For once I have nothing to address on here! Yay for me! Let's go right in!

Iggy: So, I've been on this site since I was twelve and therefore I consider myself a bit of a veteran of sorts, especially in the Sonic the Hedgehog category- -flinches- That's a big ass -bleep-ing moth holy -bleep-

South: I got a phone with text to speech now, so let's do this!

Iggy: Side note, it's not that South can't read, it's that he doesn't read well. He'd probably test at about a third grade level.

South: LETS DO THE REVIEW. -boop-

USA& South- i dare you to sing uptown funk
For those women(from chap. 10) who had previously f***ed America(not south and Al)- *whispers so he doesn't hear* can you write a 3 page essay about the size of Florida and what it looks like ? *secretly test if some of them have a dirty mind or not, marks an F on essays about the 'body part', but marks an A on essays about the Florida the state and the land's physical features, meaning the essays prove that whoever did these have a clear mind*

Vietnam-since you have the same age as China, are you on menopause?

Axis- show me wedding photos.

- kndrmb

Iggy: AMERICAN KARAOKE TIME! -teleports in a karaoke machine-

-about five minutes later-

Iggy: South you weren't singing you were mumbling.

South: I don't know none of these sorts of songs!

Iggy: -presses button- have fun.

South: -springboarded-


All of them: -hand essays to the fanpit where the reviewer waits-

Iggy: Alright, so, the reviewer wanted to see if you guys had dirty minds. -holds up Mexico's essay- She doesn't have a dirty mind, because she got an A! -holds up North Korea's essay- She didn't either! -holds up Vietnam's- Looks like you failed! -holds up Belarus's- You too!

2p!America: See, if you tested every girl I've slept with that would be most of the nation girls and a large percentage of the crowd down there.

Fangirl: -holds up dark-skinned and red-haired baby- AL, BABY, COME MEET YOUR SON!

2p!America: -ignores- I don't know her.

Vietnam: I am not on menopause! I'm only around America's age physically! That's the way we work, is that we have a real age and a physical age. I might be close in real age to China, but my physical age is far younger!

Italy: -holds up pictures in which is grinning and the other two look very uncomfortable- Ve!

Iggy: Aw! Let's move on!

2p!England: -swats 2p!America- Alphonse, you need to be more responsible! Now go down there and meet my grandbaby!

2p!America: Ow! -bleep-! Fineā€¦ -walks into deadly part of fanpit- Goodbye.

Belarus, Mexico, & Vietnam- what did those guys(Awesome trio) do to you in the last chapter?

France- How did you feel about being single?

- Guest

Belarus: I reminded him of what Big Brother would do to him if he found out he was harassing me.

Mexico: I pushed him into an electric fence that his government had put up.

Vietnam: I punched him.

Iggy: There you have it.

France: I liked to be single, but England and I are in more of an open relationship now, as seems to be best for nations. So it's basically the same thing, except I get to come home to someone every night! So, I liked being single, but I like being married even more!

Iggy: Before South even has a chance to speak, let's wrap up! I do need more reviews and such since we've slowed down to a trickle! Happy reading!

The other day at work someone started screaming at me because he didn't notice my register was closed and that somehow made me stupid. He said he'd wait outside to make sure I was actually going home like the supervisor who came over said I was. I made my dad come walk me out to the car that night. There wasn't any need though because three police cars were already outside with lights going in the parking lot for a separate reason. Walmart is fun.