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The only acceptable explanation for Harry was that he'd gone insane, and the events of the corridor never happened.

He never crossed path with Malfoy that day, never walked right into him the git had never punched the hell out of his face, and had never left with a kiss he very clearly wished he had not given.


Except Harry's face still felt like it had found itself on the wrong end of a blast-ended skrewt, and there was no other explanation for that than the fresh memory of Malfoy's fist pressed on it. Clearly the tale of how he had tripped on the stairs on his way to Gryffindor tower and ended up face first in a suit of armor hadn't quite convinced his friends – let alone himself.

Because if that had really happened his whole body would feel sore and his lips would not still be tingling warmly.

If only they would stop.

"Rough night, mate ?"

Harry jumped at the sound of his friend sliding in the seat next to him at Gryffindor table. He had gone to breakfast early to find Hermione already seated there.

He frowned nervously at the redhead. Had he said something during his sleep ? He tried for nonchalance.

"How d'you know ?"

Okay, not that nonchalant then. Thankfully, Ron didn't seem to notice his unnerved state.

"Heard you tossin' and turnin' in your sleep all night", he said apologetically, while helping himself to an indecent amount of bacon. "Pretty bad, too. Sorry, Harry. I know you don't like it. Hard not to hear, though." He gave an akward shrug. Hermione, who'd been reading her copy of the Daily Prophet, pinned Harry with a sharp glare.

"Is it the same dream again ? Is it him, and that door ? You said you'd work on your occlumency, Harry, this is important, you can't let you-know-who into your head..."

"No, no, Hermione, don't worry," Harry tried to cut across his friend's tirade. "It was just, just regular, not Voldemort-related nightmares", he added, thinking of not-so-nightmarish lips on skin and hands caressing strands of silvery hair and -

Harry caught a glimpse of grey eyes across the Hall and felt his heart speed up as his cheeks flushed.

"Yeah, normal bad dreams. That's all", he finished lamely.

Hermione looked unconvinced, as always, but she dropped the subject. If only she knew.

Harry had already tuned out all sounds of the Great Hall, anyway. The look of nervousness on Malfoy's face, barely concealed by his usual sneer, had sent his mind whirling.

Malfoy had kissed him, and it could not have happened by accident or for no reason at all.

And Harry was dead set on kissing him again.

Harry caught Malfoy's eyes a lot that day. Malfoy inevitably sneered at him in disgust, and Harry just stared as intently as he could, which seemed to infuriate and unnerve the blonde to no end. By the end of the day, his face was more aggressive than ever, while Harry's remained impassive, although red with the memory of their latest close encounter.

He could never manage to find him alone, though, and that was grating on his nerves.

The next days were much the same, to Harry immense disappointment. He was starting to question the reality of the kiss he kept replaying in his head ; but Malfoy's increasing agressivity in the face of his staring and the tingling of his lips everytime their eyes did meet was enough confirmation that it had really happened.

Harry felt alive now more than he had in months. The DA meetings were going really well, the members learning quickly ; and though he wasn't brilliant in classes, he managed to get through thanks to Hermione. His friend's support was getting him through Umbridge's detentions and Dumbledore's silence.

But mostly, it was the thrill of chasing Malfoy that kept the blood pumping loudly through his veins, life flowing through his body like fire.

And finally, after days of staring at him and looking for his dot on the Marauder's Map, Harry got his chance.

It was almost curfew again, the corridors mostly deserted. But Malfoy was there, making his way from the almost empty library, and Harry quickly hid himself around the next corner and waited for him.

He lunged at the last second, grabbing the boy by the collar and keeping him in place against the wall with his arm pressed against his throat, much like the blonde had done days ago. He looked into the grey eyes with all the intensity he could muster, and realised with a mingled sense of shame and satisfaction that they were looking back with fear – quickly replaced by angry defiance.

"What happened the other day," Harry begun. Now he found himself internally struggling for what to say – or do. He could just kiss Malfoy, but what if Harry had made it all up in his head ? What if it wasn't at all what Malfoy wanted ? What if he bit Harry ?

Fortunately for him, Malfoy didn't need more incentive to reply.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Scarhead", he spat. "Let go of me."

Harry just stared at him some more. Malfoy's voice was a low hiss as he went on.

"I do have a wand, you know. Let go of me before I hex you into next - "

"You kissed me", Harry blurted out at last, interrupting him.

Malfoy immediately blanched. Had he thought Harry wouldn't have noticed the lips pressed on his ?

