Author's Note: I don't own anything except my OCs and any original magic I come up with. Also, it's been a while since I've seen the first episode of Fairy Tail, so the dialogue isn't 100% accurate.

Chapter 1: The Quartet becomes a Quintet

It was early morning in the port town of Hargeon. As such, the daily train had arrived in town, and the passengers were leaving and entering. Among the passengers was an interesting looking group featuring two men, a woman, and a cat.

The cat stood on two legs, had blue & white fur, a green scarf, a green backpack and black eyes.

The scrawny man had scruffy brown hair, green eyes, lightly tan skin, wore a black t-shirt, jean shorts with a short sword with a black handle with a matching sheath, a green pentacle pendant on his left wrist, and a set of black & white sneakers.

The woman was the tallest of the group with an amazonian physique, long orange hair that covered her cheeks, purple eyes, tan skin, a sleeveless red shirt, red fingerless gloves, long purple spandex pants, and black booties.

Rounding off the group was the second male who was wearing a long-sleeve red shirt, a silver scarf, sandals and a green backpack. He had black eyes, spiky pink hair, and was currently writhing in pain on the station floor.

"Oh thank Mavis! It's over!" He said.

"You know, you could try to learn a spell to help with your motion sickness, Natsu." The brunette man stated.

"Impossible. Natsu sucks at any magic that isn't Dragon Slayer magic." The cat replied.

"Shut up, Happy."

The woman sighed and helped Natsu on his feet. The pink head leaned on her shoulders.

"Thanks, Alyssa."

"No problem. Now come on, let's find Sala..." The three noticed that their friend had already started walking away.

"Zeke, wait up!" Happy yelled as the three followed after him.

A little while later, the quartet was walking through town until they heard some woman screaming.

"It's Salamander!"

"He's so hot!"

"Did you hear that, guys? He's here!" Natsu exclaimed as he ran with glee.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Alyssa said as she smiled.

"Aye." Happy ran after them.

"Um, guys. Don't you think this is a little strange?" Zeke asked as his friends ran off. "Guys? Wait up!"

The two reached a large circle of women. The group cut through as Natsu started exclaiming, "Igneel! Igneel! It's me, Natsu!" The quartet finally reached the middle and found a man with blue hair, a tattoo on his face, wore a white button up shirt, a jacket over his shoulder, plaid pants, and several rings on his hands.

"Who the hell are you?" The four of them asked.

"Why I am the great and mighty Salamander." The man smugly stated. He pulled out four pieces of paper with his name on them. "Would you care for my autograph?"

"Ya, no thanks." Zeke replied with a deadpan expression. In response, the fan girls tossed him violently against a dumpster. "Why me?"

As his friends helped him back up, Salamander told the ladies they were all invited to a party on his yacht later that night before taking off on a stream of fire.

"So is it me, or did that guy seem like a real creep?" Alyssa asked.

"That's probably cause he is a creep." The four turned and saw a blonde girl with an hourglass figure, brown eyes, a blue & white shirt, a blue skirt and black boots. On the sides of her skirt was a keychain with several gold and silver keys.

"Hi, my name's Lucy."

A little while later, the group was eating at a local restaurant. After introducing themselves, Lucy told the group about how Salamander was using a forbidden form of magic known as a Charm Spell. The team's sudden arrival broke her out of her trance, and that's why she was treating them to lunch (which she was starting to regret as Natsu was savagely eating every item on the menu as everyone else ate a regular meal.)

"That reminds me. Why weren't you affected by the Charm spell, Alyssa?" Lucy asked the orange-haired woman.

"Well, it's quite simple. Why would I fall for a charm spell..." She reached under Natsu chin and turned his head, making the stare into each other's eyes. "When I already have my dream guy?"

Natsu blushed a bit at the compliment. "Nice to know I can ward off charm spells for you." Lucy almost swore she saw the air sparkle around them.

"Oh, Natsu." She said dreamily.

"Alyssa." He replied back.



Zeke and Happy sweat dropped as the two keep repeating each other's names. "They're at it again." The cat stated.

"Nice going, Lucy."

The blonde girl laughed in embarrassment. "By the way, you guys said you were looking for a different Salamander, right?"

The question broke Natsu and Alyssa out of their couple trance as Natsu answered. "That's right. We heard a rumor that a Salamander was in town."

"Too bad that guy was a total dud." Happy responded.

"No kidding. He looked nothing like a dragon." Alyssa stated. "I bet he can't even breath fire."

"So your friend looks like a dragon?" Lucy asked.

"No, he doesn't look like a dragon. He is a dragon." Natsu answered.

"And you thought a dragon would be in a town?!" The blonde asked. The four suddenly had the same realization about the fallacy in their logic. "Are you just realizing that?!"

