This was inspired by the following prompt over at the Daredevil Kink Meme: Daredevil teams up with the Avengers semi regularly, none of them know he's blind. Then something happens that temporarily disables deafens him, and he panics, the Avengers keep trying to calm him down, but he doesn't know their smells well enough or something. They manage to grab him and get him to Avengers Tower, but now he's got no clue where he is and is even more freaked out. Cue Pepper, who actually DID realize he was blind, and figured out his secret identity calling Foggy. The Avengers are really confused when this civilian runs onto their floor, and even more confused when he succeeds in getting close to Daredevil, who naturally recognizes Foggy's smell, and hands him a piece of paper written on in braille explaining what's happened.

It doesn't follow the prompt 100% but I hope you like it anyway. Please give feedback!

Matt didn't mind the Avengers per se. He'd met most of them at one point or another, and their interactions had been pleasant, but brief. Or perhaps they'd been pleasant because they were brief. Matt had no intention of getting to know them any better, and certainly not of joining them. Because although Matt knew what he was up against when it came to human smugglers, drug rings, and any other kind of low-life criminal activity, whenever the Avengers showed up en masse in Hell's Kitchen, it usually meant they were battling something supernatural and/or just plain weird.

Matt did not like supernatural, or weird, and he especially did not like man-sized bumblebees flying around his neighbourhood, buzzing as loudly as small jet engines, and with stingers as long as his arm. Since they were in his neighbourhood, however, he felt obliged to help the Avengers in the battle. Thankfully, there were only three, as the wanna-be sorcerer hadn't had the means to create more and still keep his giant bodyguards. Even more thankfully, Iron Man and Hawkeye were dealing with the bumblebees, firing blasts of energy and incendiary arrows at them. It was left to Captain America, Black Widow, and Daredevil to fight the bodyguards.

And Matt fought. There were three bodyguards, one for each of them, and they kept the Avengers from getting close to the would-be sorcerer, who was controlling the bees from behind the steering wheel of a open jeep and giving a loud commentary at the same time.

"Did I tell you that I call them spelling bees?" the sorcerer was repeating for at least the fifth time since Matt's arrival.

"Yes," murmured Steve Rogers from somewhere on Matt's left, along with the meaty sound of punches being exchanged. "You told us."

"I wanted to make five of them and call them the Hive Five," the sorcerer went on. Matt had heard that part, too. It hadn't been funny the first time.

"I've spelled them to sting, and whenever they sting someone, the spell makes sure I get that person's strongest attribute," the sorcerer cried out. "And now I'm going to sting … that guy with the arrows!"

He'd been going on about who he was going to sting for a while, now, but hadn't actually managed to get anybody yet.

Matt tried his best back flip, hitting his bodyguard in the head with both feet and all of his momentum, but although the giant staggered, he merely brushed Matt aside with a massive arm, and Matt crashed to the asphalt. From one of the rooftops above, he heard Clint Barton cry out in agony, heard Tony Stark call, "Hawkeye's down!"

Matt's heart sank a little; he'd been hoping that there wouldn't be a first time for the massive bumblebees.

"Not … down," Clint gasped. "Tony … pull the stinger out!"

Matt pulled himself upright and aimed next for the giant's knee, trying to kick it from the side. It was like kicking a brick wall, and he was the one who collapsed. The giant raised one foot as though he were the Hulk, ready to smash, and Matt rolled speedily onto his feet again.

"There's no stinger. I can't pull something out that's not there," Tony replied. Matt could hear him hovering nearby, probably directly over Clint.

"Sure feels like it," Clint groaned.

"Apparently, they're not exactly like bees," Tony mused, and then there was the sound of repulsors and energy beams.

"I've got your aim now!" the sorcerer crowed.

Matt tried kicking the giant again, this time between the legs, and was rewarded with a slight "uff!" Well, it was a start.

