Here we are at the start of another tale - AriaofYlisse at my side again! (I adore her.) This is kind of a follow up of So Ist Es Immer that we wrote before but this can be read standalone as well.

Anyways - hope you enjoy! This will be multichaptered in nature.

Fair Warnings: Detailed depiction of sickness and injuries, Levi has language and there is violence as well - it's rated for a reason! Also there will probably be some OOC moments (quite a few).

ALSO THIS FEATURES AN ESTABLISHED RIREN (Levi/Revaille and Eren) RELATIONSHIP - Don't like? Then this isn't a tale for you.

Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin belongs to Hajime Isayama, not us!

It was rare for there to be true quiet in the Survey Corps headquarters. In the events where they lost comrades there were always comforting murmurs to be heard but it was then that there was a blanket of uncomfortable quiet over the base.

Levi sat doing paperwork in the infirmary, his eyes narrow and jaw clenched. The tension in the air could be cut with a knife. He glanced wordlessly to the titan shifter that lay in the bed once more. The sound of the younger's harsh breathing was just a shady reminder of the events from that day.

He had played it over and over again in his head; only wondering each time what he or the brat could've done to stop it, or at least lessen the terrors Eren would face in the aftermath of the incident. Everytime, the devastated Corporal came across the same conclusion. There hadn't been a damn thing they could've done with the little they knew - and Levi hadn't even been there, so why did he feel so responsible? He hadn't even been there, and yet he could see it all play through in his head as if he had.

Eren was working the stables. It was merely normal day until that exact point in time: training, eating, cleaning, it was nothing more he would expect from a day at headquarters. Eren stroked the neck of his horse, whom he was leading back to the barn from a short walk. The sky had been filled with clouds all day, but it seemed now that those mounds of gray cotton would dump at any moment. Eren had finished his duties and was ready to head back in after he returned his steed.

He tucked away his horse, again patting her snout as he turned to leave. Fat droplets of rainwater began falling fervently to the ground. A horse whinnied nervously, at what he assumed was the incoming storm. Eren turned to address the matter. And that was when he felt the pain.

It was hot and searing, spearing through his body from his lower back to his middle stomach. "Gahhhhh...!" he cried. He wanted to scream for help but all the air had left his lungs in shock. He looked down to the source of the agony. He nearly lost conscious at the sight of the sharp blade piercing his flesh. The tip of the blade was coated in slippery crimson. The flesh was flayed like a ripped up piece of paper, and around it the ragged edges were steeped in sticky, red pools. Eren gawked at the sight, his wavering mind wondering, Is this where I die? Here, instead of in the hands of a titan? He fell to his knees.

The teen couldn't see the face of the hooded figure that stood over him, but he would've known that uniform anywhere. The distinct forest green of the cape, and the blue and white wings displayed proudly on the back: the wings of freedom.

"Why...?" He could barely choke out the syllable, the blood seeping further into his body, and climbing up the back of his throat like bile. It began to leak from the corner of his mouth, spewing out as he coughed. The masked murderer turned their back on the crippled shifter.

Eren's vision slanted as they strolled away. Everything went black. But the pain remained. Even the solace of unconsciousness was disrupted by the toxins penetrating his body. The blade had been poisoned.

"L-Levi," came a hoarse voice. It broke his train of thought.

He almost flinched at the sound, gray eyes softening a bit as they reached his brat. "Eren," he replied steadily, "how are you feeling?" He cast his paperwork aside rather carelessly on a nearby end table.

Eren was silent a moment, "Like shit."

"Appropriate," the Corporal scoffed, "as you look like shit too." He earned himself a small smile.

One of the boy's hands reached out towards him, not demanding but offering. He accepted and grabbed the hand.

"What happened," he asked imploringly, "I heard what Hanji told me but I want to hear it from you."

"Not much else to tell, really," Eren breathed.

Levi frowned but accepted it, not missing the unsettled look that had appeared in the other's eyes. "How are you really feeling" he asked again out of sheer concern.

He wasn't lying when he had said the other looked bad. All of the color had left his face, leaving him looking drawn and pale. Even his vibrant eyes were dulled with fatigue and pain. It was startling to see such stark differences in such a short time period.

"Like I said, like shit. Everything hurts and it kinda feels like my insides are on fire," he murmured in evident pain. He grasped a bit tighter at the hand in his hold.

Levi's brows furrowed in response, "And Hanji still hasn't figured out what kind of poison was on that blade. Initially she said it wasn't anything she could easily recognize... if I find the bastard that did this I swear..."

Eren chuckled a bit, just fighting off the cough that wanted to escape, "Just try to keep them recognizable for their court date."

"No promises," he shot back immediately.

