In the Station Square condo, I am watching tv. "We'll be right back after our commercials." Said the television. "Oh, it's just a commercial." I said. When my eyes feast to the new "Splatoon" commercial for Wii U, the gameplay of the commercial is epic. "Here, I'll change the channel." Commented Gooey. "Don't change the channel!" I yelled.

The new game "Splatoon" is now available in stores. I watched the entire commercial that I wanted to get that game. "I'm going to Gamestop to get 'Splatoon,' be right back." I reminded to Gooey. I left the state room and I brought my wallet and my room key with me. As I went to the elevator, I begged to myself that I do not want the elevator to be haunted like that incident during Spring Break. The elevator door closes that it is normal; I sighed for relief that it did not happen. "That was a close call." I said. I got out of the elevator where the Station Square Chao Garden is located at. "Hey excuse me sir, is there a Gamestop store closer to Station Square?" I asked. "Go take a right where the front door takes you to the street where you see the front door of the Train Station." Notified the Employee. I took the location that I left the condo.

The GameStop building is a few blocks next to Twinkle Park. "There it is, GameStop. I am going to get 'Splatoon' for Wii U in no time." I said in excitement. The line is pretty long that almost everyone is getting the same game I am going to get. About 7 minutes later, I am in front of the register with my 'Splatoon' game disc in my hands. "I would like the purchase this game please." I requested to the cashier. "That will be $49.99." Calculated the Cashier. I gave the cashier $50 dollars that he gave me a one cent change. "Pleasure doing business with you." Thanked the Cashier. "Thanks. Now I am going to setup this bad boy when I come back to the condo.

Meanwhile, back with Gooey. He is in his Kirby shape while he sits on the couch. I inserted my room key card into the door that I went into the stateroom. "Gooey, I'm back." I said. "Did you get the game, Neil the Fox?" Asked Gooey. "Yes I did Gooey, the line was pretty long." "How long did the line take you?" "About 7 minutes, it's not so bad after all. Now if you don't mind, I am going to play 'Splatoon' in my room with my Wii U." I went to my bedroom and I setup "Splatoon."

A few minutes later, I started to play the online Turf War. I am a level 1 player; everything is perfect in this game. Gooey comes to my room and he says "Having fun with this game?" "Yes, I am using the Splat Roller." "Don't look now Neil; when you level up to level 10, there will be level 20 players kicking your butts with the Aerospray RG." "Oh that's trash talk; you just made that up for an excuse. Plus, I heard of the Aerospray MG on the 'Splatoon' direct that I wanted that weapon." "Whatever." Gooey walks away while I mind my own business. My tummy begins to rumble just as I took a break from playing online. "Whew, all of the success of the Turf War makes me hungry." I said. For lunch, I am having a grape jam sandwich on white bread. After a quick lunch, I went back to my room playing "Splatoon."

Seven days later, I am still playing "Splatoon" on the Wii U for seven days straight in horror. It is twelve o clock; midnight. My head and eyes are aching that I grew drowsy with the game pad charged. I fell onto the floor slowly and the game pad is on the desk of my bedroom. This is what happens if I play "Splatoon" for seven days straight.

I woke up like I had passed out, the place looks familiar to the game I had played, "Splatoon." I screamed in horror that I am lost at Inkopolis; then the scream turns out to be excitement that I am at Inkopolis Plaza. "I cannot believe it; I am finally at Inkopolis!" I exclaimed in joy. My tails are wet and slimy. "Wait, why are my tails wet?" I asked to myself. "You might want to take a look at yourself." Said the Inkling girl. I turned around and I looked at my tails; my tails are now green and wet Inkling tentacles. "Oh... My... GOODNESS! This is awesome, I am an inkling fox boy mix." I noticed in surprise. "This better not be a dream please." I went to the weapon store where Sheldon the Horseshoe Crab is in charge of the store. "What in tarnation?! Who are you?" Gasped Sheldon. "I'm Neil the Fox, the mascot of the Gemerl720 franchisee and the writer of this fanfiction. I am originally a recolor of tails, but my tails have turned into inkling tentacles. This means that I am an inkling and a fox boy mix." I introduced. "Freaky, you seem fresh to me. What weapons do you want to buy?" Sheldon shows a variety of splat weapons such as the shooter, the roller, and the charger. I am deciding what weapon I should buy. Unfortunately, I do not have any legit Inkopolis money and no splat weapon; however, there is a free Splattershot Jr. for beginners like me. "Thanks for the Splattershot Jr. Sheldon, I am going to test it out and start training." I thanked, as I got the Splattershot Jr. I left the weapon store that I went to the plaza.