"And I'll get your nose!" Cliff shouted. There was the twang of a bowstring, and then a stunned silence. Then another twang. And another. Matt went for another kick, only to have the giant grab his leg and flip him over, then drop him on his face.

"Aww, bow," Clint moaned. "Aww, sorcerer."

"Aim at something else, maybe you'll hit him by mistake," Tony suggested, blasting in one direction and then another.

Matt scrabbled away from the giant, only to have it grab his ankle and pull him back. He was dangling upside down when there was a whoosh much too close to his foot. The hand around his ankle jerked, then opened, and Matt fell awkwardly onto one shoulder. He could hear the grunts and inarticulate exclamations from Steve and Natasha nearby as they fought their own giants.

"Hah! Look at that!" the sorcerer screeched in delight. Matt winced at how high his voice went as he continued, "Tony Stark used to be Iron Man until he took an arrow to the knee!"

"Hey, I wanted to say that," Tony grunted as he fought off the next bumblebee attack.

"Sorry, Tony," Clint called.

"Hey, it's okay, it only got the suit. No damage."

"I think it's time to call in the Hulk."

"Yeah, I think you're right," said Tony. "And I've got an idea, too. BRB!"

Matt tried to remember what BRB stood for as he kept up his routine of attacking and retreating. It was slightly less important than the fact that he was slowly but surely being mashed to a pulp.

"He got me!" Steve cried. "I'm stung!"

"And I've got superstrength now!" the sorcerer told him. "I'm Captain America now – you're just … Captain Floppy. Hey, grab your shield, then you can be Captain Floppy Disc!"

"If I still had my aim, I'd shoot his tongue out," Daredevil heard Clint murmur.

"Wait until I sting the Hulk, though!" the sorcerer cried gleefully. "I'll be the mean green spelling machine!"

"What attribute will you get if you sting yourself?" Clint called back. "A super dose of being an asshole?"

Matt helped launch Natasha into the air so that she could aim her Widow's Bites directly at the head of one of the giants. It seemed to work; Matt heard the bodyguard roar and felt him stagger.

"Again!" Natasha whispered, just loud enough for Matt to hear. He laced his fingers, waited for her to run up and jump into his hands, then tossed her upwards. She fired again, and this time the giant went down, collapsing at Matt's feet. He jumped instinctively backwards.

"Great work," Steve called. He was lying on the ground, not moving. Matt wondered briefly just how much strength he had left. He sensed one of the giants coming towards the motionless figure, and ran to pull Steve out of the way. To his surprise, Clint helped him, grabbing a leg as well, and then they both ducked as one of the bumblebees flew overhead.

"Where'd Tony go?" Matt asked, but just then, Iron Man's repulsors returned, and there was a slight dragging sound along with them.

"Just gonna hook this up –" Tony said. "Keep fighting, guys!"

Matt heard another bumblebee come towards him. This time, he crouched, then sprang upwards into a back flip, hitting its underside with his feet and sending it off course. He landed more or less the way he wanted to, only to have to leap out of the way as another bee honed in on him.

"Got it!" It was Tony's turn to crow, and then there was a great wet, whooshing, roaring sound. It took Matt a moment to realize it was the sound of water, coming out of a hose, as though Tony wanted to extinguish a fire. He was spraying it at the bumblebees; Matt heard their buzzing become louder and more angry, and their flight become more laboured as their wings were affected.

"Daredevil, five o'clock!" Steve shouted, and Matt turned to kick out at the bodyguard's hand as it reached for him. Tony turned the spray in his direction, and they both went down, tangled together. Matt tried immediately to get upright again, but the giant had caught his arm in an unyielding grip. Around him, there was noise, so much noise; a bone-rattling roar from nearby, a buzzing sound getting much too close, the sound of the rushing water, Iron Man's repulsors, and Steve calling out for the Hulk to smash.

Then something buried itself in his stomach, bringing pure agony with it, and suddenly, there was no sound at all.