"...do you remember stargazing back home?"

"Y-yeah? A little hard to forget."

"Do you think Euphy was upset about it? Us falling asleep under the stars like that?"



"...I think she was less inclined after her and I married. For good reason."

" She knew I loved you."

"Lelouch, if this is another one of your self-pity evenings I want no part of it. You know how I feel about you, us, and Euphy."



"I miss stargazing, Suzaku. And sometimes I miss being out at Aeries Villa with you, Nunnally, and Euphy. Even Clovis and Cornelia joining us wasn't so bad..."


"Yes?" He turns to Suzaku, hair splayed over the pillow with a dreamy smile on his face as he twines his fingers through Suzaku's. "You should pay attention to the stars, you can see Aquarius tonight."

Suzaku jerks his hand away. "Where is it? He barks, sitting up and tugging up the pajama sleeve of the arm Lelouch extended to him.

"Where's what?" Turning on the light, Suzaku can see the glazed over look in Lelouch's violet eyes and the pinhole pricks along his forearm. Not again. He promised he'd stop when they moved to Japan. He promised not to let Tanya see. Lelouch has always been a liar,

Throwing Lelouch's arm back against his chest, Suzaku bolts out of bed with rage and anguish. He pulls out every drawer, looks under every pillow - even the loose floor board Lelouch thinks Suzaku doesn't know about. He eventually finds the black box of refrain under the bed, its still open with the vial still attached to the dispenser. Un-fucking-believable!

Neither does Suzaku hesitate to smash the vials to pieces all over the floor nor Lelouch stop him - just starts to cry.

"Suzaku, I -"

"Save it! I'm tired of listening to your excuses! I'm sleeping on the couch. When you're ready to stop being a spoiled prince about your grief come find me!" Suzaku shouts as he grabs his pillow and walks out of the room, not looking back. Ge can already hear Lelouch's pathetic sobbing. It'll be a miracle if they don't wake Tanya at this point.

Half way down the flight of stairs, the creek of the floor boards alert him to the soft spoken voice that calls out "Daddy" and for a split second he thinks about going back. To comfort the broken prince of the empire. But what is there to comfort? What could he possibly say? It would genuinely be nice to go back to the past to see Euphy one more time. It's just that this is the future. Their future. The one they sacrificed so much to have. Shouldn't that mean more than the dead Euphemia Kururugi (nee li Britannia) and Lelouch's absent siblings? Isn't he enough?