Lingering Still

"No, seriously, Ms. Darby, I want to know. What was it like, when you were a kid? I mean, you sound like you had a pretty good childhood, and beyond that, the first thing you did after nursing school was move to Jasper, and you raised a son on your own. I bet you never thought that you and Jack would get involved in an intergalactic war, did you?"

June sighed. "Well it was a surprise, I'll tell you that much. I have to admit, you seem to be an excellent interrogator, Agent Fowler."

"Oh, I-I'm not interrogating you, really. I thought I'd...see who you really are, Nurse Darby."

Fowler shifted in his seat, a bit nervous of what her response would be next. Hopefully he didn't make a complete fool of himself.

"Please, you can call me June. We're not trapped in pleasantries, not anymore."

He smiled, and she smiled back, lingering still.

"Oh, well, you're right about that….June."