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Chapter 1

Katniss sat in the closet with the pearl in her hand grazing it gently against her lips recalling the boy who arms chased all the shadows away. The boy she loved but could not express her true feelings for until it was too late. The Capitol destroyed her boy with the bread. What replaced her Peeta was an angry man who despised the very site of her. Tears welled up in Katniss grey eyes. The Capitol took her tender baker and made him see her for what she truly was, an angry savage mutt. Peeta was correct she was a blood hungry despicable selfish creature. More tears poured out of her eyes.

She gripped the pearl pressing it to her cheek recalling his smile, his voice, his scent. The things she missed and would do anything to have again. Her was soul tattered barely threaded together. She stuffed her hand into her mouth to dim the sounds from being heard from the outside. After she calmed down her hand drifted down from her lips to her throat.

She touched her throat the bruises were no longer there.

It was the last time she felt his touch. Tears slid down her olive cheek. Her heart constricted. Peeta strangled her. She should loath him. But as the days passed Katniss found she could never hate him. No matter what evil incarnation the Capitol created, he was still Peeta. Yet Katniss knew he was no longer the same sweet boy who loved without restraint. Katniss looked at the pearl in hear hands lovingly. This was the last tie to her Peeta. She recalled the way his blond hair slipped down over his forehead as his brilliant blue eyes lit up with laughter. The way his warm embrace held her steadily chasing the garish terrors that appeared when she tried to rest. He was her rock from the moment she volunteered to the last moment she left him behind in the Capitol created jungle. Katniss rocked back and forth regretting the fact she never told Peeta how she felt. If she had a chance at a redo she would change so many things.

The first thing she would do is she would make sure Gale understood his place with her. Peeta always felt intimidated by Gale. She had been unsure about how she felt with Peeta and clung to the familiar tossing herself and both Gale and Peeta into confusion. She should have given Peeta a chance and stood firm in her belief that she did not have romantic inclinations towards Gale. Gale would have eventually understood, and maybe even followed his own heart perhaps with Madge or whatever girl he fancied. Katniss shook her head closing her eyes. A wish list slowly formed in her mind of how she would eradicate her regrets.

Next she would show Peeta that she genuinely cared about him. First she would thank her boy with the bread. Then she would unabashedly love him. Foolishly she always thought that if she did not love anyone she would not face pain. She erected walls between herself and Peeta thinking she was safe. But much the way Annie had crept up on Finnick, Peeta slowly captured her heart.

She smiled at that last thought.

Honestly if she had to tell the truth, she supposed she had fallen for Peeta Mellark the day he gave her that bread risking his mother's wrath to help her. That moment was like the lightning in the Arena, life altering. Katniss wished she could do it over. She would somehow tell him that she liked him that what happened in the cave was not a lie. That he elicited within her a hunger.

It would change the way things happened. Perhaps Peeta would not have been captured. Perhaps he would recall things between them if he had deep private memories the Capitol could never touch. Like the moment with the bread. He remembered that and for a moment Katniss could have sworn her Peeta was before her. If the past were different she would find a way to kill Snow and even Coin.

Katniss shivered at the thought of that woman. Coin was calculated. The embodiment of an artic personality, many people thought the opposite of love was hate it was not it was indifference. Alma Coin was indifferent hidden under the guise of rebellion. Many here feared her. Others like Gale stupidly revered her. She did not care for people she had her own agenda. The only thing Katniss held in common with Alma Coin was the hatred for President Snow.

The door to the closet burst open.

"I hate to interrupt this moping party of one but Beetee wants to see us, Sweetheart." Haymitch growled at Katniss. His grey eyes glinted at her with malice. At the moment he was rather unhappy because he spent the better part of an hour looking for her. There were much better things do to than hunt her down.

Katniss narrowed her eyes at her mentor briefly thinking she should just push the door close on his smirking face, instead she got up angrily. Exasperated she argued. "What now?"

"I don't know what Volts wants but he wanted you to be there." Haymitch grunted as he waited for Katniss to walk out of the closet. This was important or else he would have been following a much more important pursuit. He had finally tracked down someone who had booze in this underground casket and was on his way to score some.

