Calling Yoko


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"Can I buy you a drink?" The young man looked at Yoko hopefully. Yoko glanced over at him. "I've got one," she replied icily.

"Well… erm… I couldn't help but notice you across the room and I thought…" He went on for a little while. Yoko spent her time gazing into her own reflection in the bar mirror. Ooo, I'm beautiful, she thought smugly to herself. Men flock to me like moths to a candle… no wonder. Then she glanced over at the young man. Is he still babbling? She thought irately. He didn't seem to have either the looks nor the money to make him worth her while.

"So what you're saying," she interrupted smoothly, "Is that you were wondering if perhaps we could leave this place and perhaps find a nice movie somewhere… then perhaps find a club somewhere and go dancing…and who knows what after that." Yoko busied herself straightening the young man's collar and tie. They were crooked. If he was going to have the guts to ask someone like her out, he might as well take more pride in his appearance.

"Yeah! That's it," he said, blushing in embarrassment.

"You've got to be kidding," she said bluntly. "Get lost."

Crestfallen, the young man walked away and rejoined his friends across the room.

Yoko sipped her drink. He should find a nice, poor, plain girl. She'd be a better match for him than I. Her thoughts, however, were distracted by the arrival of a handsome man who took the barstool next to her and ordered himself a drink. Now, he's more my style… Yoko suppressed a wolfish grin. Surely this man would be putty in her hands… they all were.

The bartender fetched the man's drink and passed it over to him.

"Hello," Yoko said, mustering all of her charm into a brilliant smile. "My name is Yoko. Are you waiting for anyone?"

The man politely returned her smile. "Raiha here," he answered. "And no, I'm not really looking for anyone in particular… rather, I'm here on business."

"Oh?" Yoko feigned interested. "And what do you do?"

"At the moment, I'm a talent scout." Raiha took a small sip and smiled at Yoko.

"Talent scout?" Yoko's shoulders straightened, and she smoothed her hair down. "What kind of talent?"

"I'm looking for a young woman, about 20-ish, to be a referee at an upcoming event. The pay is admirable, and the girl I choose can even get free housing out of it. A lovely apartment in a very upperclass district."

"Really?" Yoko frowned and knit her brows together. If I can save myself that much rent… and get that much extra money out of it all… I could buy a whole new wardrobe! Two or three new wardrobes! Excitement gleamed in her eyes. "Well," she said, softening her voice to a purr, "How would one apply for this job?"

Raiha surveyed her calmly. "The position is by invitation only," he answered. "You look like you're interested."

Yoko nodded. "Perhaps," she said airily. Best to not seem too desperate… "But out of curiosity, say."

"Well," Raiha replied, finishing off his drink, "Perhaps we can discuss the details over dinner."

Yoko nodded enthusiastically. "Yes!" she answered, slipping on her coat and grabbing his right arm. "I know just the place." She propelled him out the door.

Raiha allowed himself to be led away from the bar. His free hand was in his coat pocket. His fingers slid over the form of the photograph at the bottom. It was a photo of Yoko.

I got her for you, Kurei-sama, he thought.