Hey guys! I know, you were expecting me to continue Monsters that Mend And I will. But for now, I wanted to (and attempt to) do Swan Queen Week! SO I hope you all enjoy these, and I hope you review those lovely thoughts of yours. So, ah... I guess a short summary?

While on the ship to save their son, they are not having the best day. Regina, is attempting to keep a pirate at bay. Emma, is just looking for a bed.

Now, without further ado, please,

Enjoy. ~ JoyfulTrouble

"You have got to be kidding me." Emma exclaims, as she walks into her newly assigned room on Hook's ship. It was bad enough that they were stuck on this smelly ship, with a captain that smelt worse. The room was dimly lit by only one lantern that sat on the table in the back. The floor creaked at every step, and this room seemed to smell something to rum, and dare I say it, sex. On one of the wooden walls, is a hammock rocking lightly side to side with a pillow and a thin blanket under it. On the opposite wall, lays a hammock with a large gash right through the middle, leaving it useless. There wasn't even a blanket.

The one bed would have been fine, as long as she had her own room. But as life liked to play its evil games, she was paired up with non-other than Regina Mills herself.

"Killian!" The blonde shouts, hanging onto the door frame, and shouting into the hall repeatedly. "Damn it, Killian!"

"Is that really necessary?" Regina asks, looking at the decorations in the room. There was a very inappropriate painting of a mermaid centered in the room, and Regina was wounding what other paintings this ship could possibly be sporting. Emma yells for the pirate once more, and Regina tries not to cringe at the full out wail Ms. Swan was using.

"Yes, this is completely necessary." She shouts over her shoulder, "Now, Killian, I swear, get your ass down here now!"

After a moment, heavy footsteps could be herd walking down stairs, getting louder as they came closer to their room. They moved at a leisurely pace, and they could almost sense the arrogance as he walked. Regina sighed, and Emma stepped back to allow the pirate into their quarters.

Hook was dressed in his usual abundance of leather, and his eye's covered in eye liner, like always. He smelled like a bottle of rum, and he looked too happy for someone about to get yelled at.

"Well, love, missed me already?" Hook said, taking a step closer to Emma.

"In your dreams." Emma scoffed, crossing her arms and staring daggers at hook.

"Then why else would you be calling me?"

"Why I am calling you, is because there is only one bed in this room." Emma points to the one hammock that is actually intact. She then points to the other, not so fortunate one. "See? We need a new room."

"Ah, yes, the bed has been through some good times." Hook said, with a look of pride in his eyes. Regina decided then to speak up, also starring daggers at him.

"Can you please keep the details to yourself? Or are you incapable of doing such a simple task?" Regina growled, taking a small step towards the pirate. She didn't want to get to close to the smell. Guy-liner was disgusting enough as it is to look at, and to be near? That was nauseating.

"Oh, wouldn't you like to find out, your majesty." Hook spat back, taking a step closer. Even though Hook was taller, Regina still had such a power to her that she even looked like she was taller. As Hook took another step, Regina had to hold back a gag. She was not exaggerating on the smell.

Even if it wasn't said, the tension between the two was clear. They were both battling for Emma's affections. Even though the blonde standing off to the side was oblivious to the fact. Which is probably why Hook was furious when the group put Emma and Regina together.

"What do you call a 'simple task'? Is that what you attempted to do on the hammock?"

"Hey! What is your guy's problem?" Emma stepped in-between the two, pushing them away from one another. She had no clue how this hatred started between them, but it was strong and annoying how often they fought.

"Well if guy-liner would stop all the-"

"How is it always my fault? You're the Evil Queen!"

"I said HEY!" Emma yelled, glaring back and forth at the two adults acting like children. She expected such actions from Hook, but Regina? This is new. "Look, we all are tired, let's just get this sorted, and we can all sleep. Agreed?" The only responses she got was a grunt from Hook, and a sigh from Regina.

"Fine, Emma, you can sleep in my room, my bed is big enough for t-"

"No!" Emma replied almost instantly, and that made Regina's hope rise exceptionally. Hook looked like a kicked puppy. "What I mean is, I'll just sleep on the floor, no worries."

"Are you sure, love?" My bed is very comf-"

"No, Killian, its fine, now please go."

"Yes, please go before you make the room smell worse."

"Oh, you think you're so perfect becau-

"Killian…" Emma says in a tone much like a disappointed parent scolding their child. Hook, again, like a child, grunts once more and storms out of the room. Slightly after, they heard a door slam in the distance.

Teeth, chattering together is the only sound that can be heard in Regina's room at the moment. It is somehow so loud that it drowns out the constant sound of waves hitting the ship. As Regina shifts slightly, she gets a better view of the sight of the noise. It's Emma laying on the floor, with no blanket. All she had was a pillow to support her head. Her skin looked more pale than usual, and her whole body shook. Regina looks with guilt at the sight. She didn't want her – such an absurd term – 'crush', to be so miserable on the floor. She insisted that Emma take the working hammock, and she could use the floor. But with the blonde's stubbornness, and the so called 'good will' all the Charmings had, she refused to take the bed.

There was no way she was getting any sleep.