After paying the check, Lucy got up and left. However, as she turned back, she saw the Natsu and Happy bowing on the floor as Zeke and Alyssa nodded while standing up.

"Thank you for the meal!" The four of them said.

"Stop it! You're embarrassing me!"

Later, the four were walking around the town at night since their train wasn't leaving until tomorrow. The group stopped at a bridge that overlooked the city and ocean, giving them a fantastic view.

"Well, better luck next time." Zeke said to cheer Natsu up.

"Ya." The salmon-haired man replied as Alyssa rubbed his head. However, the group overheard a few girls walking past them. They were talking about Salamander, but this time they said he was the same mage from the Fairy Tail Guild that Lucy mentioned that she wanted to join. This got the group's attention as they stared down a yacht in the distance.

Meanwhile, on said yacht, Lucy (who had gotten invited by Salamander on the grounds that he would put a good word for her at Fairy Tail) was being held by two goons. She had just learned that Salamander had drugged all the women he invited and was planning on selling them in Bosco. To make things worst, he had thrown her Gate Keys into the ocean.

"You're the worst kind of wizard!" She yelled out.

Suddenly, the roof of the ship exploded as Zeke landed on the floor. "All I needed to hear." The brunette man said as he held a green longbow in his left hand and pointed it at Salamander. "Now prepare to face to the might of the Hudson Legacy!"

"Zeke!" Lucy happily exclaimed.

"Well, well. If it isn't the rude brunette from earlier." Salamander angrily stated.

"Hi, Lucy!" Happy said from above. However, the blonde noticed something different about the cat.

"Happy, when did you get wings?"

"I'll explain later." The winged cat said as he wrapped Lucy in his tail and took off.

"Wait, we can't leave Zeke! He's fighting a wizard plus a bunch of goons with just a bow! He didn't even have any arrows on him!"

"Don't worry; he can handle himself." Happy replied. On the ship, Zeke was staring down the human traffickers with genuine hatred.

"Let's rock." He said as his right hand glowed green.

Back at the port, Natsu and Alyssa were waiting on the sea wall, bored out of their minds.

"Why did we have to wait?" Natsu sighed.

"Because you would get motion sickness on the boat and I'm too heavy for Happy to carry." The amazon sighed along with her boyfriend. Suddenly, the two spotted a tidal wave heading in their direction.

"HOLY SHIT!" They yelled.

"Alyssa!" Natsu exclaimed.

"Right!" She replied and disappeared in a flash. After the wave hit, Natsu quickly got up and started looking through the ship.

"Zeke! Where are you?!"

"Over here." A voice said under some rubble. The salmon-haired man quickly threw off the debris and saw his pal crouched and covered in a green bubble, which dissipated. "Thanks, bro. I don't know what the hell happened. One minute I was beating up some schmucks, the next minute I get swept up in a freak tidal wave from nowhere!"

"Hey, guys!" The two turned and saw Alyssa run towards them. "Are you okay?"

"Yep." The two answered.

"I don't know about you guys, but I am 110% done with this impostor." The tall woman said as she cracked her knuckles.

"Well then. Let's show give these guys a Team Morningstar beat down!" Natsu exclaimed.

"Here, here!" Zeke said as the three of them headed up to the top of the wrecked ship.

"Hey, Salamander!" Natsu yelled, catching the blue-haired charmer and his goon's attention. "You said you're a Fairy Tail Wizard, right?"

"Yeah. What of it?"

"That's funny." Alyssa said as she put her hair in a ponytail, revealing a purple mark on her cheek. Natsu tore off his tattered jacket, revealing an open black vest and the same mark in red on his right shoulder. Zeke lowered his t-shirt and showed the same mark on his collarbone but in green. "Cause we happen to be Fairy Tail wizards ourselves."

"So you mind telling us why we've never seen you before?" Zeke said as his pendant glowed, releasing a stream of magical energy into his left hand that turned into the green longbow from earlier.

"Well, there's a simple explanation for that. You see...PROMINENCE BLAST!" He unleashed a stream of violet fire and hit their position.

"Oh no!" Lucy yelled.

However, the fire started to get sucked into something. When the smoke cleared, it was revealed that the something was Natsu eating the fire. "Geez, this is the worst fire I've ever tasted."

Everyone besides the four friends gasped in surprised. "Wait, I recognize these guys!" A goon stated. "Those marks. Those are real Fairy Tail marks Bora."

"Don't call me that, you dunce!" The blue-haired man exclaimed.

"Bora? So you're Bora the Prominence!" Alyssa stated.

"Didn't you get kicked out of the Titan Nose Guild for bad behavior?" The brunette archer.

"Don't just stand there you idiots! Get them!" Bora ordered and a group of goons charged. However, an orange & red blur took knocked them faster than they could react. The blur stopped and revealed herself as Alyssa.

