My Golden Boy
My Golden Boy:
Kurei on Koganei:
A Poem

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My golden boy Koganei looked up through his tears--
Why had I struck the knife from his hand?
I took the boy in, assuaging his fears,
His weapon he accepted, by my side he would stand.

My golden boy asked with quivering lip
Why I had done what I said I would not;
He was honest, sincere-- no joking, no quips--
He left me that day; though he knew his lot.

My golden boy Koganei had trembling hand,
Accepting my invitation to death;
On the arena floorhe'd make his last stand,
Crumpled there in a heap, he'd draw his last breath.

My golden boy stared with molten gold eyes,
Asking to see the good left in me;
I shut my heart to his tears and his why's--
I propelled my Flame towards him murderously.

My golden boy Koganei had a brilliant mind;
His sharp golden eyes could see through my ploy;
But was he really perspective, or just being kind?
My golden boy Koganei is still just a boy.