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Regular Speak

Thoughts and Flashbacks

Demonic or Animalistic Speak

Demonic or Animalistic Thoughts

When Tomoki awoke, he was very sure he was still dreaming. After all, he couldn't think of an immediate reason why his head would be laying against a pair of luscious, near naked breasts.

Then he remembered last night and sat up quickly, looking down at Ikaros in surprise- still clothed, minus the shoulders of her outfit. She rose as well, having been awake the entire time, "Good morning, Master," She greeted.

'...Oh, right. Between how tired, tempted, and curious I was, I decided to try listening to see if Ikaros had a heartbeat. Must have fallen asleep without realizing it,' He remembered, glad he didn't do anything he wasn't sure he or she wouldn't regret later, "Sorry about that, Ikaros. Didn't mean to doze off on you like that," He apologized, scratching the back of his head.

"There is no need to apologize, Master. You appeared to take enjoyment in using me as a headrest during your slumber," She informed, perhaps a bit curious as she replaced the missing piece of her outfit.

"Yeah, I probably did," Tomoki admitted with a grin, 'No use arguing with her, I suppose. Just have to take this slow and get some info from her after school,' He mentally mused, "First day I've woken up without Sohara's voice. Wonder wh- the hell!?" Tomoki said in surprise as he saw the time on his digital clock.


"Master, is something wrong?" Ikaros asked in concern, kneeling obediently at his side with her hands on her lap.

"Ikaros, is this clock accurate?" He asked in disbelief. He hadn't woken up this early in ages, and never this well-rested- especially after a night like that! He should be dead tired still!

"According to current designated time-zones, it is off by twenty-one point six-two-five-nine seconds, Master. To my understanding, that is an acceptable degree of error for such devices," Ikaros answered dutifully.

"Than how the hell am I...so...," Tomoki said, slowly turning to Ikaros.

"Is there something you need, Master?" Ikaros asked with a head tilt as he stared at her; more exactly, her chest.

'...Do her boobs work like magic pillows?' He wondered, having no other explanation for his current state of rest. Shaking that line of thought for now, he nodded to her, "Actually, I'd like to talk to you some more about...well, who and what you are," He answered, taking seat on his futon.

"Were my answers unsatisfactory?" Ikaros questioned, wondering what had been unclear.

"A bit, but I was too tired at the time to have this talk," He explained offhandedly, "You said you were...created, ehum, for 'my sole pleasure' right?" He repeated with a small blush, but a completely serious look on his face.

"Yes, Master," She confirmed with a nod.

"Then who created you?" Tomoki asked curiously.

Ikaros paused, seemingly looking for the proper answer, "I was manufactured by the Synapse."

'That's not ominous at all,' Tomoki thought dryly, "The Synapse? Is that a place, or a group, or something else?" He pressed on.

"I apologize, Master, but my databanks have little stored information on the Synapse. As I have only just awoken, I am void of much data," Ikaros explained dutifully.

'There's more than one void of yours I'd like to fi- Not the time!' Tomoki scolded himself briefly, keeping his attention on Ikaros and not what he'd love to do with that body- or that leash of hers, "So, you don't recall the place or person that made you?" He asked, a bit skeptically, getting a negative, "Do you at least know why you fell out of that black hole in the sky?"

"I am sorry, Master, but I have no recollection of that event. My earliest archived memories are seconds before my imprinting," Ikaros explained apologetically, not having the answers her master desired.

"Imprinting?" Tomoki asked with a raised eyebrow. In response, Ikaros made the leash visible again, "Oh, right, you said something like that," He recalled as it vanished once more, "Wait...that means that I was your first memory?" He realized with wide eyes.

"Correct, Master. While I have information catalogued to serve my master and fulfill your desires, my memory files are empty," Ikaros answered as he looked at her curiously, "Do my answers displease you, Master?"

"...Ikaros, there's something I need you to clarify," Tomoki said with a suspicious tone, "You said you were manufactured for MY sole pleasure. Did you mean your Master in general, or did you mean me specifically?" He questioned. He wasn't asking this out of sudden jealousy or anything, but those two things had very different implications.

"You, Master," Ikaros answered instantly as he looked a bit stunned

"But...you didn't even know my name. You said your memories were empty," Tomoki pointed out, trying to make sense of...THIS now.

