Ch. 1 First Day

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"Kagome get up, you're going to be late for school! The voice rang through the room, waking me up from my not-so-peaceful dreams.

I rolled off the bed and covered my eyes, some idiot, probably Souta, had opened up my blinds, and the sunlight was pouring in. I crawled out of underneath my covers, and glanced at the clock, I had a good two hours to get ready for her first day of school, two hours that I could have been sleeping.

"Good morning" mom chirped as I came down for breakfast, I hate morning people. I grumbled something in response and sat down at the table. I was still in my pajamas and decided I needed food in order to remember how to put my shirt on. I looked down at my plate of food while my mom hummed cheerfully. I really hate morning people.

I was sitting on the floor trying to figure out why the socks on my feet didn't look right (maybe it had something to do with them being two different colors), when I noticed out of the corner of my eyes an old picture album...

It had only been two weeks ago when it had arrived, I had been staring out the window into the rain, when I noticed a man walking towards our house I couldn't make out much about him except that he was very tall. I kept on staring I felt a chill go up my back, something's wrong I jumped from my seat and flung the door open before he got a chance to ring the doorbell. He looked at me curiously for a second before I said, "Hi, can I help you?"

"Yes, My name is Richard Blake is Mrs. Higurashi home?"

I nodded and opened the door wider gesturing for him to come in. My mom greeted him and sat down at the table, then motioned for him to do the same. He handed my mom a letter, and she carefully opened it; her look darkened as her eyes scanned the paper, I stood there nervously wondering what it said. At that moment my mom looked up and gave me a look that said "Kagome could you please leave? This is a grown up issue". I gulped and left the room later on that night I would find out that my dad's mom, Grandma Shina, had died.

She had left me a picture album, the same one that I was staring at...

"Kagome get off you're ass, you're gonna make me late" Souta yelled from the hall way

"Be right down" I didn't feel up to yelling at the kid, I wasn't the only one starting at a new school.

I grabbed my new school uniform and yanked it on. I walked over and stared at my reflection in the full-length mirror. 'The skirt's pretty short' I spun around quickly in a vain attempt to get my skirt to twirl up. 'oh well' I sighed, 'it's not like the skirt really needs the ability to fly up and flash people I fI ever get the overwhelming urge to spin.' I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs; Mom and Souta were waiting anxiously for me. "Let's go! We're going to be late," I yelled as I ran out the door.

We reached my nearly deserted school in five minutes flat, my mom drives fast, she doesn't believe in rules, they're too restricting, she passed this trait on to me so our habit of breaking traffic laws is like our own version of the mother-daughter bonding thing (though I never really got that concept, I mean it's not like you sit around gluing things to each other)

I hopped out of the car and waved to Souta and Mom. I turned back towards the school as she screeched off.

I took my first look at the campus, It was a large imposing red structure, designed to look like a gigantic brick. There were only a few students sitting on a few benches here and there a couple of them glanced at me, and I smiled but other than that no one noticed me. I don't really know what I expected, this was the first time I had ever moved and at my old school, people could tell a new kid from a mile away, because if they couldn't recognize them, then they weren't from our town, either that or they had had a trip to the plastic surgeon's.

I made my way into the building and headed the direction of the front office according to a badly worn, once-copper, sign that had been bolted to the wall.

The door to Myouga's, the name I had been given over the phone, office was locked. I peeked around the corner to see if there was anyone to help me find out what I was suppose to, but the hallway was empty. Maybe the door was just stuck, I jiggled and yanked on the doorknob.

"Just what do you think you're doing?"

I jumped and spun around, at first I thought I was look at a small child, that is until I noticed the mustache.

"Uh" I stood there for a second until I noticed I was staring, I quickly blushed and continued "I'm Kagome Higurashi I just transferred here they told me on the phone to come here..."I trailed off.

He raised an eyebrow suspiciously, "Fine," he pulled out a key and opened the door, "come in, I'm a busy man you know, I don't need to waste time with your dallying in the doorway."

I sat down in a scratchy wool chair facing his desk and was overcome with the smell of bleach as he shuffled through a manila folder on his desk. "Higurashi right?" he asked and I simply nodded as I began to stare at the, "No One's Too Cool For School" poster he had framed and hung on his wall.

He leaned down and pushed a button on his phone, "Please send in Miss Hiriastsku." A girl that looked about my age, Miss Hiriastsku, I guessed walked in and glanced at me before Myouga spoke again, "She" he pointed to the girl, "will show you around the school" he said annoyed.

"Hello, my name is Sango" she noticed Mr. Myouga's glare, "I hope you'll enjoy your wonderful experience here at Tokyo high" She added in a monotone.

Mr. Myouga handed her a piece of paper and motioned for us to leave, then, in case we didn't get it he added, "leave."

As we left the office she whispered to me, "makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't he?" I smiled; thank god after her show of enthusiasm in Myouga's officer I really didn't expect this girl, Sango, to have a sense of humor.

We walked around the building and she warned me about the teachers that I had, "I thought this student tour thing would suck but it's not half bad.'

"If you thought it would suck then why did you sign up for it?" I asked.

She snorted, "sign up for it, yeah, this is my detention, it works differently with different teachers but Mr. Myouga made me do this after I accidentally spilt my soda on him the other day" she rolled her eyes, "really he just couldn't find anyone stupid enough to voluntarily get stuck showing someone, possibly a loser or a jerk around for a day. So he goes around and gives students detections for nothing and makes them become a student buddy" she gestured to herself, "or sign up for a dance committee or something"

"Whooooo-whoooo" someone whistled. Sango and I stopped to look at a group of about five guys smiling and winking. Hopefully the guys didn't notice the immense blush covering my face as I turned around and began walking again, Sango rolled her eyes and ignored them, "losers" she mumbled.

