Willpower, Be Damned

Enzo/Hope in 10 sentences. Thanks to my pal (you know who you are!) for the inspiration. This won't be even half as good as your story but I'm trying here lol

Package –Enzo was the total package: hot, dangerous, fun, a little crazy, accented and per her father's ruling, completely off-limits to a seventeen-year-old Hope – which of course, just made him that much more desirable.

Destination – "Where are we going?" Hope asks as she claims the shot gun passenger seat in his newly acquired Porsche.

Anywhere"We're not going anywhere," Enzo says, "you're staying in good old Mystic Falls while I go see a witch about a curse."

Cruise – Somehow, she manages to convince Enzo that road-tripping it to Tulsa would be a helluva lot more fun if she comes along for the ride and so with a sigh, he puts the car in gear and they hit the open road.

Control – During a stop for drinks at a roadside bar, three men immediately single out Hope, causing Enzo to completely lose it and send said three men flying into the jukebox, splintering it right down the middle.

Temper – Hope teases him as they saunter from the bar, "Temper, temper, Enzo; if I didn't know any better, I'd think you were jealous."

Sweet - "Oh, sweets, I don't do jealous," he lies, almost convincingly.

Cupcake – When she corners him in his Porsche, hand sliding up his arm, she whispers, "I'll be blowing out eighteen candles on a stupid cake in less than a month… if it's an age thing that's keeping you away…"

Spot – He looks at a spot on the horizon, simply to avoid looking at her, saying, "I'm over a hundred years old; age is just a number to me, but the bottom line is that I can't be with you, Princess."

Flower – "This isn't about your father; I'm not scared of that brute … it's that you're this amazing, rare … gem, flower, whatever … and I don't want to mess you up… Dammit! I'm trying to be noble here for a change and I royally suck at it!" He says before yanking her into a steamy kiss.