"How did you find me?"

"There are only a bazillion little spaces like this in this quasi metal maze which is called a district." Haymitch growled passing his hand through his hair. He was interrupted by Gale and persuaded non to gently to come and find her. Haymitch grumpily complied. Knowing where the girl liked to hide was of help to him. It did take him time to find the right storage closet. "Mister tall dark and oh so angry was gun ho about finding you until he couldn't and was about to give up on his search for you. I just happed to be the lucky winner elected to find you."

Katniss snarled at her mentor before mumbling "Gale" under her breath. It was too bad her friend worshiped Coin.

Haymitch grunted gleefully in response to her scowl. "Follow me."

"Fine" Katniss grumbled as she followed her mentor.

Haymitch did not turn around. He had seen her tear stained face. Unbeknownst to many he was worried about her. Katniss was slowly wasting away. She ate but just barely. She tossed herself in the line of danger constantly as if having a death wish. She was losing the will to live. What happened with the boy tonight no doubt caused her great pain. He knew sweetheart well.

Haymitch had let her run. He knew she needed the time to wallow. She was after all still a seventeen year old kid, tossed into a situation that even some adults could not handle. The boy she secretly loved was brainwashed by the Capitol he had made progress but he still he was still dangerous and he brandished hurtful words that struck at her tender heart. He punched the button for the elevator.

Katniss silently stood by Haymitch the pearl inside her pocket carefully clenched in her hands. As she waited alongside Haymitch her eyes closed momentarily holding on to the memory of the boy she loved. This was the memory that kept her moving forward.

Haymitch walked inside the elevator as the girl shuffled inside placing her trademark scowl upon her face. It was the way she warded everyone away. He grinned to himself momentarily she was tough, but definitely vulnerable especially when it came to Peeta Mellark. He watched them interact through the two way mirror as the prissy doctors wrote in their notes carefully observing his two kids as if they were animals on scientific display.

The girl put up a good fight. However the boy was clever with his words something she was never good at. She was good at fighting but not with words. So when the boy fought dirty Haymitch knew she would crumble easily. Haymitch had seen her face right before she hid it with her trademark scowl seconds before she tore open the door and ran. It was that of a lost little girl who kept the pain at bay. There had always been a connection between both of them. From the moment they shook hands on that platform Haymitch could see their attraction. He used it to bring them home. The girl fought it, while the boy patiently waited. In many ways it was tragic seeing them spar today.

"Do you know why Beetee needs me?" Katniss asked from her corner of the elevator. She was trying to calm herself down from the events of the day to be able to deal with whatever Beetee was going to speak to her about.

Haymitch heard her small voice. She was still a kid, sadly a kid in love with someone who lost their mind. It seemed like it was too late for her. Katniss Everdeen had finally let herself admit she was in love with Peeta. Unfortunately the boy did not recognize what was between them. Peeta was still trying to come to grips with reality. Everything pertaining to the girl and the games was stripped and twisted. They caused him to doubt everything that was good. Those bastards in the Capitol had nearly stripped Peeta Mellark of his greatest weapon, his humanity. The elevator came to a stop and the door slid open. "No but the way grumpy sounded, it has to be pretty serious stuff."

"Oh" Katniss sighed then looked over Haymitch's side to look at the space before them.

Haymitch raised his eyes at the tunnel before them. He had never been this far down in 13. The lighting here was not like the rest of District Thirteen. It was slightly brighter. The air is different here. It tasted saltier.

"Well come on." Haymitch stepped forward.

Katniss followed behind. The walls here were not made of concrete like the bunkers above. These walls were carved out stone. The space was cool and damp. Katniss thought this section must have been made before the dark days. Her hands reached out to touch the cool grey slabs. They felt rough even gritty under her fingertips but solid, impenetrable. She wondered what they are doing here. She followed Haymitch until she saw Gale standing guard up ahead. She shook her head silently. Sadly he did not realize he was a puppet eagerly doing Coin's bidding without thought as to the consequences of his actions. Katniss was beginning to understand the how one single act could change a person's history. The predicament she and Peeta found themselves in was a result of her decisions.

