During my travels around Lumbridge, I heard a rumor of a ghost haunting a local cemetery. After some investigating I was directed to visit a priest, Father Aereck, in the Lumbridge Church of Saradomin. Having little experience exorcising ghosts, Father Aereck suggested that I visit with Father Urhney, an expert ghost hunter, in the swamps beyond the cemetery. So, I reluctantly set off on my mission to find Father Urhney and permanently exorcise the Restless Ghost from Father Aereck's cemetery. Along the way I encounter several members of the undead and quickly dispatch them before reaching my destination at Father Urhney's hut. I find Father Urhney in deep mediation and he is initially unwilling to help me, but after some coercion he finally gives me some pointers and hands me the ghostspeak amulet that will allow me to commune with the Restless Ghost.

I return to the Lumbridge cemetery and find the casket of the Restless Ghost. The ghost goes on to tell me that he lost his head to a warlock while mining to the south. He suggests that I look there for his missing skull and that if I retrieve it for him he may be able to rest in eternal peace. So, off I go again, back to the mining area in south and again encounter several members of the undead along the way. After destroying the brain thirsty zombies I am able to quickly locate the missing skull and return it to the ghosts casket The Restless Ghost thanks me for returning his head and flies off. With my quest complete, the cemetery is once again a place of eternal peace and rest.