A Poem:
Kurei to Mori Kouran

My Page

MY laughter rings in the ears of OUR prey,
As their bodies are charred and consumed by my Flame--
Their dying lips curse my name, "Kurei"--
Although it was by YOUR words they were slain.

MY hands are stained by OUR victim's blood,
They writhe and they twist, dying in pain--
Their pleas are an avalanche, their tears are a flood--
YOUR hands are clean, but your guilt remains.

MY dreams are haunted by OUR victims' ghosts,
MY thoughts are tormented by guilt which I hide;
Though I robbed them of that treasured most,
It was actually by YOU and YOUR hand that they died.

MY soul is blackened by my foul deeds,
YOU distance yourself from the messy details--
But which of us two is the guiltier fiend?
The man or his dog? I'll see you in hell.