"You found her?" Gale looked incredulously at Haymitch before his grey eyes filtered over to Katniss. He began to asses her current condition wondering where her drunken mentor found her. Gale searched for her for thirty minutes and became irritated. Frustrated he went to Coin who commanded Haymitch to find her.

Katniss gave him a stony glare.

Gale was aggravated by her look. Things were not well with them in general. When she arrived in Thirteen Gale thought with the Baker out of the picture he could move forward with Katniss. He assumed she would forget all about the bread boy because there was no need to pretend for the cameras. Instead Katniss clung to Mellark, defending him in front of command. Things between them became strained. Even now he could see she was crying over the Baker. In command he heard of her brief encounter with Mellark. Mellark had come back an animal; the soft spoken Peeta was no more. Mellark nearly choked her to death but Katniss allowed herself to be exposed to him even if it was a bad idea. Gale did not understand her need to seek the guy.

Haymitch raised an eyebrow at his stupid question. He knew Gale's concern for Katniss was not of a deep nature. The kid had a lot of rage and he loved power more than life itself. He sought to be someone and therefore he could never come to truly love Katniss the way she deserved. "What did you expect?"

Gale knew the old mentor well enough to say anything else. The man although old was smart and cunning and that was dangerous. President Coin did not like Haymitch but found him harmless. Gale did not agree. Haymitch was from the Seam, and if you were from the Seam you had to be wilily to survive. The man used these skills in the arena to become a Victor and later on to get Katniss and Peeta out. Most importantly Haymitch also had a habit of protecting Katniss even when she did not want it. This made him a force to be reckoned with.

"Beetee is inside." Gale said punching a code into a small box next to the door. He watched her silently walk into the room. Ever since she had been rescued from the arena she was different. They were different. The ease that existed between them disappeared. She looked toward him when he was hurt or out of pity. Mellark however was different story. He hated the way she looked at him. He never liked the attention others gave her like Darius the peacekeeper at the Hob before the games. At the time he did not want her but he did not want any other guy sniffing around her.

He watched the door slid closed behind her. He punched in the code to close the door from the outside, then communicated with Coin that Katniss was secured. He then took his stance as a guard. President Coin wanted this to be kept secret. Yet Beetee insisted for Katniss to present. Since Haymitch was her protector he was the only one allowed in that room alongside Beetee and two other scientists from Beetee's district.

Katniss looked up at the cavernous room. It was utterly sealed. There was something strange about this space, important things happened here. The room was actually split. There was a thick glass partition off to the side. There were monitors and computer control panels in the other side of the partition. The hum of the massive hub that controlled all the electronic equipment was the only sound above the hushed voices of the three men sitting around looking at a monitor. She was sure whatever it is Beetee is working on is for the benefit of the rebellion.

"Welcome." Beetee looked up from where he was conferring with his colleagues. "I am glad you made it."

"What is this place?" Haymitch reached out to touch something and accidentally knocked down a set of books and papers. The scholarly men in the room look at him annoyed.

Katniss scowled at Haymitch.

"What I didn't do nothing, it's just some dumb books" Haymitch growled at the girl. He stuck his hands in his pocket wishing he had something to drink.

Beetee cleared his throat shaking his head at Haymitch momentarily before wheeling his chair toward Katniss. "Come, sit I am sure you are wondering why I asked for you to come?"

Haymitch snorted under his breath "obviously."

Katniss was the only one who caught her mentor's snarky remark. She nodded silently.

"We suspect this instrument is a transference apparatus constructed before the dark days. After much study it is conjectured this was designed to materialize an object or even an individual in a satellite location." Beetee said waving his hands around the little room to emphasize his point.

Katniss caught on quickly. "Like for example into Snow's palace?"

"What?" Haymitch was having a hard time understanding.

"Correct" Beetee was pleased with how Katniss was able to grasp what he had said.

Haymitch frowned as he caught up with what Beetee was inferring. His eyes looked around at the technology that seemed to be older than he. "Wait have you tested this bucket of bolts?"

