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I'm going to crossover my Space Beasts characters with the Ninja Turtles, I'm going to try my best to keep this to original flavor as much as possible but one thing you must know before reading this story is...In this continuity Fast Foreward and Back to the Sewer never happened they just didn't, it was just the first five seasons and then Turtles Forever up until this point, the Turtles are currently 19 Years of Age...And in this story there will be a few Gotham Rogues (Reincarnated Gotham Rogues it will be explained soon enough) in the Space Beasts universe, and characters from Punch Out Wii in the Turtles Universe (Hey no evidence that says the TMNT and Little Mac aren't neighbors)

July 1st 2006

It has been exactly one week since my sons went out for a night's exersise and have not returned. I have been unable to contact them as much as I try. I believe their Shell Cells have been destroyed, since they vanished April has had a miscarriage and has been weakened from the complications leaving Leatherhead and myself to serch for my sons, I fear the worst and I pray everyday for some miracle to bring them home safely.

From the Journel of Hamato Splinter

It was the worst day ever for a coronation. The young Unicorn Woman Matoaka Redfeather, now revealed to the entire population of Earth and the Universe that she was the herditary monarch of the Humanimals and all of Earth's Animals by a string of disaster dominos, first some repulsive beings calling themselves the Pure Ones, once of Pure Human Stock, but landed on some Snowy Planet, got warped by the snow into pure white creatures with no hair on their bodies and no pupils or iris just blank white eyes, decided it was time to 'purify' Earth with a 'Blizzard' the Snow of their Planet was toxic to Earth Life, now the entire Northern Hemisphere was barren and lifeless well except for one place but we'll get to that later...If it weren't for the heroic actions of some of the Earth People, the Wildlife of the North would have been extermenated.

Her Father, King Lee...The Noblest Unicorn to have ever lived, had died, sacrificed his life to save a tiny fawn, not a Humanimal Fawn just a normal non-talking non-sapient fawn from the toxic snow, it cost Lee his life, but he died content

Now Matoaka was to be crowned Queen, the Humans insisted on it, now Matoaka dreaded she would no longer be able to perform as Captain of the Fellowship now that Humans knew that she was a royal, she would probobly be kept in a stuffy office all day with her husband and daughter, have to attend all those balls and high class events she hated attending and probobly have to lots and lots of paperwork.

Humanimals HATE paperwork.

She chose Gotham as the place she would be crowned partly because the two Human members of her crew Ichabod and Edward had Fathers from Gotham, and because she felt so unhappy this day, she felt the only fitting thing to do was to choose the worst city in the world to be crowned.

The crown was placed upon her head by Superman, the Crown was actually a small piece of jewerly that hung around her horn, a string of gold beads and a small and quite insignifigant seeming emerald, it wasn't even a very fine emerald it was cloudy not clear, but that dowdy emerald held the most power on the Planet Earth if not the universe.

'I'm sorry.' Mouthed Superman as he hung the crown rom her horn Matoaka smiled, the simple kindness from the Kryptonian gave her a few moments of happiness. She declined to give any speech. She just couldn't form words at the moment, and wished to attend the last few moments of her Father's funeral.

Her Husband Zander, obliged to say a few words to the crowd, since he was a Prince of his Planet before being demoted for falling in love with an Earthling, and an artificially evolved one at that.

"Thanks for being here everyone." Zander said, he knew he must look strange to the people of Gotham, for he was an Ave, a long gangly Bird Alien with pointy elf like ears and a long beak full of sharp shark like teeth. "As much as we would love to share this glorious day with you...The Pure Ones Invastion has left us with an impending crisis if we can't find a way to refertalize the Northern Half of this Planet we will be in for some worse trouble then simply having to depend on other Planets for crop imports, so our Herd is on our way to discuss how we can best save the Earth."

"Where will this confrence be held?" Asked reporter Summer Gleeson

"In a place called Felly Forest." Zander said "It is the only place in the North that has some Green left...And no you can not come along...We wish to have our privacy during this time."

"The Queen's Mate has spoken!" Said Horse-Man Gaurd

"Absolutely NO press are to attend this confence!" Said a Crocodile-Man gaurd "We will make sure their word is enforced." With that he snapped his long jaws frightening the Gotham citizens who had had little exsosure to Humanimals.

Matoaka was greeted by her herd, Minsk the Mink-Woman, Kong the Gorilla-Man, Bill the Bull-Boy, Jim the Red Squirrel-Boy, Bob the Catfish-Boy, Belladonna the Water Dragon-Woman, and their two Human Herd Members, Edward Green, former Prince of Planet Viola Strierra and mate to Minsk and Ichabod Crane, and his Mate, Marzipan a strange Cat-Girl who was born with pink and purple fur, Marzipan had never been official part of the crew, but ever since Ichabod rescued her from Castle Alderbaren, she rarely if ever left his side even if that meant following his on dangerous missions, this turned out to be a blessing as Marzipan was revealed to be a Mage, a being capable of casting incredibly powerful spells much more then the common Shaman or Psychic.

