April Fool's Day Sonnet
April Fool's Sonnet


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Dedicated to Chris, as it was inspired by his April Fool's Day joke on the ML. His "press release" is appended at the end. ^_^


I raise my hand into a fist of rage,

Why am I teaching P.E. in this school?

Kagero's teaching history for wage,

And he who hired father is a fool.

Mikagami seems to be possessed;

He and Fuuko fight for Raiha's glance.

Domon's normal-- ever as obsessed,

Although with Fuuko, doesn't stand a chance.

My UBS had nothing to compare,

With torments from this current high school life;

Recca's too preoccupied to care,

He's more intent on Hime than this strife.

I guess I really ought to be content

That Kondo wasn't dragged to this event.

"Flame of Recca, the series that took Japan by storm, is back with all new episodes! However, some all new exciting changes have taken place for Recca and friends. Moving away from it's bishounen origins, Flame of Recca is now aimed at the Shoujo target audience, where we watch the lives of out beloved teenagers deal with life's issues. With the focus on the blossoming relationship between Hanabishi Recca and Sakoshita Yanagi, we follow the pair as they face various trials and tribulations in the course of their love, usually in the form of Kurei, Recca's evil brother and newly appointed physical education teacher. But is Kurei's intent solely revenge against Recca, or is it his growing interest in Yanagi? Not to be left out, we watch Kirisawa Fuuko deal with the affections of one Ishijima Domon, her loyal--but sometimes oblivious--friend, and the schools new choir teacher, Raiha, who seems curiously interested in Miss Kirisawa. Which man will win Fuuko's heart? However, Fuuko may have competition in the form of Mikagami Tokiya, who was recently possessed by the spirit of his dead sister, Mifuyu, who shows a secret passion for the handsome music teacher. What will happen when the already bishounen Mikagami is imbued with his sister's femininity? Will the equally bishounen Raiha fall for his advances? And what of Kouran Mori, the recently hired principal for the high school. Does his plans spell doom for our little group? Luckily, Kage Houshi, the schools history teacher, has her eye on Mori and his evil plans...but will it be enough to keep Recca and friends out of trouble? Everyone soon realizes that the hardships endured during the Ura Butou Satsujin are nothing compared to the ordeal of high school life. So join us, as we find out the answers to these compelling questions and see if everyone's favorite ninja and his hime will ever find the happiness they so deserve. Keep watching your local stations for "Flame of Recca: A Love Story"."