"Here's the thing, Bora." Natsu said as heat started radiating off him. "You try to dirty Fairy Tail's name; your ass is as good as beat."

More goons charged as Natsu inhaled. "Fire Dragon's..."

He held his hands out in a tunnel in front of him. "ROAR!" The salmon-haired wizard unleashed a massive torrent of flames.

Some more goons tried to get them another direction, but Zeke smirked and created several energy arrows in his right hand. He loaded them and aimed. "Arch Shot: Rapid Succession!" He unleashed a stream of arrows that quickly hit the goons.

"Speed Queen: Hundred-Strike Kick!" A purple magic seal appeared behind her as Alyssa kicked the biggest goon with hyper-fast kicks, knocking him out.

"They're really Fairy Tail wizards!?" Lucy asked.

"Aye. Natsu's Fire Dragon Slayer Magic gives him all the properties of a dragon. Alyssa's Speed Queen Magic allows her to move at hyper speed. And Zeke's Archery Magic lets him create a bow and arrows using his own magic energy." Happy exclaimed. "Together, these three form one of Fairy Tail's greatest teams: Morningstar!"

"Okay, enough of this!" Bora exclaimed as he rose on his Red Carpet spell. "Prominence Shower!" He unleashed a torrent of violet fire, but the three dodged the blasts. Zeke created a single arrow and aimed it.

"Arch Shot: Seeker Arrow!" He let go and fired a stream that Bora evaded.

"You missed!"

The brunette smirked. "Think again." He held up his right pointer and middle fingers, which had a green magic seal over them. He waved his hand, and the stream turned, surprising Bora and forcing him to dodge. However, as he was evading the green stream of death, Alyssa ran underneath the flying impostor with a smile.

"Got ya! Speed Queen: Twin Twister!" She spun her arms so fast she created two twisters that consumed Bora.

"What the hell?!" Bora asked as he was tossed around by the winds. Natsu jumped into the air and covered his fist in fire.

"Time for a hot fisting, you fake!"

"Say what?!"

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" He punched the slaver so hard, he flew and hit a close-by bell tower.

"And that's another win for Team Morningstar!" Alyssa said as she gave her teammates a tight hug.

"Wow, you guys went completely overboard!" Lucy yelled. The three stopped their celebration and saw that most of the town near the beach had been totaled.

"Don't worry. I got all the civilians out in time." Alyssa stated.

"And to be fair Lucy, you and the fish lady did most of the damage." Happy said.

"You caused that tidal wave?!" Zeke yelled.

"What fish lady?" Natsu asked. But before they could continue their conversation, the five noticed the military heading in their direction. "Oh shit! We gotta move!" The team ran as fast as they could, Lucy being dragged off by Zeke.

"Why are you taking me?" She asked as Happy flew over them.

"You said you wanted to join Fairy Tail, right?" Zeke asked. Lucy looked at the three smiling wizards in surprise.

"So let's go!" Natsu said excitingly. Lucy smiled back at them and started willingly run away with the four.

And thus, a small circle of close friends gained a new member.

Author's Note 2: So that's my first real foray into Fairy Tail Fanfiction (I love alliteration). Now let me explain my OCs.

First is an OC that any of you familiar with my stories is aware of, Ezekiel 'Zeke' Hudson. I decided to sort of make him the straight man to some of Team Morningstar's more wacky moments. Also, I based his magic on a power set from another favorite anime of mine: The Quincies from Bleach.

Second is the one that might get some NaLu shippers mad. And that is my sort of expy of Shadow Skill's Elle Ragu (at least in terms of body type), Alyssa. I always thought that Natsu needed a girl that wouldn't punch him at the slightest instance of stupidity and I wanted to throw some people's expectations. Plus, this Natsu is a tad smarter than his Canon counterpart. Also, since super-speed had become one of my favorite superpowers (Thank you Flash), I decided to give her a form of Speed Magic. It also provides a reason on how Team Morningstar can cause so much damage without civilian casualties.

And as for why they're called Team sounded cool. Hey, if the Avengers could get away with it, why can't I?

And don't worry, I'll explain the history of these two as the story progresses. Also, here's some funny chibi omake-like from the show.

(A chibi Lucy and Alyssa stand in front of the Fairy Tail Job Board.)

Lucy: You know Alyssa, Natsu doesn't seem like the dating kind of guy.

Alyssa: Oh, trust me, Lucy. Natsu can be really sweet when he wants to be.

(A perverted grin appears on her face.)

Alyssa: And let's just say that his stamina for battle also translates to...other activities.

(Lucy gains a shocked expression.)

Lucy: I didn't need to know that!

Alyssa: Next time, Welcome to Fairy Tail! Don't try to outrun the Speed Queen!

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