They greeted each other with no words, they didn't need to, they greeted each other with nuzzles and licks and pawing and tail intertwining, it was time to head to the Felly Forest, they were planning on heading there by foot, Ichabod mounted Bill, and Marzipan sat behind him (It's generally considered improper for Humanimals to ride other Humanimals but an exception was made for Marzipan, as she didn't have great stamina...And she was Ichabod's mate)
Edward mounted, Bet, a Giraffe-Man and popular ZooTube celebraty along with his partner Dink the Minature Horse-Man who had befriended the Fellowship Herd last Winter.

"All right." Ichabod said as he grabbed the reins "Let's go!"

And off they ran, Matoaka felt her spirits rise as she felt the wind in her mane and the feeling of the Earth beaneath her hooves, while the trip to Felly Forest was to discuss what to do about the crisis they were also there to recover from all the truama with all their family members, including Matoaka's Uncle Fossil, a Velociraptor-Man, their 'Herd Cousin' Rodan a Pteranodon-Man who had been raised by the Aves, Minsk's four siblings, along with Bet and DInk's families and some 'special guests' the Giraffe and Mini-Horse invited as a surprise.

But right now you want to know when to these Humanimals encounter the World of our favorite Turtles, well what brought the two worlds together was an unthinkable act, It started late at night the entire Fellowship crew had an entire cabin to themselves, and with ten people in the Cabin it was already a tight fit, so Minsk and Edward, left for the Cabin Minsk's sibling were staying in, Matoaka and Zander had the Master Bedroom to themselves and their Baby Amalthia, while everyone else slept in the attic where there were seven beds.

Late at night, someone entered the Cabin, this someone was covered from head to toe in smell proof clothing so no one could smell him, he also wore a broad hat and cloak over his full body covering.

He stumbled into the Master bedroom, froze to make sure he didn't wake up the residents, and proceeded to try to find the Crown, but he had no idea where it might be, he couldn't smell it, so he had to rumage through the bedroom,

Upon opening a creaky cupboard, both Matoaka's and Zander's ears twitched, they woke up alomost instantly and all though neither of them could smell anyone else in the room with them, their eyes could see a large figure in the room with them, since she could not smell the thing Matoaka thought it was a Phantom of some sort, she let out a startled whinny.

The Figure then ran, Matoaka realized, what the Figure had taken from that cupboard

"He took my crown!" She screamed "Someone! Anyone! Someone's taking my Crown!"

Zander wasted no time leaping out of bed, although he was naked, and chased after the figure.

Zander raked his talons over the Creature's back, but his talons skidded off the rubbery surface, a figure dropped down from the Attic, it was Bob, with his powerful Catfish Jaws he bit at the creature, the Creature let out a high pitched Squeal that sounded rather Porcine, Bob managed to tear a piece of the Smell-Proof cloth but with that he fell off and the Creature fled,

Zander and Bob followed out the Cabin into the Forest, the Creature jumped into a nearby well.

Zander and Bob both looked into the well, they saw no creature, they smelled no creature

"Where did he go?!" Zander exclaimed "He couldn't have vanished into thin air!"

"Uh oh." Bob said "I think I know what this is."

"What? What is it?" The Confused Bird Alien panted

"The Well is a gateway to another Universe." Bob said "I heard of these, someone enchants something to act as a door between two worlds."

"Well let's go down there and follow him!" Zander yelled

"We have no idea where that leads!" Bob retorted, "We could end up inside a volcano for all we know! Fossil needs to know about this, we report to Fossil first and see what he recomends."

Fossil did not want any members of the Fellowship heard risking their lives testing the Portal, he sent out word saying that the Queen's Crown has been stolen, desperatly need volanteers to venture into another world to find the Crown."

"We'll have about a few hundred Volanteers by sunrise." Said the Dinosaur as he finished typing on his computer "Now...Bob...You have a piece of this Crook's clothing, what do you smell."

Bob sniffed the underside of the rubber "It's a Humanimal Fossil...Pig Humanimal...Male."

Fossil sniffed for himself "Yes, that is the Scent of Pig-Man...But why? Why would a Humanimal betray his Queen."

"Maybe he's a Fluke?" Bob said shyly, a Fluke is the Humanimal Word for Psychopath, Which is the most ugly thing a Humanimal can call another Humanimal.

"If he is a Fluke he's an unusaully clever one." Fossl said as he rubbed his chin "Most Flukes are just violent brutes he act on their impulses, they don't usaully have any ambition or any ability to plan...I am frightened...THIS frightens me more then anything I have ever faced.

Hey guys, sorry to end here but hopefully that gives you enough introduction to what a Humanimal is