"While I had limited data on you, I did possess several records of your face, voice, and other identifying factors," She informed in a monotone, Tomoki being completely taken aback by this, "Upon hearing your voice, I initiated the imprinting process and formally came into your ownership, Master."

Tomoki didn't say anything for the longest time, just staring at her, "...Okay, wow. Just...wow," He said, brushing a hand through his hair, "There is someone up there...watching me?" The noble pervert really wasn't sure how to take that one. It was disturbing to say the least. The idea of someone watching him without his knowledge...this almost made him consider giving up peeping until he rationalized that the girls knew he was peeping just to peep while some alien-things were watching him with unknown intentions, possibly nefarious.

"I assume by 'up there' you mean the Synapse, Master. If so, that is a logical deduction," Ikaros answered needlessly.

"But who-" Tomoki stopped as he remembered the source of all this, the reason he was at the sakura tree at all. 'Her. The woman from my dreams. She...she sent Ikaros to me? But why? Cause...damn, if Ikaros is a gift from her, what the hell did I do to deserve either of them!?' Tomoki wondered in disbelief.

"Is there anything else, Master?" Ikaros asked after a moment of silence.

"Hm? Oh, well, not about where you're from. Though...you said manufactured. That almost makes it sound like you came off an assembly line- do you know HOW you were made?" He asked, more idly curious on this bit than anything else. How do you make something like an Angeloid?

Ikaros actually seemed a bit confused by this question, but her expression settled quickly, "I cannot explain the total process, but through various information on my capabilities, limitation, material make up and instructions on how to repair myself, I am able to determine a majority of the work that went into my creation," She elaborated, "Would you like me create a physical or digital copy of the instructions?"

"No. The last thing I want is someone trying to make a Frankenstein version of you or something- my peace and quiet would be gone for good if that happened," He joked with a chuckle, "Speaking of that though, that brings up a very important question: What can you do?"

The question had honestly bugged him for a lot of last night. If Ikaros was some kind of robot, what were her capabilities? What were her limits?

"I am unsure how to answer, Master. I can think of no scenario I would not be able to fulfill an order," Ikaros said, pulling out a glowing card-like object, "Rather, there are very few orders I cannot fulfill with these."

"...Where were you...? You know what, never mind, continue," Tomoki said, glancing at her rear, 'She has a hammer space too?'

"This card is what you would call a teleportation device. Upon your request, I can use this to order the required material from the Synapse to fulfill your order," She explained.

'Again with the Synapse. Definitely a place, maybe this 'New World' of Sugata's in its entirety. Still, any request?' Tomoki wondered skeptically, "...How about a million yen?" He tried. While a billion would have been nice, it would have been far too noticeable and draw too much attention. A million yen he could at least try to explain away.

Tomoki jumped to his feet in alarm as the card burst into a bright light and was replaced by...what looked like a large calculator with a cutesy design to it, complete with tiny wings. Ikaros silently went to work pressing a few buttons. A curious second later, a light shone over Tomoki and ten objects fell around him. Blinking in surprise, he bent down to retrieve one and found it was exactly what he expected: ten stacks of ten-thousand yen bills.

He slowly looked up at Ikaros with a blank expression, "You're an angel, you're some kind of biological robot, and you're a freaking genie. Anything else?" He asked rhetorically.

Ikaros, taking the question as non-rhetorical, gave an instant answer, with a touch of airiness to it, "I am your property, Master. I am whatever you wish me to be."

If Tomoki had been at half-mast prior before this, his other head was definitely at full attention now, 'She's doing this on purpose! There is no way she can be saying the most arousing statements purely by coincidence!' He mentally ranted, pinching his nose for a moment as he took a deep breath, "Well, I just have one last question then: Are there any...rules or regulations about what I can do with you?" He asked slowly.

Ikaros merely shook her head at that, "No, Master. As I said, I am your property. There are no limitations or restriction on how you may make use of me for your pleasure," She answered in what Tomoki almost called an inviting tone.

"...Are you seducing me?" Tomoki asked with a raised eyebrow.

Ikaros blinked, "Seduction implies an attempt to persuade one to do something. I am merely attempting to answer your questions and make clear the versatility and availability of my services to you, Master," She clarified before bowing forward, her head half way to the floor and eyes lowered, "I apologize if my choice of terms implied I was trying to sway your mind in some way, Master."

