One Flame, Two Flame
One Flame, Two Flame


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One Flame, Two Flame;

Red Flame, Blue Flame;

Kurei was a heartless man,

Who was in the UraButouSatsujin.

Recca was real angry, too,

Protecting Hime as he said he'd do.

The brothers fought an awful lot,

And when they fought it got very hot.

"I do not like you, no, not I!"

said Kurei, "And therefore, you must die!"

"Oh yeah?" yelled Recca with a glare,

"It's your life that I will not spare!"

The two Flames blazed and swirled and shone,

And came near blowing up the Dome.

The brothers had an equal battle,

The ground did shake and the rafters rattle.

One Flame, Two Flame;

Red Flame, Blue Flame.

We never learned the true Flame Master-

Was it Recca or the other caster?