"I don't even know them," I said.

"Do you have to?" Sango asked, "those guys will whistle at anything with legs and breasts that walk to close, they think that's the way you get women to like you."

The bell rang and she lead me to my locker and helped me deposit my stuff before we walked to history.

"Here it is" Sango pulled the door just as the late bell rang, the chaos that had been going on in the class stopped when we walked in, one kid yelled, "You're late." But everyone was staring at me, I felt like I was in one of those exhibits at the zoo, with the word "New Girl" labeled on my cage. The Teacher was elderly looking with her hair tied back in a ponytail "Hello I am Mrs. Keade, hmmm" she looked down at the papers that Sango had just handed her, "Class this is Kagome Higurashi, She just transferred to our school". I thought I heard another low whistle from the back of the class but ignored it.

"Hmmm," Mrs. Keade looked over the classroom "Kagome please take your seat behind Inuyasha" she pointed to a guy with silvery white hair (there is no way that it's natural),He grinned at me as I made my way past him.

I settled down in my chair looking around the room, I noticed a good looking boy my right side, he leaned over and whisper to me "Hi Kagome, I'm Miroku" he smiled at me and moved back into his seat, about two seconds before Mrs. Keade looked back at the class and started talking about Japan's Warring state era.

I looked back at the Miroku for a second. He was very attractive; he had dark hair and a little bit of it was pulled back into a small ponytail at the back of his neck. He had a clean-cut look about him. As I was staring he once again and turned to give me a charming smile... I blushed and quickly looked at the blackboard (clearly Mrs. Keade didn't know how to clean it).

I somehow made through the first three periods without getting lost, and on the way to lunch I ran into Sango again, "Hey do you want to eat lunch with me? I'm sure my friends will find you amusing, or at least cute."

I nodded I'd much rather eat lunch being "amusing" or "cute" than by myself.

She showed me the cafeteria, not that I believe I could have missed it since there was an enormous sign over the entrance saying in large Green words, "Cafeteria"

I bought a slice of pizza and followed Sango to an-already crowded looking table.

"Move over a seat Inuyasha" I looked over and saw the boy who had smirked at me earlier, I looked at everyone else sitting at the table there was one other girl and the rest were guys, one of which was Miroku, "well hello again Kagome"

"Hi" I waved back and sat down next to Sango.

"Everyone this is Kagome Higurashi" the few people at the table who had not already noticed my presence looked up from their lunches and mumbled hi.

"She just moved here," she pointed over to Miroku who was sitting across from me "this is Miroku"

"We've already met" he told her but smiling at me the whole time.

Sango rolled her eyes and continued, "Kouga" She pointed to an atheletic looking boy who had his hair pulled up into a ponytail. He grinned and took my hand "charmed", I smiled nervously at him before withdrawing my arm.

She pointed to a short boy with light brown hair "this is Shippou, he hasn't grown since second grade" he gave her an annoyed look then reached out and shook my hand; he was adorable I felt like I was shaking hands with a toddler. She pointed Over to the other girl at our table "Yura" the girl gave me a halfhearted smile. "and last but not least Inuyasha" she pointed on the other side of her to the gorgeous silvery haired boy.

"Hey" he grinned at me, I nodded and sat there shyly.

Sango, I guess, had picked up on my uneasiness, "Hey um Kagome are you doing anything tonight?"

I shook my head no. "Well then why don't you come over to my house, I'm having a couple friends over and you'd have a chance to meet some other people from our class" she smiled.

"sure" I answered, grateful for the invite.

Miroku leaned a bit towards me " so, does a beautiful girl like you have a boyfriend or do I have a chance?"

I smiled "no".

"No about the boyfriend or no about me having a chance?" he smiled, placed his arm closer to mine.

"No abou-" I was interrupted

"About you having a chance, Miroku" Kouga said smiling, "but don't let me stop you, Kagome do you have a boyfriend"

"Nope" I answered simply.

The kid with the silvery hair, Inuyasha, looked over at me, "you shouldn't have told them that, now you don't have an excus to get rid of them" he took a bite out of his sandwich, "what school did you come from anyways" he said with mild interest.

"Shikkon Shard High" I replied.

"Never heard of it" He shrugged and went back to his lunch.

When we were all finished we got up and went outside, we walked around for a moment before sitting at a picnic table. It was nice outside and I couldn't believe my luck, is it always this easy to move? As soon as I sat down I felt an arm come down over my shoulder and looked to see Miroku. "Umm" I said awkwardly, I didn't know what to do, if I freaked out I'd seem stupid, plus Miroku was cute, I didn't really know the guy and I wasn't really comfortable though. Luckily my dilemma was solved for me.

Inuyasha reached over and hit Miroku's arm, "Miroku leave the girl alone"

"Why?" Miroku looked at me, "If you want me to leave you alone you'll say something right?"

"can't you tell she's uncomfortable" Inuyasha asked Miroku, "Kagome are you?" he asked me sincerely.

I nodded and Miroku begrudgingly pulled his arm away.

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful it kind of just continued like that, Miroku hit on me Inuyasha hit him. Sango told me to get used to it, this was just how

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