Tomoki stared for a moment, drinking in the image of this leashed pinkette kneeling and bowing to him, her heavenly orbs dangling before his eyes. Ohhh, how he had dreamed of things like this, 'I still have at least an hour and a half before Sohara wakes up...I don't think I can resist temptation that long. Especially as I'm finding less and less reasons to actually resist,' He mentally noted before sighing, "You didn't do anything wrong, Ikaros. I just wasn't expecting you. I'm happy to have you, I just...wanted to learn about you, I suppose."

"I believe I understand, Master," Ikaros acknowledged as she raised her head, "You received something you were not expecting and are attempting to learn about it, correct?"

"Well, I wouldn't call you an it, but yes," Tomoki admitted with a shrug.

"Master, does my arrival into your ownership bother you?" Ikaros asked with a head tilt, "Am I in some way unappealing as an Angeloid?"

Tomoki couldn't help it. He burst out laughing, clutching his stomach as Ikaros looked. She didn't facially react to the outburst, but she was confused by what might have caused it. As his gales of amusement died down to snickers, Tomoki managed to get an answer out, "S-sorry about that Ikaros, but the last thing you are is unappealing. You're beautiful, curved in all the right places, and that outfit certainly isn't a negative," He complimented, Ikaros looking on with an expectant look on her face, "Does it bother me though? Kind of. There's a saying about how if things seem too good to be true, they usually are."

"You believe there is a price of some sort for you now that you own me, Master?" Ikaros questioned.

"That about sums it up, yeah. I don't know if it's someone else trying to "reclaim you", you recovering some lost memories, or even you b-" Tomoki stopped himself there, biting his tongue from what he was about to say.

"...Master, do you believe I may be a threat to you? That I am in some way trying to deceive you?" Ikaros asked, something flashing in her eyes. Was that...sorrow? Hurt?

"Ikaros, I...," Tomoki trailed off, not sure what to say just yet. It was something just about anyone would suspect at first in this situation, even if just in the back of their mind.

"Master, if you believe me a threat, you merely need give me the command...," Ikaros paused as she held another card that turned into a gun...again, a cutesy design with wings...before aiming it at her head, "And I will terminate myself."

Tomoki stared with wide eyes for all of a second before glaring at her, "Ikaros, get rid of that, now!" He ordered forcefully. Ikaros looked minutely surprised before vanishing the device as ordered. She was about to speak before her master walked up to her position and got on one knee, putting firm hands on her shoulders, "Ikaros, listen to me right now. I am never, ever ordering you kill yourself. You understand me?" He said firmly, his chocolate eyes staring into her emeralds.

The surprise was evident by the slight gaping of her mouth, "I am...sorry, Master. I merely did not wish for my presence to cause you discomfort. In my effort, I seemed to have angered you," She said slowly.

Tomoki sighed after another moment, "Ikaros, someone like you dropping into my life doesn't happen to everyone. I just wanted to be sure what is going on. You don't know and that's not your fault. You're not an inconvenience. If anything, I'm going to love having you here," He said with a grin.

"Love?" Ikaros repeated softly, curiously.

"I just...want to make sure I understand what you being my Angeloid means," He explained.

"...It means that I am a Pet-Class Angeloid, designed for the sole purpose of bringing my Master pleasure," Ikaros stated in a monotone, but Tomoki swore he heard something...pointed? Reassuring? This girl was hard to read, visibly or verbally.

"...And are you happy with that, Ikaros?" Tomoki asked with a firm frown.

"Happy?" Ikaros asked in surprise, offering up no further answer.

"...Let me put this another way. Ikaros? Is there anything you wouldn't want me to do to you?" He asked, pointedly looking over her body for an instant.

"No, Master. I am willing to do anything you desire...further, I do not know if I am 'happy' but I know I do not wish to displease you, Master," Ikaros explained.

"Because I am your Master, right?" He asked with a dry smirk as he looked down in bemusement.

"Master? Do you intend to ever discard me or give me away?" Ikaros asked suddenly.

"W-what?! Of course not!...Well, unless you wanted me to," Tomoki answered, taken aback by that question.

"I apologize, Master. I merely believe you do not understand something I explained earlier: Regardless of my origins or creators, I was made for you. As you have no intention of discarding me, you will be my only master. My Master is Tomoki Sakurai and Tomoki Sakurai is My Master. Therefore, saying "I do not wish to displease you" because you are My Master is in all ways equivalent to saying the same because you are Tomoki Sakurai," Ikaros reasoned solemnly.

