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Ch. 65 God Save the Queen

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I felt my breath speed up, as I pulled my arm back. 'Maybe, maybe I didn't touch him hard enough (please get your mind out of the gutter, it wasn't meant that way).' I reached out and grab his arm again.

"Kagome, what the hell are you doing?" Inuyasha looked half angry half confused. But I wasn't paying any attention. The green lights...

There were none.

I looked down and blinked, breathing heavily, 'I should have known it wouldn't work'

"Kagome?" Inuyasha asked, this time out of concern.

His voice irritated me, I didn't want to have to deal with this, explain it; I had enough to deal with.

I turned and sprinted back to the car, "Kagome did it-" I cut Yura off by shooting her an icy glare.

They drove me home, patted me on the back, hugged me, "It's ok Kagome", "we'll try again" ("we can try again can't we?")

I didn't cry the whole way home, but as soon as we stepped into my house the tears came bursting out, flooding my face, and I bent over gasping for air.

My mom walked in the room, and quickly came over to me, "Kag, honey sit down, sit down" I sat down on the couch hold my stomach, I felt like I was going to throw up.

"Mom" I took another breath between sobs, "it didn't work, you can only try the spell once, there were no green lights..." I began to ramble incoherently as my breathing sped up again.

My mom sat down next to me and put her hands on my knees, "calm down kag, there is a good reason that the spell didn't work"

I snapped out of my hysteria and looked at her, "what?"

My mom stood up and glanced at a vase of flowers on the table, "well honey, earlier while you were all doing that counter curse, I decided to go through grandpa's journal again." She looked at me anxiously.

That look made me nervous, I held my breath as she continued.

"Well it seems that two of the pages had been stuck together by mustard, you know how grandpa like to eat while he wrote," she glanced at me again, "and I remember noticing that the journal had just stopped in mid sentence about the curse and then started talking about how his hip was acting up, but then this was grandpa, and you know he was always a bit senile"

Now she was just procrastinating, "mom, the point" I said hoarse from my crying.

"Well, hon, remember it was a mistake, and everyone, even moms make mistakes-"


"Well in the page that I skipped because of the mustard, it sort of said that the curse only pertained to one generation above him; his parents, who were already dead, his generation; him and grandma, and one generation below him; dad." She looked at me and nervously chewed on one of her nails.

The realization of what she had just said took a minute to sink in, 'that means that there was never actually a curse that was going to kill Inuyasha...'

I reached out and picked up a large metal paper weight off the desk next to me.

"Honey, you have the right to be angry but violence won't make you feel any better" My mom said taking a step back.

"That's you opinion, I think I would feel much better" I threw the paper weight purposely at the vase of flowers on the table.

My mom looked relieved and Yura tactly remarked, "if it was my mom I would have heaved the damn thing at her head"

"So..." Sango said trying to disturb the uncomfortable silence.

I looked at her, "want to go for a ride?"


With Sango driving (she refused to let me drive) we arrived at Inuyasha's house shortly after midnight.

Sango turned off the car and we all got out. Yura took a look at the house, "the lights are out, what are we going to do now?"

But I wasn't listening to her I had spotted Inuyasha's rock lined driveway and walked over to pick up one. Sango and Yura walked up to me and after studying the large house for a moment we found which window was Inuyasha's. I grasped the rock in my hand and gave it a good toss, it hit the window and we waited for a moment for something to happen.

"Nothing's happening" Sango observantly pointed out.

I looked at her, "really? I didn't notice"

"Try again" Yura said excitedly, she like the thought of throwing rocks at people's houses in the middle of the night apparently.

But I picked up another rock anyway in lui of a better idea. I threw this rock a little harder this time, hoping maybe someone would hear-"


The lights in the house went on as we dove behind the car. "Kagome!" Sango whispered angrily at me.

"I didn't mean to break it" I peaked out from behind the car to glance at Inuyasha's shattered window.

I could hear Inuyasha and his dad talking;

"What the hell was that- look at your window"

"I'll go down and check if they're still here dad, it's probably some stupid neighborhood kids"

"Alright, then you can sleep in the guest room till tomorrow when we can get all of this glass out of here"


I heard a door shut. Damnit, this wasn't how this was suppose to work it was suppose to be romantic, with kissing and stuff, not the police and smashed windows.

I heard Inuyasha's front door open and close.

"What was that?" Whispered Yura.

"Shh" I tried to silence her.

I heard Inuyasha's footsteps approaching the car, "anyone out here? The cops will go easier on ya if you go ahea-"





Inuyasha had come around that side of the car, and we had all screamed.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" Inuyasha half yelled half whispered at us.

"I was trying to get you to come out." I said sheepishly

"Haven't you ever heard of a doorbell?" Inuyasha asked.

"I thought you were sleeping" I tried to avoid looking him in the eye.

"So you broke my window?" he asked incredulously.

"I didn't mean to break your window, just to get your attention" I answered.

"Why? So that you could torture me further, and wheat is it an attack Inuyasha club or something?" he gestured towards Sango and Yura.

(Yes but it has exclusive membership)

"No Inuyasha I wanted to tell you I loved you" I said defiantly.

"Uhh" he raised and eyebrow, "what is wrong with you exactly?"

"Inuyasha, I couldn't tell you I loved you because then the curse would think you were like family but my mom was wrong because she couldn't read the page that the mustard had been stuck on" it sounded better in my head I swear.

"The question still stands" he gave me a funny look.

We sat down on the low wall, and Sango and Yura decided to walk over to the car and give us some privacy as I explained the whole story to him.

"And here I thought you were on crack all week" Inuyasha placed an arm around me.

I smiled, and leaned my head against his shoulder, "Kagome?"

"Yeah" I answered.

"Are you doing anything on Saturday" he asked casually.

"Going to the prom" I answered suddenly remembering something.

"Hey, me too, why don't we go together?" he said with mock surprise.

"What about you and Kikyo?" I asked him annoyed.

"I may have stretched the truth a little about her," he said meekly.

I jabbed him in the stomach, "I guess I could, but I'd have to make sure that Kouga is ok with it"

I could hear Inuyasha blush, "I guess I owe him an apology"

"Yeah" I said, "you do"

Inuyasha shifted his weight and turned back to stare at the window.

"Inuyasha, I already said I'd pay for it" I said annoyed.

"it's not that" he continued to stare at the window, "did you really hit that from way back here?"

"Actually it was from back there" Yura yelled before Sango hushed her and dragged her back to the car.


Inuyasha helped me up the ladder onto my roof, "Well this is romantic" I said plopping down and letting my legs dangle over the edge oddly."

Inuyasha peeked down a bit as my prom dress rode up higher on my thigh, "I'll say"

I smacked him in the back of the head with my prom queen staff, knock his crown to the ground two stories below where it's shiny plastic body snapped in half.

"Now look what you did" Inuyasha said sarcastically, "I guess I'll just have to take yours" he reached up and snatched my crown out of my hair and placed it on his head, "how does it look?"

"Very sexy" I said smiling and pulling him into a kiss.

Smile And Maybe They Won't Notice

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