"I – I didn't – I did NOT - !" the blond stuttered, and Harry, hurt and anger slowly building at this denial, pressed his arm tighter still.

"You did", he said lowly, his face now inches from Malfoy's. The grey eyes narrowed, and his teeth bared. Harry still found his features beautiful, even in this so inelegant state, he realised. He shivered.

"So what if I did, uh ?" Malfoy attacked. "What will you do about it ? You can't prove it, no one would believe you. You have nothing against me."

"It's not that !" Harry replied hotly. He felt himself flush. Merlin, did this git have to make everything complicated ? Crushed under his weight, Malfoy was obviously losing patience.

"So what, then ?" he cried desperately. "What is it you want ? For me to apologise ? Never in your dreams, Potter !"

"I want to do it again", Harry muttered. He felt foolish now, saying this aloud. He should have just kissed the Slytherin prat and risked getting punched again.

Malfoy made no move when Harry's grip on him slackened. He seemed rooted to the spot.

"You what ?" he breathed.

"You heard me !" Harry spat defensively. He took a step back, retrieving his arm, and seriously considered just running for it. This had been a terrible idea. Now it would be Malfoy making fun of him, and Harry wouldn't stand that sort of humiliation. But then Malfoy gave an incredulous laugh.

"And how do you think this would go, uh ? That we'd go on dates in Hogsmead, eat lunch together by the lake, kiss in corridors before classes ? Is that what you had in mind, you moron ?" He paused and stared desperately into Harry's face. The Gryffindor just stared back, eyes wide.

"You're Harry bloody Potter and I'm Draco fucking Malfoy. We can't be friends, and we can't be – more. I told you once and I'm telling you again. This is not happening."

He made to turn around and leave, but was stopped short by Harry's voice.

"No one has to know", he murmured quickly.

It was Malfoy's turn to stare with wide eyes.

"No one has to know", Harry repeated, louder this time. "I mean, I don't know what this is. It doesn't have to be anything." The words rushed out of his mouth and he had to fight not to stutter. "But, if that's what you want, and that's also what I want, couldn't we just... you know, enjoy it ?"

The implied while it lasts hung in the air between them, but Harry still looked at Malfoy – Draco ? - with hopeful eyes.

"You have no idea what you're getting into", Malfoy warned. Harry replied immediately.

"I don't care."

"How could you even want that, after everything I did to you and your friends ?"

Malfoy's whole face was alive now, free of that stupid mask Harry hated so much. His eyes were a mess of emotions – denial, resistance, and a desperate hope. It made the Gryffindor more certain of his answer.

"I know you", he simply said.

"We were kids", the blonde reminded him tiredly, knowing what he was referrinf to. "We didn't even think the other was real. We thought we were dreaming."

"I don't care", Harry repeated. "It was real then, and it's real now."

Malfoy looked defeated somehow.

"This is what you want ? Really ? To date someone everybody hates, as you are supposed to ? To hide, to not be able to tell your friends, to keep it all a secret ?" His face clouded suddenly. "What about Cho Chang then ? What about all those girls who would give everything to date the Boy-Who-Lived ?"

Harry gave a frustrated sigh and ran a hand through his hair. Trust Malfoy to make this conversation hell.

"Cho Chang was a mistake – and a disaster. And I don't care about all those girls, I don't want them !"

The tiniest hint of a smug smile tugged at the blonde's lips, but he contained himself. Harry was desperate for the smile to actually blossom on his face, so he went on.

"And of course hiding is not what I want. For Merlin's sake, I just want to be able to register what's happening the next time you – we – I mean," he flushed severely at not being able to find his words, "if having – this, whatever this is – means hiding, then I will happily hide. I don't care about the rest. I'm sure of this."

And he really was, he realised. He would give anything to have Malfoy's lips on his at this very moment, but he didn't dare do it without the approval of said Slytherin. His face still sported a bruise where he'd been punched. So he just held his breath, waiting for Malfoy's final answer.

He was not disappointed.

"You will be the death of me", Malfoy sighed loudly, the picture of exasperation ; but he had trouble containing his smile, and Harry did not even try to hide his own. His heart beat faster still when Malfoy took a step forward, but the sudden stern expression on his face had panick rise in his stomach. What now ?

"Curfew", the blonde simply said with raised eyebrows.

"Right, curfew", Harry repeated, disappointment evident in his voice. He'd forgotten about bloody curfew.

