.

"Like don't worry Kurt. Rogue knows you're her brother now and she like just has to get used to the fact she's not alone any more."

"She never was alone." Kurt muttered.


Rogue watched as the vehicles left and Mr. McCoy and the professor went inside. Even Logan was gone, he went somewhere she wasn't sure though. Her guess was Canada. She went inside and grabbed her coat. She just wanted to go out for a ride or something. She went into the garage and smiled at her present from Logan and the professor. Her own motorcycle. Grabbing her helmet she got on and drove off.


"Do you believe she'll be okay Charles?" Mr. McCoy asked.

Professor Xavier nods. "I'm certain of it Hank. She just needs time."


"What do we do yo?" Todd asked.

"The X-Geeks are all visiting their happy little families for Christmas." Lance said.

"Yea nothing to do." Fed sighed.

The three were in Lance's jeep at the red light waiting for it to turn green. They had no true destination to go, but just to roam around town. Pietro and Wanda had gone to visit their father for some reason or another. Todd heard a motorcycle rev next to them. He did a double take and recognized the driver. "Rogue?"

The Goth glanced at the vehicle next to her and groaned. "Great what do ya`ll want?"

"Nice ride." Fred said.

"Why are you still here?" Lance asked forwardly.

"In case ya didn` remember ah don` exactly have a place ta go that ah call home."

"Ouch." Todd whispered as Lance shot him a look.

"Head to the park." Lance told her.


"Just do it." He said as the light turned green Rogue sighed and moved her bike into the next lane quickly and followed behind the jeep.


"Well?" Magneto asked.

"All of them are gone except for Beast, the professor, and the Rogue." Sabretooth said grinning.

"Ah… the young Rogue left behind. Do you know of her whereabouts?"

"The park, with the Brotherhood."

Pietro looked up. "Huh? Rogue's back?"

"Whose Rogue?" John asked confused.

"Rogue is one of the X-Men. Former member of the brotherhood until Mystique made a dire mistake." Magneto said. "She is the untouchable."

"Nothin` be untouchable fer Remy." The Cajun said smiling.

"If you were to come in contact with her skin she'd absorb your powers and your memories."

"The first boy she touched was almost put into a coma." Wanda said as the boys stared at her surprised.

She glanced up at them. "Mystique told me. She told me all about Rogue and the one named Kurt."

"Yes her two children."

"Wait a second. I knew Kurt was her son, but Rogue?"

"Mystique adopted Rogue when she was four years old. Five years ago she placed Rogue under the care of another mutant named Irene Adler, also known as Destiny. Power to foresee the near or upcoming future." Magneto looked at his fellow mutants. "Go to the park, and re-recruit the Rogue."

"What if she won't come?" Piotr asked.

"Take her by force."


"Wow that's real freaky." Lance said. "So you and Kurt are related."

"Not by blood thank gawd." Rogue said.

Since they had arrived to the park the four of them were sitting near some benches near the small pond. Todd was chasing the ducks, although it was usually vice-versa. Fred had gone to get everyone snow cones, even if it was cold out. And Lance and Rogue were sitting on the bench just talking. "Ah guess when they say things can` get worse they do."

"Ever tell summers how you feel abut him yo?" Todd asked as he hopped over to take a break, seeing Fred coming near them.

Rogue shook her head. "It's not lahke it would make a difference. Scott an` Jean are now officially a couple."

"That's just disturbing." Lance said.

"I um.. Got your very flavor." Fred said handing Rogue the cherry snow cone.

"Thanks Freddy." she said taking it from him. She looked passed and groaned. "Great."

"What is it?" Lance asked looking and groaned as well. The Acolytes, Pietro, and Wanda were heading their way.

"Ah should go." She said starting to get up.

"No don't go." Todd said. "Come on we still got to talk."

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the little traitor Rogue." Pietro said with a smirking smile.

"Yer one ta talk." She said.

"I was never a traitor."

"So leavin` yer friends ta die while ya went an` hid behahnd yer daddy isn` bein` a traitor?"

Pietro clenched his fists together and Rogue just glared at him. "That's not how it was at all."

"Really then please explain how it was."

"Is this story going to take long homme?" Remy asked.

"Stay out of this."