My fur grows into a dark green fur, but Dark Matter says "That's it! I quit because of the stupid things that Neil the Fox writes that I cannot stand anymore." Dark Matter leaves my body and he will never come back anymore forever. That means my Dark Matter curse is lifted. I am still on my Inkling fox boy mix; even Gooey is in his Inkling boy copy ability.

"Ok, where were we? Oh yeah. Run Gooey! Chaos 0 is going to splash water at us!" I alerted to Gooey. Gooey and I escaped out of the Saltspray Rig that we went to Inkopolis.

At the Inkopolis plaza, I warned the Citizens of Inkopolis that I said "Run everyone run! Chaos 0 is coming to splash us with water!" The Inkling citizens are at a panic at Inkopolis. The television screen on the Inkopolis news tunes in. "Hold on to your tentacles." Said Callie. And Marie says "It's Inkopolis News time." "We have a breaking news flash, Marie." "What is it, what is it?!" "Oh my gosh! It's Chaos 0, the God of destruction. He's made of water." "That is going to give me nightmares, Callie. He can fire a pressure of water to kill the Inklings; he's worse than the Octarians! Hold me!" Chaos 0 barges into the studio and he throws water balls at Callie and Marie and they died. The television turns to static and then the test patterns.

The sewer lid where Octo Valley is shaking. Everyone stops moving. Chaos 0 comes out of the sewer lid and he confronts to the Inklings; it is a turf war at the Inkopolis plaza. The Inkling citizens continue to panic. "I guess it is up to you Neil." Said Gooey. Chaos 0 fires a pressure of water that he kills Gooey.

Back at Station Square in my stateroom, Gooey woke up from the dream machine that Gooey had an idea to wake me up from dozing off. "I know, I can get a bucket of water to wake up Neil the Fox." Gooey thought. I am still out cold.

In my mind, I am still at the Inkopolis plaza between me and Chaos 0. It is a one on one turf war. "Now it's time to fight overpowered characters with overpowered splat weapons." I said. I pulled out an Aerospray RG to fight against Chaos 0. While Chaos 0 throws water balls to cover the turf with cyan water, I planted an Ink mine on some spot. "Hey you big drip! Come and catch me." I taunted. This made Chaos 0 angry that he chases right behind me. He accidentally passed through the Ink mine that it splatted Chaos 0, but not very effective. Chaos 0 swims in the water like a ninja because his water like body disappears in the water when he is in his blob form. I could not see where Chaos 0 is located at. Abruptly, Chaos 0 fires a pressure of water at me that it killed me. He is more overpowered than the Aerospray RG.

I woke up at Station Square in my stateroom all wet. My tails are back to normal like Tails' tails. "Where am I?" I said. "You are at Station Square. I helped you wake up by splashing you with a bucket of water. I also heard Dark Matter leaving your body in your dream." "Really, Dark Matter is gone." "Yes, even in real life." The lesson of "Splatoon" is to never play too long or I will doze off.

The End.