"Actually currently we have not had the ability to test it on live subjects. It will not work on inanimate objects." Beetee said looking between Haymitch and Katniss.

"So how do you know it works?" Katniss asked.

"They don't but I'm willing to bet Coin volunteered you to test it out, out of the bottom of her heart." Haymitch sarcastically snorted out.

Katniss scowled.

"You did want to kill Snow. We hope this will work. If it does it will save hundreds of lives from going into battle." Beetee rationed. He knew all to well Katniss would jump at the opportunity to end the war. With Snow dead the capitol would surrender.

"Will this really work?" Katniss wanted the afforded chance. If there was a way to get rid of Snow it was well worth it.

"Yes" Beetee affirmed.

"Wait…" Haymitch spoke as Katniss spoke.

"I will do it."

Beetee immediately turned in his wheelchair going toward his colleges to begin the process of calibrating the transporter for the trip.

"Wait no Sweetheart!" Haymitch protested taking Katniss by the shoulders and gathering her to a corner.

"No Haymitch" Katniss shook her head crossing her arms over her chest. "I have to try."

"You could die they don't even know if this thing works! You heard Volts they haven't been able to make it work on a flipping chair much less a human." Her scowl conveyed she was not going to change her mind. Katniss was single mindedly stubborn. Haymitch ran his hand through his hair desperately wanting to throttle the girl.

"If there is a chance to kill Snow and end this war then I am all for it. We can stop the hunger games stop the killing!" Katniss hissed she was not going to allow Haymitch to change her mind. She was willing to sacrifice her life for this cause. Besides as Peeta once said no one needed her. Peeta was mad, Primrose and her mother were busy with their medical career, and Gail was being a ninny.

"Sweetheart, what about Peeta?" Haymitch began to make his argument. If there was someone who he could use to change her mind it was the boy.

Katniss eyes clouded momentarily. Peeta did not even know her. He thought her to be a mutt. "He hates me." Katniss sadly whispered.

"No Katniss he does…"

"We are ready Katniss" Beetee saw Katniss crestfallen face. He could see how heartbroken she was over Peeta. Everyone knew how in love they were with each other. It was a tragic what President Snow had done to him.

Katniss looked to Beetee, tears threatened to fall from her eyes. Her mind was recalling every memory she had of Peeta.

Haymitch was not done trying to change her mind. "Peeta needs you Katniss. You are the only one who can answer the questions he has. What just happened was just the first step in the road of getting him better. If something happens to you the boy will be crushed."

"It is your choice" Beetee quietly said knowing Katniss would have done anything for Peeta. In the arena any doubts of their romance was put to rest. The whole of Panem saw how much Katniss loved Peeta. It was not easy to tell what Katniss was feeling except when she was with Peeta. She was strong, enduring things many others could not face. Peeta did not detract from her strength he completed her in way that no one could comprehend unless you could see them together.

"Katniss" Haymitch warned he could see her decision because he would have done the same thing.

Katniss needed to do this for Peeta as well. To get revenge on the man that had damaged her Peeta. Determined she looked into Haymitch eyes. "I will do it."

"Fine" Haymitch growled watching as Beetee led her to a circular podium that was on the other side of the glass partition.

Beetee wheeled himself out of the partition. His colleagues sealed the room shut. Katniss stood a solitary figure on the pedestal. Haymitch did not like this. He stood with his arms crossed in front of chest. Katniss was far too vulnerable. People took advantage of her far too easily. He was afraid she was going to die.

Katniss looked to her mentor her eyes watered as she thought of Peeta.

A glass tube slid down from the ceiling. Beetee and the others activated the equipment the room began to buzz with a loud alarm a bright light began to fill the room. The ground beneath them shook.

Katniss yelled out "Tell him I love him" as she pressed her hands to the tube. Her eyes wide as she thought of Peeta, tears streamed down her face.

Haymitch rushed forward screaming "Katniss!" He turned to Beetee "Turn it off!"

Suddenly Katniss screamed. Haymitch watched as she dematerialized in front of his eyes. Haymitch yelled "KATNISS!"