~Once upon a Never-ending Dream~

"Your highness! Where are you?!"

Austin bit back a giggle, less his hiding spot behind a hallway corner be discovered. Deeming the coast clear, the prince quietly and quickly ran outside, throwing up his hood once past the castle gates to conceal his face.

There was a meeting happening between his father, King Hubert, and another king that he was supposed to be at right now. But, not liking the visiting king and his family (especially his eldest daughter who thought it was appropriate to hint at doing things with him that weren't appropriate except behind closed doors) as soon as they met the previous day (too arrogant which could possible explain the elder daughter's behavior), the blonde prince decided to ditch it. He left a note on his bed saying he was going out for the day and skipping the meeting to not worry his parents (the remembrance of Maleficent picked at healing wounds) before making his departure. Of course, his disappearance was quickly found out and he was forced into playing a game of hide and seek.

The man took in a deep breath of fresh air as he made his way through the bustling market place. Austin pressed a finger to his smiling lips when a young girl stopped and stared at him. She nodded with a missing front tooth smile and turned back to her mother, pointing to a doll on a table. This was one of the things he loved about being back in his kingdom- the people and noise. As much as he loved Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, and the forest animals, there was still the sense of loneliness and quietness that unnerved him.

Austin was pulled from his thoughts, feeling something jumping on his boots. He looked down to find two rabbits staring innocently up at him, their front paws on the toes of his boots. "Hello there," the prince said, pulling down his hood. He looked back up to find himself at the edge of the forest. "How time flies when you are remembering," he muttered as he followed the rabbits into the woods, soon becoming surrounded by trees and the sound of animals.

A doe shyly walked up to him, bowing her head which he gently rubbed. "You're beautiful," he whispered in awe. Suddenly his cloak was tugged from his shoulders; he turned to find a deer, possibly the doe's mate, standing behind him with the cloak in his mouth. Before the "Sleeping Beauty" could move a muscle, the duo shot off father into the woods. The prince ran after them, a smile on his lips and wind blowing through his long, pulled back hair.

Austin wasn't sure how long this game of chase went on, but next thing he knew, he was standing in a large clearing. The cloak was tossed to the sides to some birds, which flew straight inside of it. The hovering cloak spun and twirled, going faster when Austin started to softly laugh. Memories from the day he met Philip started to play in his head as started to twirl himself, a familiar song passing through his lips.

"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream…"

Soon becoming engrossed in memories and too lost in singing the song, the prince didn't notice he had more company until his left palm was cupped and an arm wound around his waist. Austin's smile threatened to split his face into two as he leaned against his taller companion's warm body, saying, "I was wondering when you would find me."

The vibrations from a chuckle shook his lean frame as a nose nuzzled his hair. "I will always find you, love. Especially when I got out of a boring meeting to find you."

Austin turned his hair to look at the smirking Prince Philip, a light smile on his face now. His savior, his fellow prince, his best friend…his husband. The title seemed to naturally roll off the tip of tongue, sounding as though it always meant to belong to Philip, and Philip alone.

"Now where were we?"

"The retelling of a never ending dream."