The titan shifter began acting strangely shortly after he had spoken, he seemed very discomforted by something.


When the boy's hand was yanked from his and placed at his mouth, Levi connected the dots.

"Shit... hold on," he called, grabbing the pail Hanji had placed by the door earlier. He hurriedly moved across the room and held it in front of the younger as he threw up.

The Corporal winced in sympathy, hand going to lay comfortingly on the other's back.

He continued to get sick until he was dry heaving, tears leaking from his eyes from exertion. When he finished he slouched back to lean against Levi, spent from his sick. He clutched wordlessly at his wounds, face scrunched up in pain. When he pulled his hand away, he was a bit surprised to find his palm stained red.

Levi nearly tossed the bucket aside as he noted this, "Fuck! I didn't even think about your stitches tearing…" He carefully lifted the boy's shirt, only to find the sutures had in fact torn. He snatched up a nearby cloth and gently pressed it into the wound. He grimaced when Eren gave a sharp cry of pain at the motion.

Having seen the wound himself, it became quite clear that the poison that was festering in the teen's body was fact acting. It was an angry red, clearly inflamed with settling infection - despite the fact that Hanji had cleaned it thoroughly several times. Eren's body in itself was radiating with heat, obviously a fever had set in as well.

Eren lay against the bed limply, eyes clamped shut with his teeth gnawing at his lip to prevent any discontented sounds from escaping. He hated having the Corporal see him as he was, it was humiliating.

Gray eyes scanned over the other swiftly, a pang of worry struck him.

Hanji had mentioned that it was quite possible for the poison to have several effects. She wasn't quite sure of the components of it, so there was no telling what was in store for the titan shifter. One thing was for sure, the endless possibility that lay before them was terrifying.

A knock sounded at the door just before it swung open to reveal the scientist herself. She stood silenced by the scene before her only momentarily before cursing and shooting forward, "What the hell happened?"

"He threw up and it tore some of the stitches," Levi replied quickly, moving out of her way and further up the bed to grab one of the teen's hands in his own.

Eren squeezed the offered hand and panted softly, sweat running down his face. He flinched as Hanji peeled off the cloth to get a look at his stitches.

"Shit," the brunette swore, grabbing up some nearby gauze and pressing it onto the wound.

Levi's eyes narrowed as he accepted Eren's death grip on his hand. Whoever had done this to his titan shifting shit was going to pay dearly for their actions. Murderous thoughts ran rampant through his mind, perhaps he should check on Erwin's progress in finding their culprit.

One glance at Eren made him rethink things - after he was sure the boy was settled again, he would go.

Hanji fixed her glasses wearily, "I'll have to redo the stitches at some point… and I need to clean out the wound again.. sorry Eren."

Eren shook his head and offered the scientist a pained smile, "It's alright… you're taking care of me so do wh-" He hissed as she shifted pressure, "D-Do what you need to…."

She nodded to him and grabbed up some nearby antibacterial solutions and some clean cloth. Hanji soaked one of the cloths thoroughly with the cleansing fluid. The brunette woman hesitated before lifting the now red soaked gauze and gently rubbing around the wound.

The teen tried his best to keep himself from writhing about on the bed, focusing instead on clamping his hands around Levi's offered grasp and biting at the inside of his cheek. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he continued to try and prevent cries of pain from escaping

As the cleaning got closer to the wound, he could keep them back no longer.

Eren let out a pitiful whimper, his breath hitching in his throat.

Levi instantly began attempting to sooth the other, leaning down so that their foreheads touched. He even disregarded the fact that the other's face was sweating and hot to the touch. If it helped distract him, Levi would do it a hundred times over.

While his concern for the younger intensified, as did his rage at the culprit behind it all. It would be a miracle if he could keep himself from outright killing Eren's attacker.

When Hanji did the final cleaning stroke of her cloth, Eren gave a choked sob from the extreme burning sensation.

The teen hugged Levi close to him in an attempt to calm himself. His superior reciprocated the action readily, wrapping his arms around the other.

It wasn't very long after that when the boy went limp in Levi's arms. He pulled back quickly, relaxing only slightly when he realized Eren had only passed out.

"Is he out, then," Hanji questioned.

Levi nodded as he lowered his lover's prone form back onto the bed. Even in sleep, the other looked pained. It made the anger in the pit of his stomach rise again.

She seemed oddly relieved by the knowledge, "I was preparing to redo the stitches, that's why I cleaned so much. This will be much easier with him unconscious."

The Corporal seemed to consider her answer, "Take care of him until I return, I need to speak with Erwin."

Hanji observed him, noting the reluctance he had with leaving, "Alright, I'll stay here until you come back."

He gave her a swift nod and was off.

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