"...That is some of the most sound yet kinky logic I have heard, ever. Of all time," Tomoki said in awe as his arms fell to his side. Even his libido had completely shut up in complete amazement of her words.

"Master?" Ikaros asked after a moment, leaning forward slightly, "Please give me an order."

There is only so much one person can take before they give in, even just a little bit.

Still, all things considered, just kissing her showed an impressive amount of restraint.

Ikaros looked stunned for a moment, truly shocked and confounded. Tomoki almost pulled away as he saw a small blush form on her cheeks. He had, absent mindedly, rematerialized and grabbed the chain leash to her collar. His fisted hand now rested lightly against her left breast and he could feel...something in flux beneath the surface, 'Yep, that confirms it beyond all doubt. This girl is sentient and she has emotions,' He determined with a smile as he pulled back.

"I-I am sorry, Master, if that was unsatisfying. I was not expecting-" Ikaros started with a small stammer in her voice, the blush still there.

Tomoki quickly rose his hand to silence her, still smiling, almost grinning as he addressed her, "Ikaros, did you dislike that at all?" He asked playfully. To his interest and amusement, she shook her head a bit faster than necessary, "That's all I need to know," He assured, grinning broadly as the chain dematerialized.

"Is there anything else you desire, Master?" She asked with a head tilt, still a bit flushed.

Tomoki couldn't help raking his eyes over her body once more at that, "Tempting, but nothing like that yet," He decided, as much as his pervy side screamed at his benevolent nature, "You want breakfast?" He asked, standing up and stretching a bit.

"My energy levels are not in need of nutrient currently, Master," She assured, rising as well.

"Yeah, well, I can't say the same. I'm going to go shower and get dressed, feel free to come downstairs all the same- breakfast is better with company," Tomoki instructed offhandedly as he grabbed a clean uniform and headed out.

Ikaros stared curiously at Tomoki's back as he left, 'Master stated he would discard me or give me away if I wanted him to. While I have no desire for that, I do not understand why he believed I might. Master appears to care a great deal about my feelings in regards to my status as an Angeloid and him as my master. He is...kind. But he also has difficulty accepting me as his due to the suspicious nature of my arrival. Explaining that I will terminate myself if ordered only angers Master rather than assures him of his safety,' she processed, trying to find a solution to this problem, 'I think...Master is worried I do not desire to be here.'

'Hmm, you know, I can take this chance to shock the ever-living shit out of Sohara. She hasn't seen me up early on my own in...ever,' Tomoki thought mischievously as he entered the shower, 'On a more serious note, at least I got that done with Ikaros. Got a little...deep in the rabbit hole, I suppose,' He mused with a chuckle, "Look at me: I got some angel stalker spying on me from what may or may not be heaven, a genie-angel-gynoid and I'm just struggling not to bone the latter on sight- and she almost seems to be asking me for it," He commented to himself in amusement, 'Still, at this point, Ikaros is literally trying to point out the ways she can serve me. Hell, she ASKED me to give her an order,' He continued in his head with a sigh.

He mulled it over in his head as he got out and got dried, "Well, I can't just leave her be. She'll feel unwanted then, and if I tell her to make her own decisions, she'll either be confused or unhappy when she can't follow 'orders,' especially since she probably doesn't know the first thing about...well, being alive or free, I guess," He mused, rubbing his head as he slipped into his school clothes, "Besides, not like there aren't submissive people in the world. The only part I'm worried about is her confusion and shock to stuff like kindness ...Now that I think about it, why would that bother her if she has no memories?" He wondered with a frown, "Unless the Angeloids just know how they're usually going to be treated when they wake up...oy, I hope that's not the case," He muttered in distaste as he head out the door.

As he headed downstairs, he glanced in his room to see Ikaros gone, "Must have went to the living room already," He murmured as he headed down, "Ikaros, ya dow-"

In hindsight, Tomoki wasn't at all surprised that Ikaros was staring at the food, trying to figure out what she should make for him no doubt.

But why, by all things perverted, was she wearing an apron UNDER the maid outfit? Why did she have rabbit ears and a fox tail? Why was she wearing fishnets over silky stockings? Why was...okay, there was nothing technically wrong with the leather cuffs with D-links on them, but still.

"Dmg ymf nfgh anemhng, Mfter?"

