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No. I do not plagiarise anyone, in fact I don't even read KPOP nor do I listen to that anymore nor do I know what the fuck is that HAHAHAHAHA I AM SERIOUS! I thought I made myself clear that I'm inspired BY THE REAL PROMPT ITSELF /coughcoughs AND A MALAYSIAN MOVIE. To be honest, this idea is actually popular so there are many writing them. BUT HEY, I MADE LOTS OF RESEARCH when I was sixteen, I worked hard for it because I don't want it to have the same ending as other prompts, so I don't choose typical death this time. In fact, I also gain inspiration from The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks and so on, before connecting the pieces. (I'm saying I ain't cheap enough to copy someone else, if I do I'll ask permission to use the same idea but I'll alter the ideas). I felt the need to defend my story, and yeah - that kinda hurts me.

Warning : Horny basketball sessions.

Love Me For Thirty Days






"I'm here. I love you. I don't care if you need to stay up crying all night long, I will stay with you. If you need the medication again, go ahead and take it—I will love you through that, as well. If you don't need the medication, I will love you, too. There's nothing you can ever do to lose my love. I will protect you until you die, and after your death I will still protect you. I am stronger than Depression and I am braver than Loneliness and nothing will ever exhaust me."

― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love

It felt odd when it should not have been odd. And when it should have been right, it felt like it was going to be wrong all over again. That one morning, a certain blunette was able to rise in the morning to find a pair of dual-coloured eyes captured his soft, pallid blue — thrumming heartbeat rushing a sudden adrenaline, he couldn't stop smiling — he couldn't stop feeling.

What had felt wrong back then, it all felt like it was right now.

"Morning," he giddily wished, attempting to cover half of his face with the quilt only to be stopped by the taller Akashi himself. One finger slid to the quilt, and he slowly peeled the covers away from the whining blunette.

"I'd like to see your face," why were they whispering? It was morning, and they were all by themselves. But the ghastly words ghosting over thin lips seemed to double their intimacy even more, so Tetsuya could never care less. "And morning to you too, Tetsuya."

Oh the way his name was purred, each syllables rolled at the tip of his tongue, the blunette knew he could not take any more of these warm feelings. Each second he was within the range close to his spouse, the redder his face had became. Brighter than the scarlet tufts, than that one eye with the shade of raw blood.

"We really need to get up," he squeaked, "We spent the whole day cuddling, for Kami's sake."

"Hey, today's weekend too," Seijuurou leaned down to peck at his tiny nose. He missed this kind of moment on which they just do nothing for the whole day, only to be in each others' arms; he missed the sensation of having to feel the smaller one squirming in delight because of him. "Let's just do some stupid stuffs today."


The redhead resumed his thoughts. There were so many things they could do at this moment, like taking advantage of Tetsuya's polaroid for an instance — or they could just cuddle — or they could ride their way to another part of town, had a nice dinner there — or they could just cuddle.

Or the fact that they could do a part of the deal, or many parts of it if Tetsuya wanted to.

"You're thinking about that again. . ." he heard a low, slightly down groan from said Tetsuya, pallid blue eyes intently watching him deriving his thoughts.

Seijuurou, of course, couldn't stop his scowl even if he wanted to. "It doesn't make sense, Tetsuya."

"We don't make sense?"

"No. . . Not us," he huffed, hauling himself to sit — Seijuurou was topless, that was what had make the blunette so hot, he was almost burning — "The deal, it doesn't make sense."

Tetsuya, by now, had joined the other by his side, he slid one hand past the other man's arm and landed his palm against a built chest, resting one cherub cheek against the back. "We might as well rejoice thirty days of fucked up drama, don't you think so?"

"Do you still wanted to. . .?" Seijuurou heaved out a sigh, long and shaky and thoughtful and stressed. "I thought everything's fine."

Tetsuya was silent.

They both knew the answer fairly well. If everything was fine, the squeeze in their chests would have stopped since yesterday, the over thinking would go away and their heads would be clear. But no, life doesn't simply solve its way easy in a maze of challenges.

