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Conflicting Desires

By Forsaken Tenshi


Deep within the depths of Mount Hakurei, a lone half demon sat and nursed himself. Not in the physical way, mind you. He nursed his horribly wounded pride.

"Damn you, Miko," he growled darkly, "Damn you to the depths of hell."

Naraku, now in his humanoid form, stood up. Cold fury blazed in his crimson eyes. "I was stripped of what I was destined to have," he hissed softly. He paced the length of the cavern he currently, temporarily, resided in. "Where did she go? She fell into that dried up well. There was a burst of pink-violet light. She disappeared. I could feel it. There was no Shikon no Tama. Where the hell did she go?"

The expression on his face darkened. What sort of witchcraft did she know of? How was it possible for her, a mere human, to be capable of vanishing in a mere second, when it had taken him, Naraku, a half demon, several years to hone that special ability? And even then, it still took time to move from one place to another.

Naraku growled in frustration and violently slammed a fist into a stone wall of the cavern, panting heavily. Hairline cracks snaked away from the impact site; blood painted the broken fist. The half demon hissed in pain and waited while his hand healed itself. He flexed his hand a couple of times to make sure it was fine, and resumed his pacing. What did she have that he did not? There was purifying energy, of course, but other than that, she was human!

Naraku paced even faster. There had to be something he could use against her. But was he going to even have the chance to get even? She had vanished without a trace, and with some sort of power he did not have. So what was he to do then?

Naraku closed his eyes as he paused in his walking. He would wait. That was it. He would wait, as long as it took, to extract his revenge in the hopes of finding her or her reincarnation in the future. And once he found her, he would give her hell before she died by his hand.

A cold grin spread across his lips, a sinister glint lit up his eyes as he opened them slowly.

"Just you wait, my dear little Miko, just you wait. You will have you're the retribution that you deserve. I promise."

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