"Hm?" The response is sleepy, looking up from his book to the person pulling their hands through his fine hair. The shade above them a canopy of privacy.

"I have to go back soon. Your father's going to start asking questions."

"So let him ask, Suzaku." He turns the page and continues to read.

"That's not our agreement. Euphy is being very kind to us, but we're putting her in a position as well. I don't want her to get in trouble for lying."

Lelouch snaps the book shut. All Suzaku does is think about others. Others that aren't them. Why couldn't he be selfish just once. Abandon rules and contracts to follow his heart, especially when he aches to spend a few measly hours a week with him.

If it's not Schneizel making him play military tactician, it's Euphemia dragging Suzaku along with her on public appearances. How they even had time to fall in love outstands him.

"Euphemia can hold off Father for at least another twenty minutes, Suzaku. So just sit back and relax." After this very moment they won't be seeing each other again for a long time.

Lelouch is still tense, but Suzaku's fingers go back to sifting through his hair. It really is a perfect day, warm and clear. The fountain water rushes steadily as birds whistle to one another in secession; it's as if everything else is aligned but them.

"Love," Lelouch calls turning in Suzaku's lap to him in the eye.

"Hm?" Suzaku's fingers let go of those fine hairs to drag down the side of Lelouch's face until they cup around his thin pale face. Truly the face of a Britannian prince intoxicated with the love of his pauper of a Knightmare pilot. What he'd give to kiss the face that looks at him with suck longing, but the Imperial Palace is full of prying eyes even in the private garden of the Aeries Villa.

"I'm going to destroy Britannia and build it a new. Just for us." Lelouch leans in closer until their noses touch. "I want to live in a world that we can be happy in."

"You do that, Love," Suzaku says sarcastically. Unimpressed, Lelouch crinkles his nose before kissing him with ferocity, teeth scrap against each other as thoughts shout out in a distracting manner while a plan formulates on how to discredit the Emperor's reign.

"I will, watch me," Lelouch proclaims, pulling away only to touch another kiss to his love's lips. "I'll make sure we align."