"This isn't about me anymore, it's for you. This deal, this divorce, this pain that only you would carry out in the future. By then, I'd be a spouse by name and by signature on some papers, but I won't even remember who this. . ." the blunette trailed, even with determination in azure pools, deep morose was written all over his face. He pulled the redhead to face toward him, and cupping gently at Seijuurou's cheeks, and so he continued; "this amazing man I've met ever since I'm in secondary school, this amazing man I've spent almost half of my life by now, I wouldn't remember you, Sei." He gulped, "It would pain me as much as it pains you soon."

"B-But," oh dear Kami, since when he had started to tremble. Seijuurou glanced at the slight quiver at one hand, terrified at the commotion — of every commotions that occurred now — but he only calmed down slightly when he felt the cold touch against his face again, and he leaned closer to the touch, seeking closer. "Where would you go?"

"In your heart," the blunette snorted.

The two laughed at how cheesy that sounded, but there was a crippling truth to the cringe.

"Well I can't deny that."

"I know you'll love me," Tetsuya's mischief multiplied, "Forever."

Seijuurou's whole built was racking with a different kind of vibration as he held back his laughter, "No, Tetsuya. Stop being cheesy."

"Said the one who wanted to cuddle since yesterday," snorted the said smaller man, leaning closer until both of their foreheads were touching, "What were you saying just now? I want to see your face, or something like that," It was funny that he mocked Seijuurou's voice. That was, of course, a rare occurrence. Despite the mockery, the redhead had to admit Tetsuya would make a better actor.

"Oh — Did I just said that?" the redhead smirked, "I'll take it back."

He pulled the covers and dove them back into it, diving into Tetsuya's playful screams and soon enough, they were drowning in each others' arms again.

And so, Seijuurou did brought him somewhere — not downtown, of course. As wealthy as he was, and the fact that it made Tetsuya had good fortunes to wed one with a lot of cash and properties, he knew the blunette wasn't one to fancy lavished restaurants or high class bistros. Instead, the redhead sneaked some wine from his office, an overseas brand of course — Lapostolle's — packed up the Jell-Os and convenience store ham sandwiches Sakura had been storing in their fridge; and brought him all the way to the Seirin.

The blunette looked at him with an incredulous expression, eyeing the redhead but putting up a smile which meant full trust.

"Basketball? Really?"

Seijuurou shrugged, "Couldn't find any other ways to entertain you," a small curl on his lips, "Besides, nobody's here to interfere us anyway," he closed their gaps of in-between, until both bodies were pressed against each other and he ravished the smaller male's luscious lips, "I get to attack you for real, of course," he purred.

Tetsuya giggled before pushing him off, "Ah, screw you Sei-kun! Well, if we're gonna play, we might as well play for real." There was a glint of shared mischief in his blue eyes, the redhead took the hint very well.

They started the game, feeling very well like their teenage selves once again. The two of them, in sweatshirts and swift, cautious movements. It started out fair, according to Seijuurou at least. It was adorable, how the blunette tried to regain his skills once again. That doesn't mean he was not as sloppy though. But the fact that Tetsuya was attempting to steal the orange ball from Seijuurou's strong grip, and each time he slid himself close to the redhead, he moved behind Tetsuya to grope on his ass.

Multiple times, in fact.

Tetsuya tried closing their gaps once again, but he slid his arm against the blunette's chest, brushing against his sensitive part before turning and threw the ball straight to the loop.

The taller Akashi retained himself from laughing.

"That's cheating!" After only twenty minutes of the game, Tetsuya was already a flushing mess.

"Are you calling quits now?" He smirked slyly.

If that's how you want to play the game, so be it. Tetsuya gritted his teeth, regaining his wasted breathe (he was trying to kept himself from being horny). "Of course not."

What seemed like a dance between those two for a sharp five minutes, between twirling to protect his possession (the ball, okay) and having to grind his ass against Seijuurou's own sensitive front area (blessed the gods, he was wearing thin material). He heard the redhead groaning, but he kept his chase to the point before noticing the redhead keeping up to him, and having him wrapped around strong arms. Retaliating, Tetsuya opted to continue his schemes, but he clumsily threw the ball before knowing the redhead was pulling him to fall against the cold surface.

It was just miracle that the ball successfully slid into the net, and the two went into an amazed pause for a brief while until the redhead ghosted his lips over Tetsuya's shell of ear. "Playing sneaky, aren't you?"