Oh, and why the hell did she have a ball gag? 'Actually, I definitely couldn't have been able to resist if it had been a ring gag. If this wasn't such...an over the top mess, I might have jumped her,' He thought to himself, pinching the bridge of his nose as he walked up to her, "Ikaros, take off the ball gag," He ordered slowly, holding back his annoyance as she wordlessly obeyed, "Now...WHY are you wearing all that?" He asked, waving his finger up and down at her outfit.

Ikaros tilted her head at that, "These were outfits in many of your books, Master," She explained as he stiffened, "I scanned several of them in an attempt to discover things that would please you. Do they not have the desired effect?" She asked curiously, looking down at herself.

"...Ikaros, I love the attempt, I really do, but you're not supposed to wear or combine all those outfits like that," He explained with a sigh, but smiled in amusement and patted her on the head, "I'll try and explain how to combine outfits the right way another time. For now, switch back to your regular outfit and if you try that again, stick to only one outfit at a time," He requested in amusement.

"Yes, Master," She said, her standard outfit materializing on her as the other clothes vanished.

"...Instant cloth changing. On one hand, that'd be handy as hell. On the other, it'd make peeping in locker rooms impossible," Tomoki mused as he went to the pantry.

"Master, may I know your preference of breakfast meal?" Ikaros requested.

"Honestly, I usually just eat some toast and some soy milk before heading off to school since I always wake up at the last moment," He pointed out.

"I could prepare breakfast and awaken you from now on if you desire, Master," Ikaros offered.

"I might take you up on that, but hold off for now," He mused, 'I need to test my magic pillow theory...'

Ikaros remained silent after that, waiting for him to finish making his breakfast, obediently following him when he left and sat at his living room table, turning on the television while he ate.

'Hmm, I can't tell if this is a pleasant or awkward silence yet,' Tomoki mused as he looked over at Ikaros, head bowed and awaiting any potential order, glancing at the news every now and then, "So...is there anything important I need to know about taking care of an Angeloid?" He asked with a smile.

"...Taking care, Master?" She asked in confusion.

"Well, you keep saying you're my mine and all that, right? You even said you're a pet-class?" He asked, getting a nod, "Well, that means it's my responsibility to take care of you."

Ikaros went wide eyed at that one simple statement, 'What is this anomaly in my reactor? Why am I hesitating to answer Master's question?' She wondered in deep confusion that almost scared her, "I...I don't know, Master. I know how to repair myself. I need occasional nourishment, but even that can be handled by the Synapse if absolutely necessary. I...believe Angeloids were designed with the intent of us in no way ever burdening our masters," She explained in a distant tone.

"Eh? Ikaros, you literally make it rain money if I give the word. It is very much impossible for you to be a burden," Tomoki assured, sitting down his empty bowl, "Anyway, I think it's time to talk about what else those cards can do..." He trailed off with a grin.

End of Chapter

There's three! This chapter cmae a lot quicker and easier than the last. Well, we had Tomoki getting to know more abot Ikaros, what little she can answer. BTW, a million yen is less than $10,000 american, so I figure that's be at least somewhat explainable if anyone found out about it.

Ikaros is as servile as she is in canon, but in this reimagining, she's a bit more proactive in it. Hence her attemting to put on a more appealing outfit for Tomoki. And just as in canon, she states she'd kill herself if given the order, which Tomoki doesn't react well too.

Other than that, just a bit of fun,alternate version of Episode one. And since Tomoki isn't going to do the whole 'Take over the world, everyone is gone, please make this a dream' thing, Ikaros still has all of her cards. Which, as someone pointed out, will allow Tomoki to do more stuff.

Also, if you listen to Ikaros in episode one, her tone does sound very...inviting when she's asking for an order. how tomoki ever resisted that, I will never understand.

Well, hope you all enjoyed this. We'll see what shenagigans are Noble Pervert gets into next chapter! Hope to see you all in the reviews!

PS Any ever consider this idea that since the "make this a dream" ending to episode one got rid of Ikaros's cards, isn't it possible that it altered the nature and history of the entire synapse? Food for thought, and a possible explaination for this AU.

PSS To every lemon fan, I have written and published a Heaven's Lost Property oneshot called "Little Horn Dog". However, it IS femdom, Sohara on Tomoki, with no angeloids.(unless I add to it one day and include them) If you're interest, I hope enjoy it, leave a review.