Chapter One

Harry Potter

A Tale of A Forbidden Love


Rated: Pg 13

Pairing: D/Her

Summary: A boy who turns into a dragon at night.....and a lonely girl who falls in love with a dragon she meets every night......a tale of a forbidden love , D/Her. Read and Review!

Dragons in the


A dark velvet cape fell over the earth in rolling waves covered with twinkling stars that were dropped like jewels above the trees. A luminous moon hung in the sky , shining down in rays of silver light , representing the dreams of all who slept so soundly.

Yet one girl was not dreaming beautiful dreams tonight.

A lone girl ran across the grass , shadowed by a enormous castle , towards a dark and mysterious forest. Tears ran down her cheeks rapidly as unknowingly , she ran into the dark depths of the forest.

She wiped her tears with her sleeve as she dodged the bushes and trees , but more kept sliding down her face.

Her chest heaved as she fought for breath , running faster and faster , deeper into the forest than she had ever gone before. She could hear the howls of werewolves , the clip clop of Unicorns and the scuttles of spiders.

Yet she was unaware of it all.

Finally , her legs gave out on her as she collapsed onto a sea of dark green moss. She had landed in a clearing and the moonlight broke in tiny waves of light through the ceiling of leaves.

Tears gathered in her eyes , streaking down her cheeks.

" Why? Why did it have to be me?" Hermione asked in a shaky breath. She wrapped her arms around her legs as a cold breeze ruffled her brown curls.

She put her head down on her knees and flashbacks ran through her mind.


He ran up to her , grinning with excitement. Hermione couldn't help but smile as he grabbed her hand and picked her up from the Gryffindor couch , whirling her around fast.

" I can't believe it! This must be the best day in my entire life!" he whooped.

Hermione was laughing , bouts of giggles. " What? What happened?"

He looked down at her , eyes sparkling. " Today, I fell in love."

Hermione's eyes widened , and her heart clenched tightly. " Wha..."

He nodded , smiling so brilliantly. " I was so scared today....I wanted to ask Cho to the Winter Ball....but she refused. I was so heartbroken...and then Ginny came..."

He went on and on and Hermione backed away slowly , her hand to her heart. She was trying to hold back tears and her breathing came in fast gulps. She turned away from him slowly.

She knew that Ginny loved him....she also knew he had growing feelings for her over the summer....she knew it all. Yet she couldn't dismiss the love that she felt for him.

Damn it all.

She loved Harry Potter....more than anything.

And he could NEVER be hers...

" I'm...happy for you....Harry." Hermione said , her voice breathy.

Harry smiled and wrapped her in a hug. " I'm happy too , Hermione. I told you before I told Ron too...I'm not sure he'll understand , however!"

Hermione forced a giggle as he waved to her and leapt up the stairs towards the Boy's dormitory. Hermione could feel the tears begin to slide down her cheeks and she exited the Gryffindor Room as quickly as she could.

She walked down the hallway as fast as she could , and as she rounded a corner , she bumped into a broad chest.

" Watch out , Mudblood! You just stained my clothes with your dirty hands!"

The sneering voice did nothing to stop the tears. She just walked past him , but his taunting laugh stopped her.

" Your crying , Mudblood? Ha! Why , your boyfriends decided to dump you? Little Potty and Weasel decided your blood was too filthy for them?"

Hermione could feel her shoulders tense and she whirled around and slapped him with all the strength , anger and frustration that was in her.

" Shut up , Malfoy."

With that , her tears came back and she ran out of Hogwarts to cry in peace.


Hermione finally could not cry anymore. Her body felt weary and tired. She didn't want to cry anymore. She didn't want to feel sad. She wanted to get over Harry....forever.

She slowly rose , but a voice behind her stopped her , shaking her badly.

" Who are you?"

Hermione's eyes widened with fear. She finally became aware of her surroundings.

She was in the Forbidden Forest...

Hermione squeaked in horror.


Something ELSE to ruin her day.

She slowly turned around and through the dark mass of trees , a blinking pair of silver grey eyes stared straight at her.

She stumbled back , scared as she fumbled for her wand.

" Stay back...I warn you!"

A rumbling laugh emitted from the creature.

" Why would I do anything. Answer my question. Who are you?"

Hermione shivered , trying to walk away. " Who are wait...what are you?"

Again the rumbling laugh. It almost seemed to be a sneering laugh.....quite familiar....

" You wan to see what I am?"

Hermione wanted to shake her head , no! She didn't want to see what this thing was....yet her curiosity got the better of her and she blinked in the darkness to see it. Slowly the creature seemed to rise and walk out into the clearing.

Hermione took in her breath. She had to look up and up and up....

The moonlight flashed on the creature. Scales....shiny blue white scales......and wings.....leathery wings attached to the sides of the massive creature.

A wide nose , huge silver eyes......and large teeth...

Slowly the creature blew out from his nose and a puff of misty hot air surrounded Hermione.

" Is this what you wanted to see? I'm a dragon."

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