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The Summer Before

Chapter One

Bikinis √
Sarongs to cover said bikinis √
Cut offs √
Shorts √
Romper √
Dress √
Flip flops √

Bella, staying a beach house with a good friend before starting college, one big fat check. She was packed and ready to go minutes before her best friend since preschool drove up to the curb of the house. The high-pitched beeps made her yelp, causing her mother to laugh down the hall.

"Better get a move on, or Angela is likely to leave without you."

Bella rolled her eyes, grabbing her bag and suitcase. The second she stepped into the living room, her father took her things and walked outside; his face was a not so nice shade of red. She sighed, sharing a look with her mother. Her father was not happy about her three-week stay in California, especially considering she was moving to the state in the fall for school. It hardly helped that it was two girls on their own, at least until they reached the beach. Then there could be boys—the horror.

"Are you coming?" her father asked over his shoulder.

Bella dutifully followed him outside, her mother taking her arm to keep her back for a few seconds. "Don't tell your father, but I left a box of condoms in your bag."

Bella felt her face heat and her eyes widened. "Mom!"

"What? I wasn't born yesterday. I know you're active, and I'd rather you be safe than pregnant before you put that scholarship to use."

"I know, but I already bought some," she said, shrugging when her mother's jaw dropped. "You said I needed to have some fun since I've been all about studying and homework all year." Bella would never use them, but she had to buy some for Angela.

Her mother turned to face her, her hands holding on to each of Bella's arms. "I know your grandfather's passing was hard on you, too. Then all the nasty shit last year, but you didn't even go to your own prom."

"It's not like I had anyone to go with." Bella shrugged, waving to Angela, who popped the trunk to her car. Her father asked her friend questions about her driving record and the safety rating of the five-year-old Honda. "Every one of my friends had dates. I would have gone and been a fifth wheel."

"I still wish I could claw Charlotte's eyes out and kick Peter where it hurts for the stunt they pulled on you." Bella knew her mother was being very honest, because more than once, she had to stop her mother from creating a scene at the local diner.

"I was the stupid one for believing that nothing was wrong between us and trusting him."

"You are a beautiful, young woman. Don't let assholes like those keep you from trying again."

"I won't, Mom." She held up her hand as if she was performing an oath. "I'll have fun this summer and flirt with cute boys."

"That's my girl." Her mother, who stood at the same five-four height, hugged her tightly for several moments. "Charlie, will you let the poor girl go for a moment? Come say goodbye to your daughter."

Angela appeared grateful as Charlie grumbled up the driveway to where his wife and daughter stood. "We're going to end up hitting traffic if we don't get a move on," she said, in the hopes that Bella's father wouldn't hold them up much longer.

"You sure you got everything you need?" her father asked, not meeting her eyes. His voice was rougher than usual.

"I got everything but my hug, Dad." She tried to duck her gaze down enough to capture his, smiling when he finally did. "We'll be okay. You didn't teach me to kick ass for no reason."

"Put some weight behind every hit. Make it count, Bells," he said gruffly, wrapping his arms around her. "Be careful. And a firm 'no' should always be accompanied by pepper spray."

Her mother slapped his arm when he only shrugged. "Charlie!"

His dark mustache twitched, as he turned serious again. "Call me every hour, and be safe in everything you do. That includes driving, Bells."

"I doubt it'll come to anything like that, you know me and Angela. We're not party girls." Bella said goodbye one more time to her parents and jumped into the car, waving as they pulled away from the curb.

Once they were down the street, she pulled down the visor to check her face for smeared mascara. No matter what, she was daddy's little girl, and goodbyes were always hard for her. Her gold, brown eyes appeared glazed, but otherwise no raccoon rings. She shook out her hair, frowning at it.

"Do you think the blue ombre is too much?" she asked Angela, closing the visor and turning down the music. She showed Angela what her Aunt Rosalie had done to her hair the night before, insisting on it. The bottom half of her hair was in various shades of blue, from dark to light at the tips. Her aunt was also the one that bought her all the bikinis under her father's nose.

The last time they'd gone swimming as a family, she was still wearing a one piece and a large tank top over it. She'd been thirteen at the time, and for years Bella, thought her father still saw her that way.

"No, and I'm jealous, you look fantastic." Angela, though not as sheltered as many believed, being the preacher's daughter and all, usually only had hand-me-downs.

Bella unbuckled her seatbelt and grabbed the bag she needed from the backseat. "My aunt Rosalie sends her love," she said, tossing a white and very sexy bikini and settling again. It would look fabulous on Angela's willowy five-nine frame.

"It's gorgeous. I'll have to call and thank her when we make our first stop." They didn't have many stopping points, but it was a road trip and thought it would cool to check out some tourist spots. They squealed when one of their favorite songs started playing and they turned it up, singing at the top of their lungs.

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