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Warning : Kuroko no Basket doesn't belongs to me. This story may contain elements you don't like, such as heart breaking scenes, Akashi somewhat cheating with another girl and future divorce. And major plot twist at the end. Rated M for future smut, coming in Chapter One.

Love Me for Thirty Days





"There is no such thing as a "broken family." Family is family, and is not determined by marriage certificates, divorce papers, and adoption documents. Families are made in the heart. The only time family becomes null is when those ties in the heart are cut. If you cut those ties, those people are not your family. If you make those ties, those people are your family. And if you hate those ties, those people will still be your family because whatever you hate will always be with you."

C. JoyBell C.

There would be a day when the life you thought was filled with euphoria was false and replaced with something even worst. There would be a day when you thought life doesn't really revolve around you.

"Let's divorce."

It was unfair. That life had to be that way.

The words doesn't sound proper, doesn't feel it was right, doesn't feel like they came from Seijuurou's lips after all. Tetsuya had been taken aback, and with his glossy azure pools he was dumbfounded to see a firm-looking Seijuurou. This wasn't the Seijuurou he remembered, not the one he knew, not the one he loved since middle school years. This was the new redhead, descended from Hell to tell bad news about their marriage.

But he was true to his words. The latter had wanted to break off their everlasting – could it still be counted as lasting if it was to be like this? – marriage. The household they had built, the future they'd planned and dreamt like childish fools back then, shattered just by a mere two-word sentence. Tetsuya felt his fists clenching. He wanted to yell, to have his soon-to-be teary eyes plucked out and plunged into darkness, to be lying on the cold tiles amidst the winter season, lifeless. Because why? The question rounded his mind. Why was his husband doing this? Wasn't he good enough?

And the blunette felt the question rose upon his quivering lips.

"Because. . . my father said so."

"Then, why didn't your father said so eight years ago? Why must now?! Why must it was the time when everything was already perfect," he breathed out shakily, having crystalline droplets fell down to the cherub yet rosy cheeks, his cries coming down like a cloudburst, the argument a thunderstorm. He had pressed the word perfect because, really, everything was already in places. Seijuurou was fine yesterday, and the days before, and the previous months – the last eight years.

So, why must it be happening now?

"A girl," was the response.

"A girl? You're cheating on –"

"It was for an heir for the Akashi family," he paused briefly, the tone similar, "My father. . . we. . . we didn't want our family clan to end just like that." And sorry to say, that I've fallen to her more than I love you.

"So. . . you're throwing me away just because of some other slut can give you a baby?!" Gone was the gentle person, and the red-haired man found himself facing a demon, one that he created with his cheeks hinted scarlet and eyes that defy orders. "Or you're just scared to tell me I'm not good enough to be loved anymore! That. . . that I'm not good for you. . ."

"I didn't say that. . ."

"Oh, but you will." The blunette turned and sobbed and sighed. He had his fingers raked the soft, baby blue tufts stressfully. "Alright, Akashi. I'll let you go," finally, whispered the sobbing mess.

It actually sent the redhead baffled toward the straightforward response. Somewhere deep inside where there was still a place for his spouse, the redhead felt hurt and offended. He woke from his trance with his mouth agape, and somewhat dazed. Was it sarcasm or the sharp words sincere enough to be taken lightly?

The Akashi almost replied too hopefully. "R-really?"

"But under one condition."

Seijuurou snorted. Of course, it wouldn't be that easy. Tetsuya had been under his influence, had been living under the same roof, had been talking with him for God knows how many years long already. Since middle school, the only thing he vaguely remembered.

"Whatever it is, I'll agree to you because. . ." It's the final deal.

Tetsuya smiled. If he'd have his old feelings returned, the redhead would melt under the blunette's charm, captivated by the intoxicating smile and had his breath abruptly halted just from the half-lidded but pallid blue eyes that gazed in tender and chaste mien. But tonight, the Akashi heir had been cold, unresponsive, heartless even. And he replied to nothing from the smile. Only, he scowled when the deal was presented to him. "Love me once more for thirty days."

"What is the meaning of this? That long –"

"Otherwise, I wouldn't allow you to break off our marriage. We'll be living under a roof but we'll be strangers. We wouldn't be talking to each other. Hell, I won't even look at you Seijuurou. And whoever that girl is, she could sleep at the lawn if you'd ever bring her home," anger and disgust slicked in the once soft voice, now it came like winter icicles stabbing the redhead's chest. He actually felt guilty. Tetsuya continued once he made sure his spouse had the mismatched chips glued against his own. He inhaled sharply and proceed, "So listen to whatever deal I'm going to put here."


It was a spat. Seijuurou putting that tone to his lover – a sign the world was near its end, it seemed.

"First of all, make sweet love to me every night; treat me like how you used to treat me before, tender and cautious like I'm supposed to be a fragile being. Hold me like how you held me for the first time. . . The night after the wedding ceremony," Tetsuya had his eyes closed as he smiled upon the recollection, "And. . . carry me every morning in your arms until you're about to go to work."

The red-haired lad flinched, honestly he did. The deal was either too much or incredulous. But for the sake of his future wife, for the sake of his family, for the future heir he was about to have, Seijuurou knew better than to refuse – and he was ready to risk his thirty days.


With the words said, the man stepped forward to the staircase and headed to their bed chambers. Tetsuya knew he'd be going to shower and sleep on his own, and did nothing to stop his said lover. Or soon-to-be ex-lover. Whatever.

The blunette froze on the soles of his feet, the thick rivulets streaming non-stop and he pulled his eyes closed. The hand clasping his lips did nothing to cease the loudness of his cries. Weak-kneed, he found himself sinking deeper till his buttocks greeted the floor. He was hoping it was all but a dream and when he wakes up, Seijuurou would give him the familiar, loving smile and swooped his feet down with a blissful kiss. But it wasn't happening. He knew that, despite his constant chants of pinch me please under his ragged breaths. It wasn't a dream. No matter how much he blinked under the bright intensity of the chandelier, it was real. The deal was real. The words were real. That Seijuurou had been real.

He huffed and glanced upon the dinner he had prepared, barely touched by the two of them. Their bickers had led them to this – no, Seijuurou's request had led them with no dinner, and a night spent with an empty stomach and a broken heart. Tetsuya sat down, alone, wiped his tears with the hems of his sleeves. Slowly and weakly, his staggering hands picked his chopsticks as he bid his prayers, long and hopeful and woeful and melancholy.

The white, sealed envelope wasn't yet delivered.


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