Regina shifted once more, in an attempt to get more comfortable, but to also keep the blonde in sight. She was trying to get the courage to ask the blonde to get in the hammock with her. I have a blanket, and you don't, Ms. Swan. Yes, that seemed like a good point. It was true, and it was in favour to what Emma needed, without giving away some of her other intentions. And we both know that being closer together, we can use each other's body heat. No, that doesn't work. Yes, it was a true statement, but it was too close to I want to hold you in my arms and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Far to close. She'll just have to attempt to get her approval with what she has.

"Ms. Swan." Regina speaks hushed, still looking over at Emma. Emma barley moves, only opening an eye to stare back at the brunette.

"Yes, Regina?" Emma asks, her voice shaky from the cold.

"Ms. Swan, you look utterly frozen. There is no way you are getting sleep like that, and I suggest that you should use the-"

"I am not stealing the bed, Regina." Emma cuts her off, closing her eyes and turning over, so she is facing the other way.

"I am not asking if you want it, I am asking if you will share it." At that moment, Emma rolled back over, speechless, and Regina felt stupid for her choice of words. "What I meant was, we only have one hammock and one blanket between the two of us, it seems reasonable for us to share. Does it not?"

"Ah, well, I guess?"

"There is nothing to guess about. Now please, you are the one that suggested we needed to get some sleep, hmm? Now let's do exactly that. I hope that we are mature enough adults to do just that?"

Emma huffed out a 'fine' and slowly stood up from where she lay. The closer she got, the quicker Regina's heart started to beat. This was actually happening. Emma and she were actually going to be sharing a bed together. This was phenomenal and frightening all at once.

Emma stood in front of the hammock where Regina lay, contemplating how this was going to happen. Regina couldn't help but smirk slightly at Emma's confusion.

"Ms. Swan, it's a hammock, there is no other way to sleep other than laying side by side."

"Yeah, sorry, right." Emma mumbled, and was that a blush? Oh, this couldn't get any better.

Regina turned so she was facing the wall, attempting to give as much room so Emma could lay down. She couldn't stop the grin on her face when she felt Emma sit down and shift to laying on her back.

With the way the hammock was curved, Emma's whole right side was touching my backside. From Emma's arm on my back, to her legs touching mine. It was a warmth I could get used to, all too quickly.

Emma shifted again, very much trying to get comfortable, and it didn't seem that is was working.

"Emma, just do what you have to do to get comfortable, so we can sleep? Instead of you fussing through the whole night." Regina didn't notice the fact that she used Emma's first name, but what she did notice was Emma shifting. Emma mumbled a shy 'ah, okay' and shifted so her front was to the brunette's back. What was surprising though, was the bold move of Emma slinging her arm over Regina's midsection, and sighing in content.

Regina only tensed for a second before basking in the comforting warmth of the saviors hold. Never would she have thought that Emma would willingly hold her, but she wasn't going to question this. Except for maybe does this mean my feelings for her are mutual? But even that question was ignored, because the answer was to frightening.

It wasn't long after that, with Emma holding her close, did they both fall asleep peacefully.

Emma woke up to heavy waves smashing against the ship, as well as Hook's angered yelling. She grunted lightly, and cuddled back into the warmth beside her. She sigh contently wand was starting to drift back to sleep, when she realized something wasn't right.

Emma's eyes shot open wide, looking down at the heat source. It was Regina, curled into her side. Her head resting on Emma's chest, and arm draped around her middle. She let out a little, very out of character, whimper, in which she got impossible closer to the blonde. When she deemed the position satisfactory, she let out a soft sigh, and continued to sleep soundly.

Regina was so beautiful at that moment. Not that she was any less beautiful awake. But she looked so peaceful, free of any troubles. Emma huffed out a laugh, thinking that she was starting to sound like a romance novel. Though, even despite that thought, she couldn't help herself but to lean down and kiss Regina's temple.

She was shocked last night when Regina asked her to sleep with her. She didn't know what to say. Regina Mills, the one person she was falling for, asked her to share the bed. Then she told her to get comfortable? That's when the blonde said screw it, either go big or go home, so she cuddled into the mayor, and held her with her arm. It was the best sleep she's had in ages.

Regina started to stir then, slowly lifting her head to look up at the savoir. As soon as she did, her eyes widened, looking between the blonde, and the current position she was in. She was rather embarrassed about this position. It seemed that it gave to much away, revealed to much, that she-

"God, you're beautiful." Emma whispered, staring into coffee coloured eyes. She surprised both of them, as neither were expecting that. Regina tried to play if off, by replying "Well, good morning to you too, dear." But deep down she was contemplating every reason why Emma would say such a thing, other than she likes me back.

Emma was contemplating what to say. Apparently her mind was speaking for itself, no filter or anything. So, she was wondering if she should pretend it never happened, or to continue with the situation she just caused for herself. Well, might as well.

"You're amazing, and funny, and very caring." Emma went on, as Regina just stared at her. "You have the most deep, soulful eye's I have ever seen."

"What are you doing, Ms. Swan?" Regina asked. It sounded harsher then she intended, but she was in awe, and confused at what she was hearing.

"I… well I was trying to-" Emma tried to explain, but was cut off by Regina.

"Please, Emma, get to the point." Regina looked so vulnerable at that moment that Emma's mind once again spoke without filter.

"I'm falling for you." Emma whispered, staring at the scar just above the brunettes lip. Regina didn't say a word, just inched closer and closer, until their lips met in a searing kiss.

"I'm falling for you, too."