Defeat of the Requiem: Neon's Sonnet  
Defeat of the Requiem:
Neon's Sonnet

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I stood upon the porch and rang the bell,
The red-and-blue haired girls were at my side;
With no family or friends, our life was hell,
But pleasant-smiling Kurei took us inside.

Soon we were ensconced as Kurei's maids,
And loyally, we worked to make him proud;
Until the murder of our Kurenai--
Then as Uruha we asked to be allowed.

We fought to make our master well and pleased,
Hoping we could somehow assuage his pain;
Yet through our murdering fingers those two squeezed--
So they're alive... and I shall die in shame.

I close my eyes and waiat the final blow--
I'm pleased to die for you, I hope you know.