"Rogue think this over." Pietro said noticing his sister moving closer to the Goth from behind.

"Think what over Pietro? The fact that ah get kidnapped on mah Christmas Vacation bah Maganeto and mah so called friends are all havin tha tahme of their lives with their families. Mah family would consist of Mystique."

"Mystique?" The white-haired speed demon asked confused.

"Yea apparently she adopted me when ah was four and left me with Irene. Nahce mom huh? Couldn even keep her own birth son round. An ah have no intentions of stayin here." She said whipping around and tossed a card at Wanda who immediately jumped out of the way.

"You didn't have to throw it at Wanda, yo." Todd said jumping away from John and next to Rogue. "Going up?" He asked eyeing the window.

"Sounds lahke a plan ta me." Rogue nodded as Todd jumped up to the open window praying Rogue wouldn't kill him as he used to his tongue (gross…) to pull her up. "Give yer father mah regards Pietro." She said as they jumped down to Angel who was waiting for them.

"Good timing." Todd said.

"I could drop you, ya know." Angel warned.

"Being quiet."

"Wait where's Logan and the others?"

"Logan and Fred are currently dealing with Sabretooth. The professor and the others should be here shortly." Angel said landing on the ground.

"Rogue you're okay!" Lance called running towards them.

"Yea mah hero." She said ruffling Todd's hair with her gloves hand.

"Hey don't mess up the hair." He said swatting at her gently.

Rogue looked over at Logan and Fred who dodged another car from Sabretooth. "Somebody has ta learn ta play nahce."

"Rogue…" Lance warned as he watched her walk over.

"Stripes what are you doing out here?" Logan asked her secretly glad she was okay, but upset she wasn't away from the place yet.

"Helpin ya out some sugah." She said charging a card with the last of Gambit's power and tossed it at Sabretooth who dropped the car he was about to throw.

His eyes widened for two reasons. One was that the girl was free thinking how stupid it was to let the others in charge of her and two because as soon as that card goes off the car he was holding would as well. He dodged to the side shielding himself from the explosion. He growled as he waved the smoke away to notice his victims were no longer there. Letting out an angry roar he stormed back into the warehouse.