Malfoy smirked at that, that superior, smug smirk of his, and grabbed Harry's chin with one hand. He planted a firm kiss on his lips, feeling the Gryffindor's surprised sound more than hearing it. Pulling back slowly, he looked into green eyes and murmured, "Don't make me regret this".

With that, he was gone, leaving Harry rooted to the spot once more.

Loving you – Paolo Nutini

"This has got to stop."

Draco raised an eyebrow at Potter, who had ambushed him – again – in some deserted corridor. It had only been yesterday, and he already started regretting his decision. That git would get them caught in no time.

"Already ?" Draco drawled, but he felt a bubble of fear rise in his stomach. Had Potter thought better of it ? Had he rushed into this without realising it was Draco and therefore not someone he actually liked in the first place ? Had that second kiss been that bad ?

But Potter waved him off impatiently.

"Not that ! That surprising-me thing that you keep doing. Well stop doing it ! Just... warn me next time you plan on... you know !"

Ah. Draco felt immense relief flood through him. Meanwhile, Potter was blushing a deep red, which Draco found terribly endearing – just like the way Potter seemed unable to utter the word "kiss". Draco decided with a mischievous grin that he would gladly say it for him.

"What, you mean kiss, Potter ?" Said boy blushed all the more. "You want me to warn you everytime I'm about to kiss you, is that it ?" The look on his face was definitely priceless. "Why, that will involve a lot of talking, because I do plan on kissing you quite often. Actually," he went on mercilessly, as the Gryffindor shuffled uneasily before him, "I'm about to kiss you right now."

And before Potter could register his words, he grabbed the other boy's hips, and kissed him.

He quickly ended it, though, as his first thoughts crept back to the forefront of his mind. He took a hasty step back.

"Someone might see us", he told a still surprised and spluttering Potter. "Stop ambushing me, I'll send you a note."

With a final look around, he strode off to his next class.

Harry waited, but no note came that day. Still, he obeyed Malfoy and didn't try to meet him without his consent. Someone had visited their corridor a mere minute after Malfoy had departed, and Harry had instantly realised that in his haste, he could have gotten them caught when it had barely started.

Looking at the ceiling above his four-poster bed, he thought about it all once more.

Was it a relationship ? Was Malfoy his boyfriend ? But it couldn't be called that. Malfoy had only kissed him three times – and Harry had been surprised every single time, which meant they hadn't shared a proper kiss yet. And then there was the hiding thing, and the fact they both knew it would have to end someday.

But Harry didn't want to think about that, not when he finally had what he wanted. He did not want to think that it would ever end, just like Maldoy apparently hadn't wanted to entertain the possibility that it could ever start.

Why Malfoy had actually started it was a question Harry still had to find an answer to, but there would be time to discuss that later.

That Malfoy was a boy as well as Harry was as confusing as it had been when Harry had first caught himself admiring Malfoy's face during Potions, and Harry wasn't sure he was ready to think about what this would entail if their... relationship was to evolve somehow.

And despite all these interrogations, what surprised Harry the most was that it all felt right. It was like it was always going to be this way ; like it had always been him. He wondered if the "dreams" of his childhood, like he still called them, had anything to do with that.

"Hey, Ron ?" he asked suddenly, hoping that his best friend wasn't asleep – but that the other boys in the dorms were, preferably.

"Mmh ?" came the sleepy replied. Harry couldn't help a smile.

"Do you... do you believe in soul mates ?" he asked, trying to sound nonchalant, and probably failing again. He really wasn't good at nonchalance.

"Why ?" Ron sounded more awake, and quite hopeful all of a sudden. "Do you think I've found mine ?"

"Er..." Harry replied, taken aback. He certainly wasn't thinking about Ron when he'd asked.

"'Cause, I mean, I could have, you know ? We do know girls. What d'you think ?"

"Er.." Harry repeated. He had no idea how Ron would react if he dared mention Hermione. It seemed obvious only to him.

Ron seemed to deflate a bit when no answer came.

"Or not. I mean, can't be just one girl meant for me, can there ?" He forced a laugh as he lay back down on his bed. "Nah, it's just crap anyway. Soul mates", he scoffed.

Harry said nothing. He didn't really know why he'd asked. When the silence stretched on, Ron added, "Well, goodnight, mate."

"Right. Goodnight", Harry repeated.

He closed his eyes, and as he fell asleep, he dreamt of silver orbs and smiles on soft lips, and a child's laughter that felt warm as the sun.