"You, hn," the blunette was totally feeling it, the heat and lust singing in the ambience, "You're the one starting it, ah —"

Since he was on top of the taller male, he felt Seijuurou's south region tenting up. Squirming was making the hard on worst, and it wasn't helping that Seijuurou was violating his ear, his neck and then his collarbone.

It started from small bites, chaste and experimental, to the pink tongue poking out to give long, exploring licks to his neck. Then, it became a mix of two — biting, nibbling, licking and basically ravishing every part of his body. The blunette couldn't contain himself anywhere, wantonly moaning without shame.

Two bodies against cold surface of a basketball court. Somewhere far, the orange ball was left forsaken and forgotten.

One hand traveled south, tugging the rubber band of Tetsuya's jogging pants and pushed the garments to release the pained, leaking member whilst grinding his own against perky ass. Another hand was busy occupying itself with a pert nipple; tugging, twisting, pinching.

"S-Sei, we're in. . . hn," he mumbled incoherently but the redhead was still going on with his demonstrations. His voice was getting louder, he just hoped they were actually, truly alone in his old school.

Fingers stroking his member, languid and cherishing the moment — but Tetsuya was becoming impatient, he signaled the redhead with a long moan, and a thrust of his hip against the crotch below him. In response, Seijuurou growled back and his pace quickened before releasing his grasp — Tetsuya hadn't even cum yet. Soon, the fingers traveled elsewhere — somewhere lower and in centre, prodding his entrance with two digits in an instant.

"Oh — th-there." Seijuurou was knuckles deep, digging into Tetsuya's prostrate, fondling with it and scissoring his area. It felt odd, that he could still remembered every area of the blunette's body.

"Kami, I don't think I can wait anymore," the redhead whispered close to his ear, lips occasionally kissing the reddened tip. With both south and north region occupied, he couldn't help but released a long, throaty voice — singing straight to Seijuurou's dick.

"Oh Kami, oh — S-Sei, did you just got bigger?!"

"I can't help it," he flipped the frail blunette to face him, and soon their foreheads and lips made contact. They kissed hard and desperate, tongues lapping against each other and their hums sent ripples to their spine.

Too much pleasure building up, both of their members stroking each other, their hips thrusting uncontrollably. By now, Seijuurou had his hands exploring the curves and edges of his lower body, smoothing over the plump butt cheeks and traveled higher to his back, whilst the blunette could only helplessly run his tongue in Seijuurou's mouth and clinging to his dear neck.

"P-Put it in, S-Seiiii. . ." it was like he was singing in pure pleasure. Seijuurou loved that.

When he only made it from the tip, the smaller male had began thrusting his hip erratically as if he was vibrating, and white strands of liquid squirting out from his small dick.

Seijuurou couldn't help laughing, a breathy one which aroused the other male even more. "Wild, aren't we?"

"I. . ." if he could go any redder than now, he would, but his whole face was a bright scarlet shade, almost as if he was glowing. The blunette rested his face against Seijuurou's shoulder bone, "Just go."

Without anymore hesitation, Seijuurou pushed in, and Tetsuya gasped out a finally from his breathe. The thrusts were quick in each second, wild and desperate for release. It was like Seijuurou was getting bigger from just listening to the sounds Tetsuya was making.

Too hot. He was just too hot for the redhead to handle.

Closed eyes, flushed cheeks and tongue lolling out as if gasping for air, soft blue tufts sticking on the sweaty forehead, his bangs bouncing along the tempo of his thrust.

It felt too good.

Deeper, and deeper. Way balls deeper, until he could feel himself reaching the spot just as easy. To the point, he wasn't even going in and out, the light push was suffice to make the blunette trembling with pure goodness.

"Sei, Sei, Seiiii. . ."

"Tetsuya. . ." the name rolled against his tongue, tasted like heaven when he said it.

It felt right when once upon a time, he had felt so wrong.

And when the two released, Seijuurou cumming deep inside Tetsuya — the two dreaded for next week to come to finally seal what they have built within their precious twenty-two days.

"I love you, Sei," Tetsuya whimpered, pressing himself against the redhead who was still inside him somehow. He clung to the redhead, seeking the comfort that was the afterglow.

And this time, Seijuurou responded with an equal of three words.


Mozu : I know it's been a month! I know I've been busy with South Park, but tadah!

I love you all, I love this fandom, I love how through this story I gain friends. I promise I'll finish it this year!

-Mozu The Mochi (2018)